April 21, 2005

Demanding Accountability


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Jackson County Prosecutor’s
Office Protects Guilty Cop

By US~Observer Staff

April 21, 2005

MEDFORD, OR - Jackson County District Attorney Mark Huddleston's Office covered-up a serious crime today in all but sweeping the Sean Valdez assault and domestic violence case under their well used transparent carpet…

Upon hearing the plea bargain it became obvious to this writer that the Jackson County DA either did no investigation or he turned his head at the facts of the case as a favor for someone. In a fit of rage and after a night of excessive drinking Sean Valdez allegedly attempted to strangle his 19-year-old girlfriend. The Observer has received information that a child was present at the time, which, under Oregon law calls for a felony charge.

Grants Pass Attorney Christopher Mecca recently stated that "Valdez is being treated how most folks similarly situated are usually treated when there is no physical injury" in a domestic violence case. Mecca's statement is very sad, but true in part; If you are in law enforcement or a place of authority in southern Oregon you basically get off "scot-free." Mecca is mistaken about "no physical injury" as the police wouldn't have had anything to photograph if there were no injury.

Valdez has agreed to take a domestic violence diversion program, 24 hours of community service, a $500.00 fine and no contact with the victim and counseling. Upon completion of his agreement Valdez is free to strap his gun back on and re-enter law enforcement. Dave Daniel, Josephine County's worst and most embarrassing Sheriff in history has stated, "He's a good officer and as long as his police certification remains intact, I'd hire him back."

Daniel's statement clearly shows the public the need to get rid of this ignorant and fiscally dangerous individual and the citizens of Jackson County need to start deciding on the most efficient way to get rid of their District Attorney who has been nothing short of a complete embarrassment to that county in many of his recent attempts to falsely prosecute people and in his documented protection of blue collar criminals…

Are you outraged by this injustice?
Call or e-mail those responsible!

Dave Daniel - (541) 474-5123
Mark Huddleston - (541) 774-8181



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