Demanding Accountability

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Challenge Prosecutorial Immunity


Many U.S. citizens are afraid of the Judicial System, and rightfully so. We no longer enjoy “equal protection” under the law. Yet, hope is not lost. The US~Observer's plan to fight this inequality can and will win, with your help.

There is one phrase inscribed on the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C., “Equal Justice Under Law.” Unfortunately, the high court held in Imbler v Pachtman (1976) that prosecutors are immune to civil lawsuits, while they are preforming their jobs, even if they commit illegal acts.

Prosecutors, agencies, etc., routinely file false charges against innocent individuals. In fact, in over 90% of criminal cases, prosecutors stack charges and then force plea-bargains, which is absolute extortion. Prosecutors needlessly harass innocent people, and use the mainstream media to enhance their cases, thereby tampering with the jury pool. They violate rights and break the law, and, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling, we have had no way to hold them legally accountable.

The logic behind the Supreme Court ruling was that it would keep Prosecutors from having to defend themselves against unwarranted and frivolous lawsuits - suits designed to muddy the system. But, what their ruling accomplished was to create a class of citizenry who is above the law and can act in any fashion without fear of reprisal or accountability - in essence they destroyed the one covenant that the founders held dear, and there is no longer equal justice under law in America.

As such, fear rises in us now when we are faced with going to court, hiring an attorney, dealing with the IRS, or unconstitutional agencies like the BLM, DEQ, IRS, etc. From simple traffic tickets, to land use violations, abusive taxation, to arbitrary fines and all too common false criminal charges, any prudent person can see that we are anything but “free.” We are subject to their law, even the unjust ones; yet, they remain “Above the Law” - until now.

Currently, our judges legislate from the bench, unconstitutionally creating law; called case-law. As with all case-law, you are required to have “standing” to challenge that “law.” The US~Observer currently has three separate cases that will provide “standing,” allowing lawsuits to be filed - of which one, Haro, is already filed! The lawsuits, coupled with a massive US~Observer driven public relations and education campaign will expose and destroy unconstitutional immunity once and for all!

With over 4,200 cases won in 22 years of publication, the US~Observer has the fortitude, knowledge and strength to take this challenge all the way to the Supreme Court (so they can right their own wrong), if necessary. Along the way, and with your help, we will spread this message across the nation. Americans in great numbers who are fed up with injustice will finally have a voice that will be heard and acted upon. Our “public officials” will once again be restored to the status of “public servants.”

Today, you can help. Today, you can be a part of this first necessary step to reclaim America for the sake of all citizens and stop prosecutors from being above the law – Stop Immunity – Stop Injustice. Make a substantial contribution that will enable us to fully pursue our lawsuits against immunity and end the two-class system. Pass on our information. Circulate our stories. Together we will make a difference and the two classes will once again be equal, for ALL MEN (people) ARE CREATED EQUAL and the US~Observer, with your contribution, is the vehicle by which we can restore this principle.

Justice unequal stops today!

Ron Lee

P.S. Read the “Cases of Standing” Berg, Driscoll and Haro to learn about how prosecutors can destroy your life, and to find out why you should take part in this historic undertaking.

Let’s correct this unjust system! Let’s start with corrupt prosecutors and their immunity shield and keep going until the corruption is gone, and our system of justice is truly just.

Or you can send a check or money order to:

233 Rogue River Hwy PMB 387
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Cases of Standing:

Robert Haro
Kevin Driscoll
Matthew Berg

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