Mr. President: Drain the
Unchecked Child Caseworker Swamp

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By Amy O.

President Trump, I am pleading for help with an overlooked corruption in our great nation.

Corruption in Oregon and other States, "Department of Humans Services - Child Protective Services (DHS/CPS)" and Family Courts are absolutely ruining innocent children and their families. Specifically in Oregon, the people taking part in this corruption are attorneys, guardian ad litems, evaluators, and CPS/DHS agents and supervisors. The people overseeing the regional aspects of CPS/DHS do not step up and correct these misdeeds in the regions they manage.

It sounds bizarre, but children are being taken by CPS/DHS from good, protective people, causing children to be placed with their identified abusers, or placed in foster care, without justification. The caseworkers who do this are seldom required to have any kind of a license, some only having a 30 day training certificate before they start working in this field.

Any abuse from foster care providers, or as a result of being placed with their abuser, is often ignored. It's being allowed by judges, who are fully aware of the acts. Good people are being accused of mental illness, of causing mental injury when they report child abuse to authorities.

Many attorneys just collect their fees, as people get processed through the courts, with cases all too often taking years to resolve, if ever. CPS/DHS workers and supervisors know that good parents will fight, or go through services for their children. But many parents find their children are taken, and the agencies aren't telling them how to reasonably ameliorate their conditions. At age 18, children in care "age out" of foster care, and often find themselves homeless.

CPS/DHS generates a lot of money, especially from the federal government.

Where the funds come from
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souce: oregon state legislature

Where the funds go...
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souce: oregon state legislature

How can the everyday person fight this? CPS/DHS caseworkers and supervisors, attorneys, all claim forms of immunity, whether it be apparent authority immunity, the Bar (often no punishment), or another...

Clyde Saiki, Dr. Reginald C. Richardson, Gene Evans, Melissa Brodowski, Cathy Adams-Bomar, Mishaela Duran all have positions of great authority in Oregon's DHS. They've been contacted, and apprised of the situation. Only Ms. Brodowski replied, vaguely indicating she'd forwarded my concerns, "to the state official in Oregon who oversees child protective services" without telling me who that is, or who else I can contact in Oregon. I think these people in these upper positions are intentionally neglecting to act, drawing a large paycheck, offering no real resolution to the problem workers/procedure in the regions they "oversee."

souce: oregon state legislature

Clyde Saiki, the Director for Oregon DHS admitted in 2016 that kids aren't safe at DHS. He stated, "There is a substantial amount of work that needs to be done in order to improve outcomes for the children and families we serve." The kids aren't safe because the abuse is often ignored or covered up and DHS workers and supervisors are not being held accountable! Many go without being fired, reprimanded or prosecuted when they violate procedure, or law.

One specific caseworker, Cori McGovern has been found liable in a civil lawsuit, costing the taxpayers over $1 million. Not only does she continue working at DHS, she has never been reprimanded according to recent testimony she provided.

Many people have evidence, and have recently called and written to you, Mr. President, hoping CPS/DHS is the next swamp you may drain - The great people of Oregon are awaiting to see your action in this matter - children's lives are being damaged. This damage is being enabled with large amounts of federal funding, until you act..

Thank you kindly for your time.


Amy O.

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