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Curt Chancler
Curt Chancler

Devvy Kidd

Michael Minns

Ron Lee
Ron Lee

Dr. Kathy Marshack
Dr, Kathy

Eric Coltrane

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Ted Williams

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J.M. Appleton

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Nathan Wente

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Lorne Dey

<<< Blackmail with immunity--Personal Liberty >>>
Ex-U.N. General Assembly president, five others charged in U.S. in bribe scheme --Reuters

   US~Observer Editor Picks

Jury Nullification:
The Achilles Heel of
the Police State
--Brett Sanders

Mayor Detained by DHS
Without Warrant
--Truth In Media

Let the Press In
--The Marshall Project

Woman in Labor Begs Cops
Not to Arrest Husband
--7 News

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

Karl Sloan Washington State

Turning a Blind-Eye to Justice
Okanogan County Prosecutor Sloan's
Mission to Convict At All Cost

Okanogan County, WA – Facts are pesky little things – especially when they go against what a prosecutor would like to maintain as the truth when seeking a conviction. Some, like Okanogan County's elected prosecutor, Karl Sloan, discard readily...Read the story

After Being Acquitted, Father Files
Lawsuit: “I was Falsely Charged with
Sexually Abusing My Daughters”


Escaped with Their Lives,
Then Charged with Murder
The James Faire Story


The Conspiracy to
Frame James Faire
The Power of "Trust"


Forced to Strip, Then
Charged with Sex Crimes
The Jessica Morton Story Continues

Rush to Judgment
“Grand-Father Rights”
No Good in Oregon?

Assisting The Public “Off Duty”
Do You Know
These People?

Team Minns/Arnett
Defeat IRS 4 - 0 in
Matteson tax case

Donate to the Jessica Morton Defense Fund

Southern Oregon Home For Sale

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


Jury Tampering Charges for Man Promoting Jury Nullification
--Truth In Media

Lois Lerner Emails Released: "Lincoln was our worst president"
--Liberty Blitzkrieg

Forensic Evidence Identity Crisis
--The Economist

Bill would protect civilians recording police activity
--LA Times

City Council Unanimously Approves “Gun Violence Tax” on Firearms, Ammo
--Truth In Media

U.S. Police shot and killed more people in July than any other month yet
--Washington Post

Bills seek to turn U.S. land over to 11 states
--LA Times

28 years later: Denver D.A. tries to quash facts in apparent wrongful conviction case
--Colorado Independent

Church Scam Artists and How to Stop Them

Federal court rules that bumper stickers, air fresheners are reasonable suspicion of criminal activity

The Really Big One: An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest
--The New Yorker

Personal Liberty Digest

Personal Liberty Digest Contributions

Freedom and central planning can never coexist

Yes, you can resist government tyranny

Intel Officials use ‘lone wolf’ terrorists to justify calls for more spying power

Secessionist movement in California draws rural support

With little stigma, police kill thousands of innocents during high speed pursuits

Death by pain reliever

Devvy Kidd


The Tyranny of One Man's Opinion
--Judge Andrew Napolitano

Editor's Choice: Jury nullification not often discussed
--Glenn Harlan Reynolds

In Iraq, I raided insurgents - In Virginia, police raided me
--Alex Horton

The seamless web of liberty
--Dr. Ron Paul

When Prosecutors Believe the Unbelievable
--Dahlia Lithwick

Taxing Wrongful Conviction Money Is Wrong
--Robert W. Wood (Forbes)

The staggering number of wrongful convictions in America
--Samuel R. Gross

Don’t Be Fooled by the Political Game: The Illusion of Freedom in America
--John Whitehead

Preppers Property For Sale

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