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Curt Chancler

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Ron Lee

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Dr, Kathy

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Lorne Dey

<<< Police brutality, false arrest and pure evil disguised as authority --Natural News >>>
Western Journalist Visits ISIS: It's 'Much Stronger' than we think - Wants to take over world --Newser

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Texas SWAT team
brutalizes man
in wellness check


Aim to halt Obama
immigration order rests
with federally paid judge


Kevlar & caution:
US police on high alert
following cop killings

N. Korea Threatens
Strikes on US Amid
Hacking CLaims

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

David Hinkson Case

Veteran Falsely Convicted
By a Lying Judge

David Hinkson discovered and manufactured mineral replacement health products that combine with vitamins to rebuild the body’s own natural disease fighting immune system. His God-gifted instincts and talents, not unlike those of Nikola Tesla a century earlier, have allowed him to see the world through a scientific lens as few humans can. So why would the Department of Justice target and jail a man so valuable to his generation? Did Big Pharma fear his success? It wouldn’t be the first time...
Read the story...

Fighting for Innocence
from Behind Bars


Prosecutor Threatens
Alleged Victim?
ADA breaks the law


Sheriff Mack
Witnesses Abuse of
“Bedridden Woman”

Our 'System'
at Work

JoCo, Oregon 2015:
Higher Taxes or
Jail Closure?

“Minister Who Feeds
Homeless Falsely
Arrested 5 Times”

No Justice for
Property Owner
“Victimized by Realtor"

Veteran Falsely
Convicted By a
Lying Judge


Southern Oregon Home For Sale

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Federal Government Made $20 Billion in Secret Purchases in Recent Months

Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required
--NY Times

Judge Explains Why Prosecutors Don't Want To Fix Our Broken Justice System
--Business Insider

Police Departments Not Reporting Hundreds of Cop-Involved Homicides to The FBI
--Ben Swann

Study: SBA Subsidizing Luxury Retailers and Fortune 100 Companies
--Daily Caller

Behind the Messy Science of Police Lineups

No felony charges for SPD cop’s bone-breaking punch of handcuffed woman
--Seattle Times

Police Officer Reacts to Shoplifting Woman
--The Blaze

Troopers Drive Woman Across Utah to See Sick Son

Chart: Social Security to Become Insolvent Far Earlier Than Expected


Personal Liberty Digest

Personal Liberty Digest Contributions

We’re No. 2

Americans are mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore

Sessions: Obama plans direct cash payments for illegals

Murder by Revenue Enhancement

Devvy Kidd


Are the police our servants or our masters?
--Judge Andrew Napolitano

Dollree Mapp, 1923-2014: “The Rosa Parks of the Fourth Amendment”
--Ken Armstrong, The Marshall Project

When Prison Guards Kill Inmates: Florida's Prison Massacre Revealed
--Huffington Post

Go to Trial: Crash the Justice System
--NY Times

I Spent 17.5 Years In Prison For A Crime I Did Not Commit
--Gloria Killian

Chancler and DC Parts

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