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Curt Chancler
Curt Chancler

Devvy Kidd

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Ron Lee
Ron Lee

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Dr, Kathy

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J.M. Appleton

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Lorne Dey

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From prison to litigation
--Now This

Governor signs bill giving
$1.55M to exonerated man

Child brings shell casing to
school. Principal suspends
for 7 days, calls CPS.

Police shot a man to
pieces over $100 worth of
pot, then lied about it

--Washington Post

   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines

Judge Ronald Grensky

When the Judicial System Victimizes Victims
An underreported part of criminal justice reform

(US~Observer) There have been 2,000 exonerations since the University of Michigan School of Law began tracking wrongful convictions in 1989. That means the government made 2,000 mistakes which resulted in an innocent life being wronged! These are the only known figures which do not include... Read the Story

Justice Lost:
Prosecutor Sloan Ignores All Evidence
Court denies appeal of ruling...


The MacLaren Nightmare -
Daughter Taken From Mother,
Placed in Custody of Abuser?


$9.2 Million Lawsuit Filed
Against DHS' Child
Caseworker Matthew Stark


Walker Surveying Nightmare
Costs Approaching $500K
Dysfunctional Board of Surveyors

Mother Falsely Accused of Abuse
Wins 3.1M Against Child Caseworkers,
Still Does Not Have Custody of Son

Former State Forensic
Scientist Sentenced
to 3 Years In Prison

Inebriated Deputy paid over $200,00
for being fired, now in trouble again

DHS Child Services Caseworker
Charged With Official Misconduct,
Tampering with Public Records

See the Faces of Vindication
Children For Sale? FBI Raids
Ohio International Adoption Agency

"The Custody Police"
Child Caseworkers Silence
an "Abused" Girls Voice

Dairy Queen Manslaughter Case is
Precedent Setting Prosecution
and All-Around-Tragedy
Mr. President: Drain the
Unchecked Child Caseworker Swamp

Trump May Assert Executive Review
to Enact New Immigration Order

Another US~Observer Vindication!
CNN audio released by group seeking
to expose corruption, malfeasance
and wrongdoing in media

The Only State Without
Power to Impeach a Governor

Help Fight the Racket: Support
US~Observer Indigent Clients

The Effects of Blindly Following


Flashback: North Carolina Deputy
Vindicated by US~Observer!

Child Unjustly Taken
from Loving Mother?
"Expert" Dr. Sabin - Pay to Play?

Traditionally Conservative,
Now Mainstream?

The Thin Blue line Racket
7 Cops Arrested on Federal Charges

Motion Filed To Disqualify
Judge in Walker Case


Who's Rotten in Jackson County, OR?
Judge Ronald Grensky, That's Who!


Ray Spencer: From wrongful
prosecution to exoneration,
now total vindication?

From Being Falsely Imprisoned
to Fiercely Defending Others

Indicted District Attorney Allegedly
Stole $20k from His Own Mother!

Dishonorable Ronald Grensky,
A Poor Example of a Judge

"F" Grade for child caseworkers
Senator deems DHS is in, "A State of
Chaos and Disrepair."

When the Judicial System
Victimizes Victims
An underreported part justice reform


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   US~Observer Print Edition Headlines (Continued)


5-Year-Old Boy Mistakenly Walks to School on Saturday, So Cops Arrested Dad

Attorney's Mark Baker and Marc Agnifilo Secure Client’s Release After 20 Years
--Brooklyn Law School

Study: Social Media Making People Anti-Social, Jealous
--Study Finds

California Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from Gun Laws

First paralyzed human treated with stem cells has now regained his upper body movement
--The Hearty Soul

Former death row inmate goes free after acquittal
--The News Journal

US Prison Population 2016: Nearly 40% of Inmates Unnecessarily Incarcerated, Report Says
--International Business Times

Exonerated Tenn. man gets $75 after 31 years
--NY Daily News

Atty. General’s Investigator Fired For Lying

Student Expelled for Sexual Misconduct Not Allowed by Judge to Defend Himself

The Free Thought Project


The Free Thought Project Contributions

US Govt IRS Attorney Busted for Smoking & Distributing Meth

Cops Who Killed Woman's Husband Want to Punish Her for Calling Them 'Pigs'

Devvy Kidd



There’s nothing sweeter than an exoneration. And also nothing sadder.
--Susan Greene, Colorado Independent

Meet the Man Who’s Going to Make America’s Internet Free Again
--Logan Albright, Conservative Review

Court: Pennsylvania Has No Common Law Asset Forfeiture
--Walter Olson, CATO Institute

The DEA: A Good Place to Cut the Federal Budget
--Alice Salles,

Wrongful Convictions: When the Good Guys Do the Wrong Thing
--Bob Mueller

Does the Super Bowl Save America?
--Ben Shapiro, Townhall

Let's Boost Building
--Ike Brannon, Weekly Standard

The Anchor of Over-Regulation
--Ed Feulner, Townhall

Supreme Court to Consider When a Criminal Defendant Must Pay With His Life for His Lawyer’s Error
--Michael C. Dorf, Verdict

The Less Talked About Reason to Oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline
--Ryan McMaken,

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