Joint Venture Newspaper Benefits
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“The only thing that abusive government, corrupt judges, thieving lawyers
or bad people fear is exposure…period.”

--Edward Snook

Any person fighting injustice of any nature should make an above average income. I have spent 25-plus years building the US~Observer, its contacts, exposure, winning cases against false prosecutions and thus our income levels, to make this a reality. As you read on, please keep in mind that as my organization and I force changes concerning the political/justice system, our main focus is vindicating innocent people who are being abused, while publicly ruining the corrupt individuals who are responsible. You can view a good number of our vindications by going to our "Vindicated" page.

Everything from false prosecutions to our corrupted political system is dealt with on a daily basis at the US~Observer. We use the US~Observer newspaper as a “club” against wrongdoing and this unique practice has effectively worked in over 4,500 cases to-date.

We charge for working on cases. With each and every win or successful vindication, more people who are being wronged turn to us for help. Our business is literally exploding right now. I will discuss more about this main stream of revenue below.

There are only two things that corrupt prosecutors, dirty cops, abusive judges, and other bad public officials fear. They literally fear Exposure and they absolutely fear having their Careers threatened. They all have friends, family, neighbors and they all go out in public. When people who have read about their corrupted practices start pointing fingers at them, it tears them up. And, when they see their climb up the ladder to a loftier job in jeopardy, they fall apart. A copy of the US~Observer newspaper detailing their corrupt actions and featuring a photograph of them, delivered to their community and family members works nearly every time.

Concerning our main business of vindicating people who are falsely accused of a crime; we affect the court of “public opinion,” the jury pool. In a majority of our cases we avoid trials by having false charges dismissed, however when a trial or hearing is necessary we are completely aware that vile prosecutors, aided by abusive judges and incompetent defense attorneys make it nearly impossible for an innocent defendant to defend themselves by either not presenting or by withholding critical testimony and facts from the jury. We eliminate this possibility, because in our cases the jury pool has already read the entire truth and all of the facts about the case at hand in the US~Observer newspaper or on the internet before the trial begins.

Conducting False Prosecution Cases

The main source of income for our newspaper is taking on false prosecution cases or cases where someone is having their property stolen, being abused, damaged or taken advantage of. We currently charge a $5,000.00 retainer for in-state cases ($7500.00 retainer for in-state post conviction) - $10,000.00 for out-of-state, and we bill against this retainer at the rate of $95.00 per hour. All expenses are separate from our retainer and require additional funds from the client (upon the purchase of a Joint Venture the purchaser will receive pertinent contracts, training and instructions from the US~Observer). Some cases may require a higher retainer based on perceived difficulty and/or time estimates.

Stopping False Prosecutions: Again, the US~Observer has been successful in stopping false prosecutions and heavy-handed government wrongdoing dead in its tracks just over 4,500 times. This is proof-positive that our methods work. There is no other person, entity or organization in America who can even begin to match our accomplishments.

Added Benefits

The US~Observer has discovered that all legitimate groups seek after the media to get their varied messages out, whether they deal with education, property rights, legal issues, gun rights, political campaigns, etc. Every group must get their message to the public if they expect to succeed. This ad source can provide a substantial amount of income for the Joint Venture Purchaser.

Getting people elected at a local level: The US Observer has been highly successful at getting people elected on a local – statewide level. This happens by publishing the right content and then delivering by every-door-direct mail or hand delivering to all residents of the locality. This is yet another substantial source of revenue for Joint Venture Purchasers.

Heavy Profiting From Publishing

Making a substantial income is #1 with the US~Observer and it must be with all Joint Venture Purchasers. If a person doesn’t make a very healthy living it will be impossible to vindicate innocent people and succeed in getting our varied news issues to main-stream American.

The cost for each state Joint Venture program is $69,000 for an entire state. Example: The State of Texas has 258 counties. The Joint Venture Purchaser, after thoroughly learning the different aspects of producing a “real newspaper,” can in-turn sell sub-joint ventures for whatever amount he/she decides. Let’s say the Joint Venture Purchaser offers these counties at just $15,000 each, which is a very reasonable and affordable rate. That would produce over 3.8 million dollars of revenue, minus the small fee paid to the Joint Venture Provider – Can you imagine the effect these newspapers will have on the corruption that runs rampant within our political and criminal justice systems?

People attempting to start a newspaper here and there on their own will never accomplish much as they don’t have the ability to conduct cases for innocent individuals, therefore they will struggle financially and eventually fail, like all main-stream newspapers are today. This is the very reason for the US~Observer Joint Venture program. Unlike the main stream media, real profit is realized with the US~Observer, as well as great influence.

Subscriptions and Advertising

Two more sources of revenue for the US~Observer, and thus, the Joint Venture newspaper, are subscriptions and advertising. While we don’t depend on these sources for the bulk of our income, they certainly add to it and a Joint Venture newspaper can make substantial income, depending on the efforts put forth in these two areas.

Contributions and Conclusion

Contributions can be a tremendous source of income for the Joint Venture Purchaser. When a newspaper publishes real news that the main-stream media buries, and as we vindicate innocent people, patriotic Americans respond financially. The US~Observer has numerous people who support us on a monthly basis.

Finally, the need for a network of papers is absolutely imperative; it will be highly profitable and extremely rewarding. Those of us at the US~Observer have succeeded time after time as we have watched many others fail. They are failing financially, while the US~Observer is booming. This is how we have reached our factual conclusion that a vast association of hard-copy newspapers is the one and only means available to turn our rotted criminal justice system around – Join us today and become part of a venture that will drastically change the future for You, your children, grandchildren and your fellow Americans. Let’s give our country a fighting chance and earn our just reward doing so.

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