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<<< Officer Breaks Down on Stand, Admits to Repeatedly Lying to Cover Up for Fellow Cop --PINAC >>>
People wronged by the criminal justice system face a long road to compensation--The Washington Post

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He Beat the IRS in Court,
But They Still Won’t
Make Him Whole

--Truth In Media

It's back: FEC says
regulating Internet, Google,
Facebook under its 'purview'

--Washington Examiner

LAPD Use of Desperate
Females Begging For Rides
to Entrap Uber Drivers

Shot in the Head by a
Police Officer
--The Stranger

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District Attorney David Dixon

Coma Causes Man's Friend
to be Wrongfully Convicted

Los Angeles County, CA – Brad Scott is presently filing a motion for Post Conviction Relief, asking the court to re-open his case based on new evidence. Brad was previously sentenced to seven years in prison for a conviction of...Read the story

The Jessica Morton Story

Surveying in Idaho


Coma Causes
Man's Friend to be
Wrongfully Convicted


Florida Minister Appeals
'Peacefully Resisting
Arrest' Conviction

Amazing Dave Hinkson!
Inventor of the Year

Utah Caught in Possible
Cover-Up? Accuser
"Helped Rape Child"

Fighting Mad Drunk
Do You Know
Karen Levanway or
Stacy Underwood?

Team Minns/Arnett
Defeat IRS 4 - 0 in
Matteson tax case