April 2011

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Law Enforcement Lies
“To Save Their Own Skins”

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J.M. AppletonBy J.M. Appleton
US~Observer Exclusive

I’ll begin this editorial by providing the following quote:

"Police officers routinely lie, particularly to save their own skins, and when they do, they make credible witnesses." --Judge Richard Neely - West Virginia Supreme Appellate Court

After reading Judge Neely’s remark, is there anyone out there who feels that “justice will prevail” if ever faced with defending themselves against criminal charges that have been levied against them?

One can safely assume, that if an Appellate Court Judge has the wherewithal to ascertain that Police Officer’s “routinely lie” that other Judges (from Municipal Court Judges to Supreme Court Justices and everywhere in between) also know this to be true. Having said that, WHY isn’t something being done about it and WHY is it not a criminal offense for Police Officer’s to perjure themselves and also for Judges (in any capacity) whom allow it to “routinely“ occur in their courtrooms? Certainly, ANY Judge whom relies on the testimony of a Law Enforcement Officer to obtain convictions knows that it’s a common practice to “bend”, stretch” and “break” the truth to get the job done. It’s also a safe assumption to say that it’s common-place for the involved District Attorney’s Office to know where the proverbial bear is “pooping in the woods”, thus making the D.A. and it’s Minions a willing accomplice in the crime of perjury by a Law Enforcement Officer.

The bottom line in this most unfortunate situation would be that the Law Enforcement community in general (to include District Attorney’s and the Judicial System) has been given too much power, authority and immunity from any type of “policing”, “over-sight” and “sanctioning” that might of course serve to prevent “falsification of statements“ from happening so “routinely“, to “save their own skins” as Judge Neely had so eloquently put it. Sadly, we the people of this once erstwhile country have no one to blame but ourselves, for not demanding that it be so (decades ago already) and we now are suffering the consequences. Bringing about change in this regard certainly isn’t an impossible task, however the situation has gotten so out of control that seeing reform come to fruition is going to require a united front and fortitude like never seen before. Additionally, we can rest assured that since the Legislative process at the highest levels would need to be involved (necessary to enact any laws that protect us citizens from Law Enforcement perjury), that we‘d be in-store for an incredibly long, expensive and uphill battle.

Being that we’ve seen a steady increase in corruption and criminal activity (let’s call it what it is) amongst current Law Enforcement and the Judicial System, there are some simple and effective measures that we can take as individuals that will “slow-down” the onslaught and at least provide ourselves a fighting chance in courtrooms should we ever end-up in one. First and foremost, know that you should NEVER, EVER speak to a Law Enforcement Officer without an Attorney present and NEVER, EVER provide them with a written statement no matter how innocent of any wrong-doing you might be! Do not be so naive as to think that “the truth shall set you free” because Law Enforcement is NOT interested in obtaining the truth or in setting you free. Law Enforcement is ONLY interested in obtaining convictions and will take whatever statements you make (written or spoken) and create a reason to charge you, stopping at nothing (see Judge Neely’s quote) to see you convicted. Provide them with NO ammunition to make a case against you, and your chances of surviving the ordeal improve exponentially.

I do write this composition with some knowledge of the tactics that L.E.O.’s will (and often do) employ, as back in the early 1980’s I had obtained a Police Science education with aspirations of becoming a D.N.R. Game Warden in my home State. I’ll not forget the words of my “Patrol Procedure” course instructor (a former Police Officer himself of 20 plus years) when he told the class “it used to be that we Cops were allowed to use our own judgment in the field, needing to have ‘probable cause’ to stop, question and of course arrest a suspect. Now however, all that is required to do any of the aforementioned is “reasonable suspicion” and the mantra of the day is ’arrest ’em all and let the D.A. sort ’em out”. How very sad and yet how very prophetic that statement (made almost 30 years ago) was, as reasonable suspicion (obviously often fabricated) is honored in most every arrest by unscrupulous D.A.’s and Judges everywhere. On a side note, I never actually did seek a position in Law Enforcement, choosing instead to become a Certified Firefighter and Licensed E.M.T., at the prompting of a great-uncle whom had retired only a few years previously as a Captain on a Police Department in our community. His advice was, “think twice about going forward with it Jeff, Police work in today’s day and age is NOTHING like it was when I started out…you’ll feel like nothing more than a glorified revenue collector.” Thank you Uncle George for leading me in the right direction, as in retrospect I realize that I could have never survived in a L.E.O. position that not only accepted, but also ENCOURAGED me to be deceitful as a “means to an end”, subsequently prosecuting and/or locking away innocent individuals for the sake of creating municipal and State revenue.

In closing, I’ll say that as a nation we need to be wise, be resourceful and most importantly be pro-active in demanding that change happen within our Law Enforcement and Judicial systems. We need to relentlessly be contacting our Congressmen, Senators and anyone else in a position to investigate this type of criminal wrong doing, and vote any elected official out of office whom refuse to cooperate. The system has long been broken and is in serious need of repair, and we can bet that the “fix” won’t happen (nor be initiated) from within, as enormous amounts of revenue are created annually to fund the system as it operates today. Remember that, the process all begins with Police Officers “routinely lying” to “save their own skins”, thus becoming “credible witnesses” against the innocent. This should not, and can not any longer be considered an acceptable practice if our beloved Republic is to survive.

Editor’s Note; Mr. Appleton recommends you have an attorney present when speaking with an officer of the law. The US~Observer warns all of our readership that you better know who your attorney is and what his winning record is before involving them in any plight you might face where you are innocent. You would be better served to have the US~Observer involved in your case.

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