January 2011

Demanding Accountability

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From BLM Abuse to Criminal Conviction


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Curt Chancler
By Curt Chancler
Investigative Journalist

Jackson County, Oregon - It has long been said that Jackson County, Oregon's justice system could indict a ham sandwich. Recently, a six man jury comprised of four men and two women proved beyond any doubt that an inept, uninformed, jury will allow this corrupt justice system to convict that ham sandwich.

In all my years as a citizen activist for constitutional accountability and as a reporter having logged hundreds of hours in court rooms, I have learned to never be surprised by a jury's decision. That lack of surprise comes from the knowledge that corrupt judges controlling everything that a jury sees or hears from the admission of evidence and testimony to his instructions to the jury, makes the decision of the jury reasonably predictable.

When the accused is stuck with a court appointed attorney, their chances of receiving a fair trial through a zealous defense becomes almost nonexistent. Then add to the mix uninformed jurors that have little or no understanding of the defendant’s constitutional rights or their constitutional rights and duties as jurors. Then sadly you have an incredible miscarriage of justice and that is exactly what happened in the resent trial of Dennis and Michelle Easley.

William Finch
BLM Ranger - William Finch

Even though the Easley's were not clients of the US~Observer, I spent three months investigating and reporting this story to you our readers, because of what I and others believed was the outrageous, unprofessional and criminal behavior of BLM Ranger William Finch and Jackson County Deputy Sheriff Jimmie Gyllenskog. This opinion was formed by the overwhelming testimony of five eyewitness to the actions of Finch and Gyllenskog againstDennis and Michelle Easley on 2-20-2010, plus the countless emails, letters and phone calls from people alleging that they have either endured some form of abuse of power at the hands of BLM Ranger William Finch or witnessed the alleged abuses on someone else. I have personally interviewed and taped the statements of eighteen citizens that have alleged they were victims of some form of abuse of power from BLM Rangers.

Dennis Easley's trial for Disorderly Conduct and his wife's trial for Disorderly Conduct, Interfering with a Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest were charges stemming from BLM Ranger William Finch and Jackson County Oregon, Deputy Sheriff Jimmie Gyllenskog coming into the Easley's camp site and asking to see their ten dollar off road OHV stickers (read entire story at www.usobserver.com). As we have reported in previous articles Dennis Easley felt that because Finch and Gyllenskog were riding red and white unmarked dirt bikes and wearing nothing that looked like an official uniform to him, he refused to show them his ID until they showed him their official ID proving they were law enforcement officials.

It was at this point that BLM Ranger Finch and Deputy Gyllenskog allowed their training and professionalism to be over-taken by ego, temper, fear and bad judgment.

In my opinion Dennis and Michelle Easley were on trial and found guilty because they had the unmitigated gall to stand up to a known badge-heavy Bully “AKA BLM Ranger William Finch.” I also believe the misplaced loyalties of his partner Jackson County Deputy Sheriff Jimmie Gyllenskog, coupled with law enforcement's unwritten code of cover your partner's ass at any cost, allowed this incredible fiasco and miscarriage of justice to happen.

Without any doubt whatsoever, this case has proven to me that if an innocent person is charged with a crime and they are unable to hire the US~Observer, they will be found guilty.

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