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State of My Union --Ron Lee
Why the Tea Parties? --Ron Lee, Eric Coltrane

Let everyone know you support the Constitution for the United States of America by flying the "Don't Tread on Me" flag on your site!

Please let us know when you get it up and we will link to your site. Our hope is that people can then purchase, read stories and blogs and even contact like-minded individuals who share in their ideals, as well as introduce this "webring" to people who need to be informed. So, bookmark this page and watch the list grow!

Power is in volume of numbers and while some like Glenn Beck and his 9-12 project, others find Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty to be to their liking, and still others find different avenues to vent their frustrations and propose ways to move forward; there needs to be a solidarity of purpose ... and that is the Constitution. Fly your flag. Let everyone know.

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About the US~Observer: For over 17 years we have been fighting to expose corruption and keep innocents from being falsely convicted. We do that through exposing the truth to the public through our printed and on-line paper. It works. We have been successful in over 3,000 cases. If you want to know more please go here.

Sites flying the "Don't Tread on Me" flag:

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