Property Dispute Leads to False Arrest
Wrongful Charges Dismissed With Help of US~Observer

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By Seth Perkins
Investigative Reporter

Dalton Johnson

Lake County, OR - For one man facing an array of wrongful criminal charges – eight in total – for the past two years, calling the US~Observer changed his life, and quickly. In just three days after seeking help from the US~Observer newspaper, Dalton Johnson felt total vindication. Subsequent to disputing property lines with a neighbor, Johnson found himself fighting for two years, defending himself from several false criminal charges including: unlawful use of a weapon (felony), menacing (misdemeanor), harassment (misdemeanor), unlawful use of a weapon (2) (felony), menacing (2) (misdemeanor), criminal mischief in the first degree (felony), criminal trespass in the second degree (misdemeanor) and failure to appear in the first degree (felony). If convicted of all crimes, Johnson faced twenty-three years in prison.

At his ripe age of 63, being sentenced to twenty-three years in prison meant a lifetime sentence. Knowing he was innocent, Johnson put his faith in an attorney and began fighting to prove his innocence. As months turned into years, legal bills continued piling high as Johnson's freedom remained in jeopardy roughly two years after his arrest. Then, Dalton Johnson contacted the US~Observer newspaper - a champion for the innocent.

Although most people don't typically associate a newspaper with fighting against false criminal charges, the US~Observer is not your typical newspaper. The US~Observer has been in publication for over a quarter-century with thousands of cases resolved for the innocent who once found themselves facing wrongful arrests, charges, convictions or problems, just like Mr. Johnson. Once Johnson obtained the help of the US~Observer, they went to work.

Dalton Johnson's case was complex, as most of his evidence was one person's word against others. However, once the US~Observer got involved, they were able to immediately identify what information was needed to establish Johnson's innocence and quickly acquire that crucial evidence, thereby exposing his wrongful charges.

After that, the US~Observer went to bat for an innocent.

Within three days of acquiring the help of the US~Observer, Johnson was informed that all of his charges were being dismissed.

Dalton Johnson

Johnson called to voice his newly found happiness, saying, "Whatever you did, it worked!"

Mr. Johnson's case represents another example of the effectiveness of the US~Observer in getting multiple false criminal charges dismissed for an individual who now stands vindicated.

Today, Mr. Johnson is enjoying his freedom, and rightfully so.

If you, or someone you know are facing false criminal charges or have been wrongfully convicted, you should contact the US~Observer immediately. They conduct thorough investigations with the intent of vindicating the innocent. They have a proven track record of winning which is readily available for those inquiring.


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