February 2005

Demanding Accountability

Josephine County - a place to strip?

By Ron Lee

Sunny Valley, OR - An adult entertainment spot "Club 71" is due to open on February 4th and has county residents up in arms or just plain ready for it to open.

Residents in the Sunny Valley and Wolf Creek areas have been calling their County Commissioners who just recently held a closed door session to address the "strip club issue." According to information received, the commissioners will not allow the club to open, but Club 71 managers state that everything is in order and they will be open on schedule.

Many residents in Grants Pass are ready and excited for it to open and see nothing immoral with the "strip club" industry. According to Larry Lacey, owner of the Dirt Bike Diner, now Club 71, "We are providing a place that will entertain and we aren't just focusing on our dancers to do this. It's not going to be like any other club." The debate has been long and has been fueled by several articles written by the Daily Courier who, according to Lacey and others involved in the club, have been "on the verge of stalking" for a story.

One thing is for sure, there are those for it, ready to spend money at a local business, and there are those against it, who are protecting the moral fiber of their community.

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