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Verbal Assassination

Serving a Different Master?
It's a Miracle they are still in business

By Ron Lee
The Verbal Assassin

Several editions ago I wrote an article on a company called Master's Miracle, founded and run by a man named Mike Schlegel. The US~Observer had been contacted by many present and past Master's Miracle distributors and product purchasers, all of whom had issue with the company's current (at that time) formulation of products. Many said that it was making them sick, and there were even rumors that some had died, and all of these people wanted what was happening exposed.

Finding that it fit with an article idea I was considering on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), I looked into the allegations.

I found that Master's Miracle had issued an alert through the FDA, a behemoth-bully of a bureaucracy which I feel is more interested in taking money than actually protecting the citizens from harmful products that remain unregulated because they do not contain medical claims (but that is for my story on the FDA).

The Master’s Miracle alert admitted that some of their products contained the harmful bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa and that all marketing material which stated it could be used in the eyes should be destroyed as it could cause blindness.

Also in my research I found that their products had been labeled by Health Canada as hazardous and the importation of them was blocked.

While there were many claims of ill health related to the use of Master’s Miracle products, there has been to this point no real scientific and, or medical documentation to back the allegations.

But, the fact remains that the company admitted the existence of the bacteria. It was also independently verified by Health Canada and the FDA.

According to Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology:

“Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection is a serious problem in patients hospitalized with cancer, cystic fibrosis, and burns. The case fatality rate in these patients is 50 percent.”

After publishing the story, "Blindness and Death with Impunity? Master's Miracle New Formula," I was contacted by many individuals in support of the Master's Miracle line of products as well as by those who felt they became ill using them.

There were even some who claimed they would provide me with their medical records proving Master's Miracle was behind their ailments, but to-date none of them have.

But, those that called in favor of Master's Miracle all told a similar story. They said the products worked for them. But then they would continue on, spinning some tale about a "master" plotter who was out to ruin Master's Miracle through any means necessary. From what they told me he had a vendetta for being kicked out of his Master's Miracle distributorship.

Some went so far as to call this man evil for trying to shut down something brought to them by God.

Now, that made me wonder ... Just what IS Master's Miracle putting in their products?! I mean c'mon, really.

Soon the calls died off and the issue waned.

Then, on one of the few days I was actually in the office and not out pounding the street, a call came in for me.

A man who's voice gave away his calculated approach asked me if he could hire the US~Observer to look into a company that had wronged him in some way, but he couldn’t really tell me how they did it. I told him that we sometimes do go after such cases but that the final judgement of the investigations we pursue is up to our board.

This man went on with a story about how this company had cheated him, but that the company had won a legal battle against him. Again, I told him I thought we could help as long as there was indeed evidence to support his claims.

Continuing he asked if we would just shut them down, even if there was no evidence.

I had to wonder if this guy thought I was stupid, and more so, unethical.

If we took on guilty clients to satisfy their own personnel smear campaigns we wouldn't be effective. It would destroy our reputation and I told him something similar.

At this point another man spoke up on the line - he obviously had been listening the whole time - and suddenly their story changed. Now they were a couple of guys looking at starting a Master's Miracle distributorship.

I chuckled to myself ...

My response went something like this, "As with any home-based business you should do as much due-diligence as possible."

"Can I have your names?" I asked.

"This is Mike Schlegel and Russ Smith," they replied.

"How are you today Mr. Schlegel?" I asked with a smile on my face and the conversation soon ended.

My previous article must have really hit them hard for the Master's Miracle CEO, Mike Schlegel, to call, misrepresent himself, and try to trick me into saying anything other than reality. But, then again, he might be used to misrepresenting himself and can't cope with a direct form of conversation.

Wow ... It really is a miracle they are still in business with leadership that hides behind lies.

About the Author: Ron Lee has been a freelance and published writer since 1985. He attended Richmond University in London where he focused on theatre arts, and the University of Nevada Reno where he dual majored in criminal justice and psychology. He currently spends his time helping the US~Observer's clients with his no nonsense investigative reporting style. Ron may be reached at Favorite quote, "The truth shall make you free." --John VIII. 32



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