December 2005

Demanding Accountability



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Illinois Valley News

Medford Police Department; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly --US~Observer
NEW ... Medford Mail Tribune & Judge Tag-Team Outstanding Police Dept. --US~Observer

US~Observer Print Headlines

Idaho Man Finally Sees Justices --US~Observer

Attorney Claud Ingram
Stalks the US~Observer and Loses

“Woman shows sign of trouble” --US~Observer

The Lariat Group: Another Debt Elimination Scam? --US~Observer

Club 71 “Kicked to the Curb” in Court --US~Observer

After a night out at a local strip club ... --NY Newsday

Judge Clears Way for City
to Sue Gun Companies
--NY Times

Cell Phone Evidence Becomes
Key Law Enforcement Tool

Under Attack
Hacker attacks in US linked
to Chinese military: researchers

Ex-Crips leader Williams executed --Reuters

Oregon News

PRA Files Amicus Supporting Property Rights --PRA Release

Incompetent Sheriff Daniel
Wants to be Commissioner

Un-Employed Woman Loses Home
over Code Violations


Spirit of Christmas, or the lack thereof --Verbal Assassin

A Notion for Survival --R.S. Errol

The Imperial Judiciary --NewsWithViews

Pusillanimous Senate Protects Rogue Federal Judges --NewsWithViews

Spirit of Christmas, or the lack thereof --Verbal Assassin

Letters & Special Interest

December '05 Letters to the Editor

Children in Katrina zone have hard questions for Santa --Reuters

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International News

Little optimism ahead of EU-Iran nuclear talks --Reuters

First Afghan parliament in decades sworn in --Reuters

Diplomats say Iran laying groundwork for uranium enrichment --AFP

Saddam recounts his capture to British tabloid --AFP



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