DHS Child Services Caseworker Charged With
Official Misconduct and Tampering with Public Records

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By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

DHS Migueal Fuentes
Miguel A. Fuentes

Photo:Washington Co. Sheriff's Office

Beaverton, Oregon - According to Washington County Sheriff's office, 34-year-old Department of Human Services (DHS) employee, Miguel A. Fuentes III, was recently arrested for falsifying 15 child abuse reports.

The sheriff's office released a report that reads, "February 9, 2017 – An Oregon Department of Human Services employee assigned to Child Protective Services was arrested for falsifying child abuse reports in at least 15 cases.

On February 9, 2017, Washington County Sheriff’s Office detectives assigned to the Child Abuse Unit arrested 34-yearold Miguel A. Fuentes III.

Mr. Fuentes has been employed as a Social Services Specialist with the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) since August 2011. He was most recently assigned to the Beaverton office, where his duties included the investigation of child abuse and neglect.

During a child abuse investigation, a sheriff’s office detective and a DHS employee discovered inconsistencies in official child abuse reports completed by Mr. Fuentes. Mr. Fuentes submitted reports which documented in-person contacts and interviews that never occurred. Other reports contained false statements and work that was allegedly completed on days Mr. Fuentes was not in the office. Detectives reviewed many of Mr. Fuentes’ assigned cases and found at least 15 cases with falsified information.

When DHS learned of the investigation in November 2016, they placed Mr. Fuentes on administrative leave. DHS cooperated fully with this criminal investigation. DHS has since re-assigned cases affected by Mr. Fuentes to ensure child safety.

Mr. Fuentes has been charged with 15 counts of Official Misconduct I and 15 counts of Tampering with Public Records.

Inquiries about Mr. Fuentes’ employment status should be directed to Oregon DHS."

DHS was recently sued for $60-million in a separate incident. This recent case could be a "tip of the iceberg" in regard to DHS' overwhelming liability for un-checked caseworkers who's job is to help, yet sometimes ends up damaging innocent familis.

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