April 2005

Demanding Accountability


Dear Ed,

Didn't want to take up your time on the phone so thought I'd just drop a note to update you on the two dogs, Jackson and Riffle.

Riffle, is currently with Mark Ripoli in Napa, Calif. being evaluated as a possible Drug, Bomb, or SAR Dog. Mark signed an agreement to return Riffle to us if he does not pass. We should know for sure sometime next week.

We are currently in negotiation with an out-of-state organization that trains Assistance Dogs as a possible placement for Jackson.

These dogs have great potential and we are so glad that the Board of Commissioners allowed them to be rescued.

Lastly, my husband and I are starting a rescue group for Labs. There is no Lab rescue in southern Oregon. We named it the Empathy Program Lab Rescue. It is named after the Empathy Program that my husband and I conceptualized, developed, and briefly trialed before my husband became ill four years ago. The program was designed as an aid to teach empathy for all living things to school age children (grades 2 - 4). Now that my husband is well again, hopefully we can rekindle the Empathy Program in schools here. Meanwhile, there is much work to be done getting set up as a Lab rescue group. Presently, we are a "group" of two, but soon hope to be able to enlist the support of volunteers within the community.

I look forward to meeting you, Ed.

Thanks again,

Jj Jones-Russell

To the Editor,

I live in Gabbs and have so for ten years. I love this place.

I moved here from Condon, Oregon because of the weather. I needed more sunshine for health reasons.

I have followed with personnel experience your articles on Gabbs. I would like to add my opinion. I have a strong belief in the saying: I have a right to my opinion, just as you have the right to yours, just don’t put your opinion on me or anyone else.

There is a lot of drug use in Gabbs, illegal and legal…As is true almost everywhere. If there is a place I could move to with much less I would. I myself smoke cigarettes, a legal drug, but just as deadly.

Gossip in this town is also a major problem. But, there isn’t much else for some people to pass their time with. If we are going to do any good towards this place we must have something for all people to do. Like a rec. center for all. A preschool, or drop-in center, or daycare, to give the parents a break. Or/and a senior center. There is no way to help kids if parents aren’t helped. We need good social activities for all ages in order to do any good with our population. And stop talking about what should be done, and do it.

Sincerely Yours,

Wendy Haberman
Gabbs, Nevada

To the Editor,

Get a list of all the bills sponsored by Governor Theodore R. Kulongoski, especially HB 2101 and HB 5054.

HB 2101 establishes “The Oregon Homeland Security Department.” To accomplish this sneaky-feat over 70 ORS laws are amended. This is the Nationalizing of our police departments and entire government in one big grab.

44 pages of legal language are used, with only number references to laws amended to fit the desires of the Governor and the Eastern elites, who pull his strings.

We elect our county Sheriff’s which gives assurance of control over their Quality, and the Oregon State Police keep a clean record, so, closely check “WHO,” is putting himself at the top in the Oregon branch of that system in the “authors” own words in:

“Section 3. The Governor shall appoint the Director of the Oregon Homeland Security Department, who holds office at the pleasure of the Governor.”

What happened to: “…Government derives its power from consent of the governed…” Where does he get the notion he has all “The Pleasure?”

“Section 3. For purposes of administration, subject to approval of the Governor, the director may organize and reorganize the department as the director considers necessary to properly conduct the work of the department.”

HB 5054 has three price tags that total over $174,000,000, for a beginning.

Most interesting, this “thing” is timed to take place on July 1, 2005 when it is a glaring insult to our Fourth of July celebration of Independence from foreign oppression.

Also, it fits in with MSD specialist-Bush’s plot to start another no-win war against Iran. What does he have against small countries with short names and lots of gooey oil? The department would be useful to arrest any who protest his war goals.

What is the man-in-the-street interpretation of the first part of: “Section 3? Notwithstanding any other law limiting expenditures…”

Joe Spenner
Stayton, Oregon

The Sonnentag Saga

Editors Note: The Observer has worked on the Sonnentag case much of the past two years in an effort to vindicate him. Our efforts finally paid off on December 16, 2004. To appreciate the letter and fax below our readership should read the entire Sonnentag case history on our web site at usoregonobserver.com or usobserver.com. Our readership should also consider reading the letter from Attorney Houston below and then the letter to Mr. Houston. This case makes for fascinating reading.

Letter to Sonnentag from Attorney Houston

Dear Bud:

I arrived in my office this morning to find yet another letter from you that I have difficulty understanding or explaining. I had written you and faxed you yesterday indicating I was copying your entire file for delivery. Yet you write me a letter like you haven't heard from me. I find that to be somewhat unusual and somewhat alarming. If you are not receiving my faxes, please advise. If you are receiving my faxes, please quit sending me letters as though I am not being responsive to your communication. I do not know what your purpose is, but as stated above I find it of some consequence you continue to write letters as though you are not receiving adequate communication.

I will be perfectly blunt. I am copying your entire file. It will be mailed out today. Not only that, your case has been dismissed. Not one case, but all three cases. For some reason this does not seem to please you. I am uncertain why. To write a letter to me to say you are not afraid of me suggests for some reason I have threatened you. This is absolutely false and I find it to be somewhat disturbing you have adopted this tone. I do believe from now on your communications to me will be in writing. I will not speak with you telephonically because I am uncertain as to what you're up to. The consequence of your last letter puts me on notice that you do not appear to be dealing with me in good faith.

I have done nothing but help you and respond to every difficult situation you have put in my path, from your continued refusal to cooperate, as well as providing newspaper articles that simply inflamed the situation. As you are aware, when this case was due to be settled a newspaper article was published in the Oregon Observer, once again inflaming this problem. You indicated to me this was done by Ed. However, in my discussions with Ed I am advised that you were not only aware of it, but were assisting by passing the article out in Gabbs, as far as posting it in different spots.

It seems as though you did not want your case to end, but rather wanted to continue to live the drama. Your drama could have cost you a considerable period of time in prison. While you may not be afraid of anyone, no one has made any threats against you. The only thing this office has done is successfully conclude your cases. If for some reason that troubles you, then certainly you are free to create additional problems in your life and simply start the cycle over again. Obviously, it will not be with my assistance when you attempt to extricate yourself.

The short version is, I do not enjoy having unhappy clients. You have no reason to be upset with this office and you are being completely unfair as to your treatment of me and my efforts toward you. Your implication that threats have been made is unacceptable. It has never happened. Your implication we have not done all you have asked is unacceptable. It never happened. We have done everything you have asked and more. I have put up with everything you have thrown as roadblocks and more. I do not want to have accusations leveled against me that are neither fair nor accurate. It is for that reason that if you have issues, please contact me only in written correspondence because I do not think telephone conversations would be productive.


David R. Houston, ESQ

Sonnentag Supporter

Dear Mr. Houston,

Bud Sonnentag has let me read the fax you sent him on 2/2/05 (fax to follow this letter). You accused Bud of “passing” out the papers in Gabbs.

Mr. Houston, you owe Bud an apology…My kids and I passed out every US~Observer paper in Gabbs and further I have no idea what you are talking about when you say “posted.” We door to door delivered those papers and that's it! Remember? Bud had an “invalid” restraining order against him, even though “invalid” he would have been arrested like he was the first time he WAS honoring it! NO Way that he drove those papers around Gabbs!!

Mr. Houston, I am one of three witnesses who sat behind you in the courtroom on Dec. 16, 2004, and was introduced to you in the lobby by Bud. We are a few of the many witnesses in Gabbs who know that it was not a “younger girl” who accused an “older man” as you stated in your 2/1/05 fax to Bud. It was her parents! I would like to understand why none of Bud's witnesses were ever questioned by you, or Ken Ward either for that matter? I realize that we did not go to court, but if we had been contacted, I think we might have put a different perspective on things. If nothing else maybe we could have helped you to understand where Bud was coming from. If you knew you were innocent of an allegation such as this you would probably feel and act the same way Bud has! He wanted it all out in the open because he has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide…Bud is an honorable, upstanding and law abiding Gabbs citizen of twelve years. It is disheartening to see what The Justice System has done to him in the past two years.

It is beyond his control that a “dysfunctional family” (an investigation of their background would confirm) can make some false accusations. Since then Bud has been “drug through the mill” by the Nye County Justice System and his Attorneys. He has been falsely arrested, harassed by the accusing party, harassed by the local deputy, lied to, deceived, his freedom to come and go revoked, and his outstanding reputation exploited! It's no wonder he has lost his faith in the Justice System! Yet, they take people like the Kepharts' (Bud's accusers) and pat them on the back and tell them everything will be OK…These people are suspended with pay from the Nye County School Dist and have been since Oct 2004 when they were arrested on drug and child endangerment charges. Our tax dollars are paying for them to be off and also for the people who are replacing them at the school. Only for Tonopah Justice Court to keep continuing their court dates. Twice, so far…? It will be interesting to see how the education budget comes out for Gabbs Schools this year.

It has been too long happening, but I am glad that Bud's charges have finally been dismissed. It has just been very draining for all of us morally conscious people to try and understand…?

Mr. Houston, I realize that I will probably not get a response from you in regards to this letter, but I needed to clear up your discrepancies in regards to Bud Sonnentag!

Thank you very much for your time.


Lita Lance
Gabbs, Nevada

Cc: Robert S. Beckett
Joe Maslach
Donn Ianuzi
Ed Snook
Dr. William E. Roberts
Charlotte Curtis

Global Warming?

Many seem concerned about Global Warming. Dr. Arthur Robinson has covered this topic a number of times in his publication "Access to Energy" (www.AccessToEnergy.com) and was concerned enough to circulate a petition among the public, mostly scientists. So far 19,500 (including 17,500 scientists) have signed the petition. He is now campaigning to raise the number of signers to over 20,000.

The most significant portion of the petition is as follows:

"There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth."

You may view a lecture titled "'Global Warming' Truth" which Dr. Robinson delivered at Southern Oregon University. The lecture may be downloaded from or viewed on the above mentioned website. Dr. Robinson mentions that water vapor is the most significant of all the greenhouse gases. You can verify this on a daily basis by watching the weather reports on TV. If the humidity (water vapor content of the atmosphere) is low it will cool off a lot more during the night than if the humidity is high. The meteorologist on Channel 12 (Medford; Scott Lewis) has mentioned this on numerous occasions.

Here is a link to a scientific review paper (8-pages PDF format) on global warming.

Larry Brown
Sutherlin, Oregon



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