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Are You Facing False Criminal Charges
and are a Victim of a False Prosecution?

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Read the stories of those we have vindicated!

If you are facing false charges and a prosecution then you are aware of how the ‘justice’ industry (racket) in America works. You (the innocent person) have been falsely charged with a crime. Most of the time you receive a myriad of stacked charges intended for the sole purpose of extracting a “plea bargain” from you.

You then rush to an attorney, pay him a huge retainer to cover the usual $175.00 per hour (if not higher), which he/she charges, to supposedly defend your innocence. The attorney usually files some motions, writes some worthless letters and makes many unproductive (unless they pertain to you accepting a plea bargain) phone calls until you are broke. Generally you haven’t even started your trial and 99% of the time the attorney hasn’t completed any investigation.

All of a sudden your attorney is telling you that you can’t win your case and you should accept the benevolent plea bargain that the almighty district attorney has offered you. “Do you want to take the chance on spending 30-40 years in prison when you can plea bargain for 18 months,” your attorney tells you. What happened to: “I think we can win this case, it’s a good case.” Remember? Isn’t that pretty close to what your attorney told you as he/she was relieving you of your money?

You then accept a plea bargain and go to jail or you have a jury trial, you’re found guilty (because your attorney hasn’t produced enough evidence-if any and because the judge directs the jury to find you guilty) and then you go to jail. When you finally wake up you realize that on top of now being a criminal, you are flat broke and incarcerated. You find that the very person (your attorney) you frantically rushed to retain, became your worst enemy.

Welcome to the largest racket in history!

There is only one way to remedy a false prosecution: Investigate the accusers, the prosecutors, the detectives and then watch the judge very carefully. In other words, complete an in-depth investigation before you are prosecuted and then take the facts into the public arena.

The US~Observer newspaper will not waste your time or your money. This is not a game, it’s your life and your freedom. We do not make deals. If you are innocent, then nobody has the right to steal what belongs to you, most of all, your liberty. Nobody! That includes your attorney—as well as your supposed public servants.

Why have a bad day when it’s still possible to force justice ... right down their throats?

The US~Observer investigates cases for news and therefore we don’t print that which can’t be resolved. We want to win, just as you want to prove your innocence.

Do not contact us if you are in any way guilty and for justice sake, don’t wait until they slam the door behind you before contacting us if you are innocent.

Services we can render as part of our journalistic investigation into your case:

Civil • Criminal • Theft • Blackmail • Stalkers • Surveillance • Defamation • Missing Persons • Fraud • Asset Search • Legal Malpractice

Read the stories of those we have vindicated!

Learn more about the US~Observer and how we work.

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