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Deborah Swan Hinders Dyer Investigation
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Deborah Swan
Deborah Swan

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Deborah Swan, who has portrayed herself very publicly, on YouTube and across the internet as a devoted supporter of Charles Dyers’ innocence has been exposed by the US~Observer as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

In early 2012, Swan attempted to acquire the US~Observer’s help in proving Dyer innocent, while all the time claiming that the “Feds” were following her, that her phone lines were tapped, and that there was a great conspiracy against Dyer, being orchestrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She claimed this was in retaliation for Dyer’s YouTube videos that were published wherein he voiced his opposition to federal government corruption.

Swan continually raised money, allegedly to help Dyer with legal fees, etc., however much of this funding was used to support her life on the road as she traveled around the country allegedly infiltrating patriot groups and promoting her conspiracy theories. One witness recently stated, “I discovered that Swan recently raised $1,900 for Charles that he never received.” Another stated, “Deborah Swan was serving time in prison and she was released early, well before she could legally be released - she must be working for the feds as a snitch.”

This writer’s opinion is that she is a government informant and a very dangerous one at that. The people that we are aware of and that she has infiltrated are outstanding Americans, who have left themselves open to false allegations and slander by their association with Swan…

deborah swan
Deborah Swan

According to one US~Observer source, “An FBI agent attempted to file charges against Swan for illegally taping him and he couldn’t get charges filed. The only answer I could come up with is that Swan has some substantial protection from the legal system. I have also been informed that her Pacer (electronic access to court documents) record has been sealed.” The US~Observer will soon get to the bottom of Swan’s alleged federal protection.

Swan was eventually able to talk Chris Mortenson into hiring the US~Observer for the purpose of conducting an investigation and publishing an article on Dyer’s innocence, should we conclude his innocence. Mortenson was serving in Afghanistan as a soldier in the Army at the time.

I should note that during early conversations with Mortenson he kept wanting to talk about our government being responsible for 911 and other atrocities and when I would stress that I wasn’t investigating those issues, only Dyer, he audibly became upset. He continued to spout conspiracy theories as did his cohort Deborah Swan.

After much confusion and frustration I dropped Swan as a client (while continuing my investigation into the Charles Dyer case).
Soon after these conversations, Swan began making false accusations against me to the point where she claimed that I must be working for the “feds.” Her pattern throughout her roughly two years of allegedly “attempting to help Dyer” has been to get next to his friends and family, start trouble by making false accusations against people and by attempting to make herself look important.

Swan has filed false reports with the Oregon Department of Justice and the Better Business Bureau against myself and the US~Observer. She even filed complaints with the same entities against me for Chris Mortenson. I quickly dispelled the false reports, however much of our investigation was literally ruined by Swan in that it became an impossibility to conduct any covert investigation due to her use of the internet, where people being investigated were alerted about my work.

Deborah Swan
Deborah Swan

Recently, I was contacted by Mortenson’s wife after he returned to duty in Tacoma, Washington from Afghanistan. Mrs. Mortenson wanted to know about her husband hiring us and then she went on to tell me how Swan had ruined their marriage and drained them financially. She stated that her husband Chris was sending Swan their money, that they were broke, and that Swan had filled out divorce papers for Chris to file against her. Mrs. Mortenson then stated, “Swan called me on the telephone, instructing me to leave my own home because she was going to move into my home with my husband.” I explained to Mrs. Mortenson about my work and I warned her that Swan would ruin her husband and their marriage if Chris continued his involvement with Swan.

All in all, our investigation has continued (pro bono) and we have concluded that Dyer is an innocent man. To close the Swan issue out for the time being, I have been informed that Charles Dyer will no longer communicate with her and as for myself I have opened an investigation regarding both Swan and Mortenson, as I have acquired the strong opinion that they are both completely dangerous lunatics. Further, I would think that the US Army should be very concerned with Mortenson’s beliefs.

I would ask our entire readership to pass this information about Deborah Swan and Christopher Mortenson to their contacts. I also ask anyone with info on Swan, Mortenson or any others associated with this investigation to call me at 541-474-7885 or by email to All calls and information will be strictly confidential.

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