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Victim's Assistance Fund

With over 20 years in print and 30+ years of investigative experience the US~Observer has been the voice of the innocent - a fact we are proud of. Over the past several years we have noticed an increase in false allegations as people get wise to the system and start working it for their own self gain.

It seems that today it's easier than ever to vilify someone by just saying they did something wrong, without there ever being any evidence to back up their claim. Claims of sex abuse in divorce cases, as an example, are on the rise as people realize this is a tool to gain custody of a child or property, or just as a way to get back at their spouse for a myriad of reasons through the false claims. The target of the false claim is then prosecuted even persecuted in the eyes of the public and the court. And more often than not in the case of a child's involvement the child suffers the rest of their lives for the injustice served by one of the parents.

The US~Observer is constantly contacted by individuals and groups who have been wronged and/or falsely accused of crimes. In the majority of cases we are their last recourse for aid in their vindication of these malicious allegations that have destroyed their lives and threaten their very freedom.

Our operating expenses during an investigation are such that we can not help all of these individuals who can't afford our service - probably those that need it the most. It is our goal, as it should be yours, to ensure that everyone who is wrongfully accused of a crime has a place to turn. With your help, we'd like to be that place.

These people need your assistance and through your generous donations we can provide this place of refuge where the innocent aren't prosecuted and the guilty are exposed.

Donate now to the US~Observer Victim's Assistance Fund.

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