April 12, 2005

Demanding Accountability



Bad Officers in Josephine County

The US~Observer has been investigating certain law enforcement officers in Josephine County for a number of years due to complaints from legitimate sources, including a number of responsible police officers.

Deputy Sheriff Sean Valdez recently showed his true colors when he allegedly tried to strangle his teen-age girlfriend. Our worthless Sheriff in turn showed his stripes when he attempted to cover the Valdez incident. These two can look forward to much more about themselves in the coming months as the Observer reveals many of the allegations yet untold regarding Valdez and his protective boss.

Another major bad apple within the barrel of law enforcement in Josephine County is Grants Pass City Police Officer Jeff Gaunt. We have received allegations of everything from sexual assaults on women, to drug involvement, to attempted blackmail by this bad officer. We are informed that Gaunt was fired some time ago for allegedly sending porn from city equipment and for his unwanted sexual advances toward another officer. According to one Observer source, Gaunt was quickly reinstated when he went to his superiors and threatened to expose what he knew about them if they fired him. The Observer also has alleged, yet very strong, evidence that Gaunt has slept with at least one young gal under the legal age. Where did Jeff Gaunt get many of his expensive toys? Where did he get his lavish home? He certainly didn't purchase all he has on a cop's salary. The Observer has some of the answers, soon to be released...

Anyone, especially ethical police officers, who possess a conscience with information on the bad officers listed here or others who are spoiling the barrel are urged to contact the US~Observer at 541-474-7885. All calls are strictly confidential.



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