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How DHS Fails Children
Gov’t Agency Threatens Ruling by Judge
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By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

Amber and her children

Linn County, OR - After years of severe abuse by Michael Duran (Duran), Amber Parker/Duran (Amber) finally realized how problematic her marriage had become when the Department of Human Services attained custody of her children in November of 2011. Knowing that Duran was not healthy for her or her children, Amber filed for divorce soon thereafter.

On January 8, 2013 Amber and Duran accompanied with attorneys met in court for their divorce/child custody hearing. While in court, Ursala Beattie, a case worker for DHS threatened to disregard the judge's custody ruling, depending on his decision. Ursala Beattie confirmed during the hearing how DHS has wrongfully and continuously attacked Amber and her ability to parent since their involvement began in late 2011. DHS' position regarding this case is something that should concern any family, especially those with children because DHS has continuously ignored what is best for Amber's children and pursued their own agenda, which could happen to anyone involved with DHS.

Duran had an admitted "decade long" past ranging from domestic abuse and assault, to drug abuse and trafficking - resulting in numerous criminal convictions. Duran had previously shoved an eight month pregnant woman down a flight of stairs, and had attempted to hit Amber with a motor vehicle after pushing her from her car then attempting to hit her with the same vehicle according to police reports.

During the hearing, Duran admitted to previously selling about "two pounds of cocaine" per month. Please visit to read our previous alarming article regarding DHS, Duran's criminal record and the history of this case.

Michael Duran, father of Amber's two youngest children, currently has temporary custody of both - awarded to him by DHS. This blatant disregard of common sense and right and wrong by DHS verges on criminal activity!

Despite Amber's attempts to do what has been asked of her, DHS has done everything seemingly possible to help Duran and has shown a severe disconnect with reality in this case by their own actions towards Amber. It is reported that Duran is a very cunning and deceptive individual – DHS is proving this report to be sadly and dangerously correct.

During the recent divorce hearing, Amber's case worker Ursala Beattie of DHS testified on behalf of her soon to be ex-husband Michael Duran. Ursala testified, "Amber sees things different than normal people", and attempted to state that Amber has mental health issues, which was apparently based off of a previous DHS case workers notes and a completely inept psychological exam by Dr. James A. Ewell that was not allowed as evidence at this recent hearing. When Ursala attempted to claim Amber had "mental issues", Amber's well-prepared Attorney Paul M. Nelson objected because it was a continuing series of hearsay testimony that was not based on her knowledge or expertise - Ursala was not qualified to give her opinion, and Judge Murphy quickly sustained. A few minutes later, Judge Murphy had to sustain another objection by Attorney Nelson after Ursala continued to offer her non-qualified opinion to the court.

DHS - Barbara Roberts Building

DHS employee Ursala Beattie was asked what actions were necessary to meet DHS's requirements, allowing Amber to eventually retain custody of her children and she stated that an alcohol and drug assessment as well as another psychological exam was her recommendation.

According to renowned Psychologist, Dr. Frank Colistro's testimony and reports, he has seen Amber 17 times since May of 2012. Amber completed an alcohol and drug (A&D) assessment on May 14 and 16, (two day test) 2012. Dr. Ewell, who had originally seen Amber, reportedly gave Amber the same test which was only 1-2 hours. (see our original article online for a background on Dr. Ewell and DHS) Amber completed another "official A&D test" with Dr. Colistro on or around August 21, 2012, reportedly "because Ursala wouldn't accept the original one." The tests were confirmed to have been sent to Ursala at DHS. Dr. Colistro has stated that Amber suffered from PTSD and his findings were also “supportive of the appellation of Battered Women's Syndrome...” This writer would ask; what woman wouldn’t suffer from PTSD after experiencing the outrageous abuse that has been leveled at her by Duran and the Department of Human Services! Colistro subsequently testified when asked about Amber's ability to parent her children that "Amber is currently fit to parent her children."

Ursala then attempted to attack Dr. Colistro's professionalism by stating that he was "biased towards Amber." She continued by stating Dr. Colistro only knows what Amber tells him. Attorney Nelson quickly reminded Ursala while she was under oath, that Dr. Colistro has the same paperwork that Amber has, which included everything produced by DHS. Dr. Colistro further testified to making numerous telephone calls to Ursala since he became involved and only "one" call had been returned. Regarding the attempted communication between Dr. Colistro and herself, Ursala testified, "They had been playing phone tag."

Ursala seemingly did not find Dr. Colistro to be a very credible Psychologist, which was confirmed by her testimony that Amber should seek another Psych exam and A&D assessment. Attorney Nelson informed Ursala during the hearing that Dr. Colistro has handled and is currently handling numerous DHS referrals and has worked with DHS for many years. The US~Observer’s background check on Dr. Colistro shows that he is among the very elite in his profession…

“Fathers who abuse their families are more likely to win custody of their kids than those who don’t.”
--American Psychological Association

DHS employee Ursala Beattie has a blatant disconnect with Amber Parker/Duran. It is also clear that Ursala Beattie feels that, "over a decade of drug abuse and assaults" committed by Duran should be excused after only a hand-full of classes have been completed by Duran in about twelve months. It is also vividly clear that Ursala Beattie has entered into a clear and concerted conspiracy with “others” at DHS against Amber Parker.

Mr. Duran is currently on probation for the next "30 months or so" and has violated probation numerous times. Although Amber has zero criminal arrests or convictions she has been continually labeled a "mental case" by DHS. One of the only examples Ursala could give while testifying about Amber’s mental issues was that Amber took her children to the doctor for reported carbon monoxide poisoning five times within one week. Amber stated that she had only taken her children to the hospital three times and the reasons for continued visits were for appointments that had to be made, minus one extra visit due to her concerns as a parent. One must assume that she was under severe distress provided this was during the time she was reportedly enduring abuse from Duran and one must also assume that her fears for her children were completely valid.

Amber had been beaten, verbally abused, threatened and was going through a very rough time in her life. Amber has been cleared by a "DHS" qualified Doctor to parent her children, yet Ursala threatened Judge Murphy by stating, if the father is awarded custody then DHS is out of the picture, but if the mother is awarded custody, the state will retain custody of Amber’s children.

To excuse years of abuse by Michael Duran after he completed a few classes is like telling abusive father's, "hey, pay your traffic ticket and you can drive again", as stated by Attorney Nelson. There is definitely no logic as to why Ursala and other DHS employees would support Duran and then attack Amber Parker without any valid reason for doing so.

DHS Director Erinn Kelley Seil
DHS Director, Erinn Kelley-Seil

Although Amber originally volunteered to take urinary analysis tests, DHS now requires that Amber take random urinary analysis tests, and she has done so for more than one year. She has "failed and or missed" ten of those tests according to Ursala. The failure was confirmed to be "due to her prescription for Aderal", yet DHS continues to portray an image of Amber that labels her as a drug addict by continually referring to the positive results as "failed tests" rather than seeking confirmation from a legal doctor about Amber's prescription that would answer that question, which this reporter has - it was very simple for me to do, yet DHS doesn't appear to be competent enough to accomplish that task. Amber admitted to using illegal drugs on two occasions - years ago with Michael Duran, and has never failed a drug test for using illegal drugs that DHS can validate as of this publication. Amber, has admitted to taking over 60 drugs tests and has to call a phone number every single day, if her "color" is the color for that day, then she has to take a drug test. Amber cannot leave the town in which she lives, in fear that "her color might be called that day." Although Ursala stated that Amber has missed or failed at least ten drug tests, she could only verify two specific dates during her testimony.

Prior to the trials conclusion, when asked again what requirements were necessary for Amber, Ursala did a complete about-face and would not recommend any action required by DHS for Ms. Parker. She said DHS is pretty much out of the picture at this time. This caused concern for Amber and her Attorney because Ursala had already testified that Amber "needed a new psych exam and another A&D assessment".

In 2009, Oregon DHS' Annual Budget was 10.8 Billion

During the past fourteen months, numerous calls have been made by the US~Observer to DHS officials. Linn County Director of DHS Marco Benavides was originally contacted in our attempt to make him aware of this case and the problems with DHS employees Julia Blackburn, and Kimberly Williams (Amber’s original caseworkers). He stated that he would re-assess this case, and get back to us. Mr. Benavides never returned a call to the US~Observer. DHS Communications Director Gene Evans was also contacted by the US~Observer. Upon our initial communication, he seemed concerned and was going to “look into this case” and get back to us. Mr. Evans has yet to return a call as of this publication. This is a direct reflection of how DHS has failed miserably to ‘Service Humans” properly in the Parker/Duran case. The only action that has been taken by DHS in this case, other than to attempt to destroy a loving mother has been to replace two incompetent caseworkers with Ursala Beattie, who those in power must have calculated as “more able to finalize the destruction of Amber Parker.”

Judge Murphy's ruling apparently doesn't matter. Again, in case you didn't catch it earlier - DHS’s Ursala Beattie threatened Judge Murphy while in court that the state would retain custody of Amber’s children if he rules in her favor. Ursala also stated the state would be out of the picture should the judge rule in favor of Duran, who is on probation for assault, domestic abuse and who knows what else! This is direct proof of how our courts are controlled by Administrative Agencies and DHS is most certainly the most powerful agency within Oregon’s government.

Judge Daniel Murphy
Judge Daniel R. Murphy

I'm sure the people of Linn County didn't vote for Ursala Beattie or her superiors to be the judge and jury when deciding family law. In all aspects, Judge Murphy should have removed himself from the bench that day and let Ursala put on a black robe. I should note that Murphy stated in open court that he would make his decision within one week and inform the parties. As of this publication, It has been well over three weeks and he has not issued a ruling yet…Ursala Beattie, Marco Benevides, Gene Evans and others involved have failed Amber's children and Amber in this case. They have failed the tax-payers of Oregon and they have insulted Justice…

Now, DHS Director Erinn Kelley-Seil is urged to take action in this matter. Kelley-Seil is ultimately responsible for all of the abuse in this case. We will be contacting her directly and should she fail to take action, we will use every means possible to ruin her career - to convict her for life in the court of public opinion. What has happened to Amber and her children is something this writer and the US~Observer will not allow to continue.

Even Michael Duran, when asked about Amber's ability to parent her children, testified "I don't have concerns because I've seen her as a mother."

Editor’s Note: The US~Observer urgently asks that anyone with children, anyone who has dealt with the very destructive DHS, or anyone concerned for Amber Parker to please contact the people below at DHS and demand accountability - demand they give Amber her children back.

UPDATE: The US~Observer was recently informed that Judge Daniel R. Murphy awarded custody to convicted felon, Michael Duran. His decision was affected by DHS' undue influence. He is factually a corrupted and biased judge. The US~Observer is asking that anyone with information about Judge Murphy please contact us at

DHS Director, Erinn Kelley-Seil
Phone 503-945-5944
Fax 503-378-2897
Contact email:

Office of Communications Director, Gene Evans
desk 503-947-5286
cell 503-269-7950

District Manager, Marco Benavides
(District 4 - Benton, Lincoln, Linn)
118 Second Avenue SE Albany, OR 97321
Work 541-791-5843

Case Worker, Ursula Beattie
118 Second Avenue SE Albany, OR 97321
Work 541-791-5843
Fax 541-967-2105

Judge Daiel R. Murphy
Linn County Courts
PO Box 1749
Albany, OR 97321
Phone: (541) 967-3848

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