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Dare to give us a dream

By Ron Lee
The Verbal Assassin

Every lasting culture has shared one commonality, they each had goals. Generally, the goal was the conquest of their neighboring kingdoms or countries. In some cases it was the attainment of a higher purpose through a common singular religion. Whatever the case, they each rallied their citizenry behind a cause, and it wasn't until other cultures and religions emerged as dominant voices within their own ranks that these cultures of old passed into history.

Leaders throughout the history of the United States have recognized this. Each one in their own way practiced the teachings of history and found a common goal to encite the public to rally behind a cause, catapulting us toward becoming what we are today; the greatest country on the planet. Generally, these causes came in the form of some sort of opposing force to our ultimate goal of remaining a free republic. For a time this was good enough to rally the public. But, when discontent emerged, leaders came who saw we needed more vision than that of an external enemy. We were given the dream of racial equality and the promise of going to the moon. While turmoil initially erupted over both possibilities, the majority set out upon the path and created them as realities.

Sure equality might not fully exist, but I know many multi-ethnic couples who enjoy a happiness together which previously wouldn't have been afforded them.

But now we have outgrown these dreams as they have primarily passed into an attained reality and even the great enemy, Russia, is gone. Finding ourselves unfocused, undriven, by a unity of cause we have allowed other cultures a primary foothold of opposition within our ranks through unguarded borders and we have lost our common religious oaths of "In God We Trust" and "One nation under God."

Spiraling out of control we have been temporarily rallied through terrorism and war. But the flag waving (true patriots fly their flags all of the time) and the support waver in this new republic-free democracy has been borne by dissenters of the ultimate goal.

We need leadership and direction, not imposed laws and taxes that create disdain. We must find a clearly stated path that all of us can envision and accept. We need a singular language, and an acceptance that God breaks all barriers of doctrine. We need an urgent spirit of nationalism where our economic interests are guarded and cultivated not sold to the highest bidder or lost to the lowest waged work-force. This direction would include our borders being secure and our own ailing being cared for and the creation of real economic assistance programs for our less fortunate who are willing to work to get ahead. And, we again need a vision of adventure that rallies the spirit and challenges the unknown not cheapened by flat science.

We need to be our republic, and be proud of it. Anything less and we, too, will surely pass into the twilight of history.

Write me, tell me what goals you would like to see us achieve. It's not too late to recapture the spirit of America.

About the Author: Ron Lee has been a freelance and published writer since 1985. He attended Richmond University in London where he focused on theatre arts, and the University of Nevada Reno where he dual majored in criminal justice and psychology. He currently spends his time helping the US~Observer's clients with his no nonsense investigative reporting style. Ron may be reached at Favorite quote, "The truth shall make you free." --John VIII. 32



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