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Curt Chancler
Curt Chancler

Devvy Kidd

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Ron Lee

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Dr, Kathy

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Ted Williams

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Lorne Dey

<<< Mentally-ill California woman shot by police while holding cordless drill --PS USA >>>

   US~Observer Editor Picks

"Billionaire" Polo Mogul
John Goodman is
Factually Innocent
--US~Observer Exclusive

U.S. Federal Judge
arrested on battery charge

--Daily News

FedEx Indicted: 15 Criminal
Counts for Drug Trafficking
--Ben Swann

Federal Judge Rules AR
15's Are Not Protected
by 2nd Amendment

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

Children and False Accusations
Zane is in prison for life, plus 25 years and the US~Observer
is trying to get him a new trial

Can we trust just one eye-witness when sentencing someone to life, plus 25 yrs?

There is an epidemic sweeping the country that deals with false sex-abuse allegations - especially when young children are involved. After an allegation is made, the child, who has supposedly been abused, is interviewed by an advocate, a detective or both. These interviewers often promote to the child that the appropriate behavior is to give them the information they want. It turns out that it might not necessarily be the truth. This video explains why, and features one such case of alleged false charges...Watch the video

NHAs: Another Private
Property Land Grab


Jamie Clark is
Finally Home!


Anonymous Call Prompts
Abuse of 9-Yr-Old Girl


Alleged Fraudulent Land
Survey Creates Nightmare


Client Acquitted
Another Corrupt
Prosecutor Exposed

Life After
"Not Guilty"


Free After 4
Decades in Prison!

Sentenced to life,
plus 25 years

--US~Observer - Video

Southern Oregon Home For Sale

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Cops Seize Millions By ‘Policing for Profit’

Common core issue highlights huge role of federal government in education

Private prisons suing states for millions if they don’t stay full
--Rolling Out

Woman sets-up fake Facebook, learns niece wants her dead
--The Raw Story

Police shoot teenage girl within 20 seconds of arriving to ‘help’ her
--Police State USA

Colorado governor tries to apologize for gun control measures, blames staff
--FOX News

Ex-deputy says he was trained to beat up inmates then cover it up

Student expelled for consensual sex ‘due to pressure from federal government’

Government can confiscate your so-called ‘inactive’ bank accounts
--The Blaze

Mom of 7 dies in jail over unpaid school-related fines

Trial by Fire: Junk science sent man to prison for killing family
--NBC News

Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance”
--Zero Hedge

Experts Say Ebola Outbreak ‘Tip of the Iceberg’
--NBC News

5 Exonerated in Central Park Jogger Case Settle Suit for $40 Million
--New York Times

How to Anonymize Everything You Do Online

Personal Liberty Digest

Personal Liberty Digest Contributions

The Magical World Of Political Speech

The Greatest Scam Artist in History

White House: Obama Prepared To Act ‘Unilaterally’ Again Using ‘Executive Authority’ On Guns

Devvy Kidd


Beware a beneficent government
--Judge Andrew Napolitano

A Lame Duck Country?
--Thomas Sowell

Haven’t We Already Done Enough Damage in Iraq?
--Ron Paul

No Greater Sorrow
--Justin O. Smith

Coasting Toward Zero
--James Kunstler

All the President’s Muses: Obama and Prosecutorial Misconduct
Chronic bungling DOJ officials have the President's ear

--Sidney Powell

Chancler and DC Parts

2nd Amendment

Florida governor signs five pro-gun measures into law, including ‘Pop Tart’ and ‘Warning Shot’ bills

Dad watched in horror as two armed men held a gun to his daughter’s head - Then he did something about it
--The Blaze

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