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What is the 1st thing you need to do when you have a legal problem, have been criminally charged, or have been financially scammed out of large sums? Simple. Find someone who can help you that can provide references and who has a proven track record of winning cases like yours.

If you have already retained an attorney and they are not working for you, read this.

When it comes to criminal charges, the status quo would have you believe that once you have been arrested, you must rush to hire a Defense Attorney. What if that was not always the best option? What if you could save time and Attorney costs? The US~Observer knows how to structure a winning criminal defense, one that rogue prosecutors cannot defeat. While it is important for you to have legal counsel when needed, as we are not defense attorneys, our methods have been successful in thousands of instances without the need of retained representation. Quite simply, our methods work, when your innocence is proven.

Making your innocence public knowledge, presenting the facts regarding your innocence is part of what the US~Observer has done for more than a quarter of a century, and it works. At the US~Observer, we strive to vindicate those who are innocent. We have been successful in over 4,000 criminal cases to date - something many Defense Attorney's can't claim. Strategy for your defense is paramount to vindication. The US~Observer uses investigative journalists, combined with media and other tools to promote justice when we have factually proven you to be innocent.

The United States Criminal Justice System has evolved over the past 200-plus years. If you are facing false criminal charges, you will usually find yourself charged with multiple crimes, even though you are innocent. Instead of the charges being dismissed once the evidence is obtained, you are instead offered a plea deal. In fact, if you are facing criminal charges you are statistically 97% +/- likely to accept a plea deal (admit guilt in return for lesser sentence, or no jail time with probation, fines, and fees). The long term effects of plea deals leave many jobless, homeless and haunted for the rest of their lives for the very crimes they plead to, but never committed.

Is that JUSTICE? No!

Welcome to the U.S. Criminal Justice System - the same system that accounts for the highest incarceration rate per capita, in the ENTIRE WORLD! So what are you going to do? Are you going to buy into the same system that convicts the 97%, run out, get a lawyer and pay for the same legal advice they routinely offer - to take a deal?

Or, are you going to think outside of the box and fight for your freedom? Help get your false charges dismissed and promote your innocence before it's too late.

Contact the US~Observer today before you become another wrongfully convicted statistic.

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FACES OF THE INNOCENT - US~Observer Vindicated Clients.

US~Observer's Vindicated  Clients

If you have already retained an attorney and they are not working for you, read this.

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