February 2006

Demanding Accountability



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False & Malicious Prosecution in Shady Cove

Shady Cove, Oregon – In November of 2003, Rick Mori purchased a parcel of land in an un-recorded subdivision in the old “Cove” section of town.

The subdivision is governed by an entity referred to as the Shady Cove Property Owners Association (SCPOA). Rick Mori had no idea that this group had a set of highly questionable bylaws at the time he purchased his lot. Past president of the SCPOA Jean Lund reportedly created the faulty bylaws and according to some, “she and other officers feathered their own nests” by creating them. In all actuality anyone entering the subdivision from Riverside Drive is trespassing according to the flawed bylaws. Legally speaking, the bylaws should have virtually no authority on the basis that they haven’t been voted on by members, nor have members agreed to the terms contained in them. 15 out of 27 property owners in the subdivision have refused to pay dues or participate in the bylaws, which should be unenforceable, but apparently are enforceable when it comes down to the filing of a false criminal charge.

When Rick Mori began questioning the bylaws in that they state, no property owner can appropriate any of the roads, common area or river frontage for private use as that constitutes a trespass, the “_ _ _ _ hit the fan.” All of a sudden the Shady Cove Police arrived, issuing Mori a ticket for criminal trespass. Mori appeared in Shady Cove Municipal Court expecting to defend a certain accusation only to find that the accusation had changed. He was readily found guilty in the small kangaroo court and has appealed his case into Jackson County Circuit Court. After Mori filed his appeal the City of Shady Cove conveniently dropped the criminal charge down to a mere violation. This move eliminated Mori’s right to a jury trial and it clearly exposed the fact that the original charge was bogus from its conception.

The US~Observer’s investigation has clearly shown this case to be false and malicious. Mori’s neighbor Jody Saling was the person who signed the ticket to have Mori sighted for criminal trespass. Saling was apparently upset with the fact that Mori had purchased his lot and was building a home directly across from Saling’s living room. Saling has since joined the Shady Cove Police force and moved from his residence in the subdivision…And Mori’s expense of fighting the false and ridiculous charge against him continues. Don’t miss our next edition wherein we will detail this false and malicious prosecution and all the players involved.

Anyone with information on Jody Saling, Jean Lund or anyone else involved in this obviously false prosecution is urged to contact Edward Snook at 541-474-7885.

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