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The Unconstitutional EPA
Must Be Abolished

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Devvy Kidd
By Devvy Kidd
US~Observer Exclusive

Back on January 21, 2005, I wrote in a column:

"The Environmental Protection Agency must be abolished because it is destroying the rights of Americans, it's another monumental waste of money and America doesn't need it. Like the unconstitutional federal Department of Education which employs almost 4,500 people and will suck up a colossal $63.3 billion dollars for 2005, the EPA with its 18,000 employees, will gobble up $7.76 billion dollars this year.

"Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution does not authorize Congress to legislate in the area of the environment, therefore, it is unconstitutional. All 50 states of the Union have their own version of the EPA as authorized under the 10th Amendment. There is no need for a federal agency. The states of the Union can handle their own environmental needs as authorized by their legislatures.

"At the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, June 3-14, 1992, the Secretariat for World Order distributed a nonpublic document titled, "The Initiative for Eco-92 Earth's Charter." It reads, in part, under policies that must be implemented as follows:

The Security Council of the U.N. will inform all nations that outmoded notions of national sovereignty will be discarded and that the Security Council has complete legal, military and economic jurisdiction in any region of the world ... The Security Council of the U.N. will take possession of all natural resources, including the watersheds and great forests, to be used and preserved for the good of the Major Nations of the Security Council.

"In the late Dixie Lee Ray's book, "Environmental Overkill", one gets a full accounting of what really went on with Al Gore and his loony friends at the Rio Summit. On page 10 of her book, it states:

The objective, clearly enunciated by the leaders of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), is to bring about a change in the present system of independent nations. The future is to be world government, with central planning by the UN. Fear of environmental crises, whether real or not, is expected to lead to compliance. If force is needed, it will be provided by a UN green-helmeted police force, already authorized by the Security Council.

"The EPA is the flagship in America to carry out this environmental terrorism against our people. Among the most destructive of its tentacles is the Endangered Species Act. One of the most horrific of that grotesque act is what happened in Klamath Falls in 2001, when the government shut off life-giving water to the farmers, driving them into bankruptcy. On Jan. 12, 2005, a federal judge ruled that the salmon listing which caused our ranchers and farmers to go under was illegally listed!"

In the ensuing years, the EPA has become more destructive than a cat five hurricane. My last column in the US~Observer dealt with drilling in ANWR up in Alaska. As long-time activist and consummate researcher, Tom DeWeese, recently pointed out in a column, Nimbys, Bananas* and Greens, it's not just about drilling:

"However, the nation’s energy problem is much worse than just not being able to drill our American oil. Even if we could drill our own oil or even had a glut of imported oil, the crisis couldn’t be averted to bring oil prices down. That’s because the United States hasn’t built a new oil refinery since 1976. All remaining American refineries are running at full capacity. There is barely time for the plants to shut down to perform needed upkeep and repairs because such activity will cause a bump in the system and force prices up. The industry can do nothing to keep up with demand. Rules and regulations, both federal and state, are blocking the industry’s ability to build new refineries.

"Even worse: old, worn out refineries are closing, reducing capacity even more. In California, ten refineries representing 20% of the state’s refining capacity were closed between 1985 and 1995. With California energy policy literally dominated by radical environmental groups, it is unlikely that any new refineries will ever be built.

"To build a new refinery would take a risk of at least $2 billion in a ten-year undertaking. In the end, even if permits are obtained there is no guarantee that the refinery will ever be built. Nobody wants to invest in new refineries because there is no money to be made. If there were investors willing to take the risk, where would it be built? What town would welcome it? What land would be used? Radical environmentalists are well organized to build pressure on any politician who might support such an endeavor. They know how to energize the NIMBYs and BANANAs. All the greens have to do is voice concerns about air pollution or the dangers of large trucks carrying hazardous materials or the potential for leakage into the environment. Just a hint at these things and poof, the refinery is history. Scientific facts are rarely heard in the din of the argument.

EPA"The Department of Energy predicts domestic oil consumption will increase 43 percent by 2025, but production will grow only by 23 percent. So, as our nation’s future teeters on the brink, Congress plays a coward’s game by producing an energy policy that pours more than $23 billion of taxpayer money into alternative energy sources like windmills, solar panels, and ethanol, all in the name of conservation. The truth is, no combination of conservation, technology or alternative fuels can come close to replacing the fossil fuels system already in place. It will take years for research, testing, permitting, construction and distribution systems for replacement alternatives to be realized. Meanwhile, we need oil and gas now!"

Tom is absolutely right and the EPA is front and center in destroying energy sources with their endless, job killing regulations:

Utility giant AEP says it will close five coal plants to comply with EPA regs (June 9, 2011):

"Utility giant American Electric Power said Thursday that it will shut down five coal-fired power plants and spend billions of dollars to comply with a series of pending Environmental Protection Agency regulations." Here in Texas where I live, the EPA has brought together unlikely political factions to fight the loons in the EPA:

Union, Texas Congressional delegation agree: The EPA is threatening the Texas economy

"On April 13, 2011, the EPA publishing its ruling that Texas must comply with the Clean Air Transport Rule (CATR). Using the CATR, the EPA is set to include Texas in the national sulfur dioxide program, without any comment from any of the state’s stakeholders, political leaders or industry leaders allowed. No public review, just bam!, Texans get the EPA jackboot. The EPA’s effort to strong arm Texas away from its successful and flexible state-level clean air program, established in the 1990s and which has enjoyed bipartisan support, and into the EPA’s less effective national program has been building since President Obama’s inauguration. The CATR ruling may bring that battle to a head."

Those examples are simply the tiniest tip of the iceberg. In order to understand why some of these 'crisis' were manufactured, one has to go back in time. Let me quote from prolific writer/researcher, Jeri Lynn Ball, from her book, Masters of Seduction: "At the Sixth Party Congress held in Moscow in 1928, Communists wrote and approved “The Program” to bring in the New World Order. The Program of the Third International called for a global environmental program and for the transformation of all human beings on earth to accept the New World Order. The Communists planned to use the global environmental program as a means of eradicating national sovereignty and creating a world dictatorship."

Guss Hall was head of the Communist Party USA. In his 1972 propaganda book, Ecology: Can We Survive Under Capitalism?, Hall regurgitates the "necessity" of destroying our free market system and replace it with socialism (a step behind communism) in order to save the environment! Dixie Lee Ray's book mentioned above brings us 20 years forward, detailing the massive push in pursuance of those goals headed up by "global warming" pimps like Al Gore.

The EPA's crushing regulations are in lockstep with the communist UN's role in destroying this republic. I highly recommend you read a short (85 pgs), factual book by Dr. Michael Coffman titled, The Birth of World Government. Only by understanding the under-pinnings of the real agenda behind global warming...ooops, I mean the new and improved "climate change", can Americans understand how close to the abyss we are if the perpetrators and their facilitators are not stopped. Oh, and let's not forget how the EPA, with the blessing of the Outlaw Congress stealing us blind in taxes -- sends the fruits of your labor to foreign countries:

EPA Gives Millions In Foreign Handouts (June 28, 2011 - Judicial Watch)

"The Obama cabinet secretary who launched a costly program to make America’s minority communities green has sent millions of taxpayer dollars to environmental causes overseas, including China, Russia and India. Ranking members of a congressional energy committee call it “foreign handouts” amid record deficits, soaring unemployment and a looming debt ceiling in the U.S. The money - $27 million since 2009 - has been issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is headed by Lisa Jackson.

"The cash was issued via 65 foreign grants that don’t even include Canada and Mexico, according to a report issued this week by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Among the enraging foreign handouts are $1.2 million for the United Nations to promote clean fuels, $718,000 to help China comply with two initiatives and $700,000 for Thailand to recover methane gas at pig farms.

"An additional $150,000 went to help the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) combat fraud in carbon trading and $15,000 to Indonesia’s “Breathe Easy, Jakarta” publicity campaign. This sort of federal spending does not reflect the priorities of the American people, according to a letter that several lawmakers sent Jackson in the report’s aftermath.

"Since being appointed EPA Administrator, Jackson has gone on a manic spending spree to bring “environmental justice” to low-income and minority communities. Under the program, dozens of leftwing groups have received millions of taxpayer dollars to help poor and indigenous people increase recycling, reduce carbon emissions through “weatherization,” participate in “green jobs” training and avoid heat stroke. The EPA's budget has also surged 34% since Jackson took over to a whopping $10.3 billion. The figure includes $43 million for efforts to reduce greenhouse gases that the agency claims “endanger” public health. Nearly half of the EPA’s budget goes to grants that fund state environmental programs, nonprofits and educational institutions that help promote the agency’s agenda.”

An emailer was upset by my last column in the US~Observer on ANWR because I placed blame on the Republicans; I didn't give the Democrats a pass either because we all know where they stand on the issues above. What I was attempting, and am still trying to do, is get voters to realize it isn't just the "left" stopping drilling in states of the Union, it's also Republicans who don't believe in the Tenth Amendment, state sovereignty and limited government.

As I pointed in my last US~Observer column: "How many times have we heard "it's the greenies!" It's the environmentalists who have kept domestic drilling from expanding. BULL. The president of Tree Huggers of America does not sit in Congress. The president of the Sierra Club or Greenpeace or Save our Forests or Stop Drilling Now do not sit in Congress. Those groups and organizations buy the favors of the Outlaw Congress - both parties. No, it's not the "greenies". The U.S. Congress is responsible for not allowing more drilling and you can blame the Republicans for their hypocrisy."

The same thing applies to refineries and the obvious political games. In the meantime, nothing will get done by this current crop out there in Washington, DC because the American people sent 86% of the same incumbents back to "work" who refuse to get the job done and put America onto a constitutional, free market path towards renewed prosperity. Not one of them have the courage to even talk about abolishing the unconstitutional EPA, much less introducing legislation that would get killed in committee.

That's why the states must step forward and defy the Federal Government: We have the absolute right to control the resources within our borders, like drilling for oil, natural gas and coal operations. That won't happen in oil rich states without massive heat put on those state legislatures by citizens. Tell them to stand up or shut up and quit complaining about what Congress will and won't "allow" them to do in their sovereign states.

* NIMBYs: Not In My Back Yard and the BANANAs: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything.

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country and is a highly sought after public speaker.

She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not a political party. Her web site contains a tremendous amount of information, solutions and a vast Reading Room.

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