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State Nullification - Our Last Hope?
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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey
Investigative Journalist

America 2013 - It is patently unfair that moral, hard-working people in this country––who do not want and have never wanted nor voted for the kind of corrupt individuals that now populate our nation’s capitol––are once again expected to live, without protest, under the unconstitutional mandates and government give-away programs instituted by so-called leaders who are clearly bent on transforming America into a bankrupt, Soviet-style state.

To be sure, Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Obama was re-elected not by an electorate who love America and want to see its founding ideals preserved, but by opportunists who unjustly want something from it for which they are not entitled or deserving.

Whatever the reasons, on its current trajectory, America will indeed slump into what Soviet Russia once was and may even become the kind of third-world nation similar to what Mexico is now.

But decent Americans who want to see our nation preserved the way it was originally envisioned do have a practical and workable alternative.

Without a doubt, the way out of this mess is not waiting for another “election” and again casting our lots with an even more dumbed-down, on-the-government-dole electorate that hangs from our nation’s neck like a colossal albatross. The path to changing America for the better is through a concept that has been around since its founding. It’s called, State nullification. It is where sane people bypass the collectivists, get control of their states, and say No to the federal government anytime it tries to force something down their throats that they don’t want or is just plain unconstitutional.

Just because the Feds aren’t interested in abiding by the U.S. Constitution, doesn’t mean that the rest of us in the fly-over states should just give up our sovereignty given to us through the 10th Amendment and fall into the ditch with them.

The 10th Amendment was derived from Article Two of the Articles of Confederation and was added to the Bill of Rights section of the U.S. Constitution to protect states’ sovereignty because our founding fathers did not want a central government that was all powerful. They didn't want a tyrannical entity that was located far away from the populations of the individual states dictating to those people how they should live their daily lives. They wanted as much power as possible to be retained by local government and individual state legislatures.

And that is where the opportunity for attainable influence by sane people of whatever financial means resides––in local government and especially within state legislatures.

The idea of state nullification is nothing new and has been utilized since the days of Thomas Jefferson. State nullification is the constitutional remedy given to us by Jefferson and the other framers of the constitution for unconstitutional federal mandates.

State nullification is currently being exercised to defy unconstitutional mandates like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that Obama implemented in 2011 that allows any American citizen to be indefinitely detained anywhere, without due process, for any reason. Virginia has already passed bills making it illegal for federal officials to try and enforce the NDAA and at least 10 other states including Texas and Michigan are looking to implement similar measures.

Another example of state nullification is the issue of legalized marijuana where 18 states so far have legalized its use for medicinal purposes in defiance of Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Supreme Court.

Several states have already amended their constitutions to nullify Obamacare or any other federal mandate that requires “any person, employer, or health care provider [in their state] from being compelled to participate in any health care system.”

Still another example of state nullification is how states, in general, basically ignored the implementation of a National ID Card.

State nullification is also how rationally thinking people will most likely prevail against the nascent unconstitutional efforts by the federal government to attempt to do away with the Second Amendment and try and implement some form of gun control. At the time of this writing, and in anticipation of what Obama will be allegedly attempting on the issue by presidential fiat, Wyoming is one of the first states to be already considering such nullification legislation.

But the only way state nullification will work is if enough conservative-minded citizens, at the grass roots level, get actively involved and either run for local public office themselves or support like-minded people and elect them to their local governments and state legislatures.

State nullification is lawful under the U.S. Constitution and is infinitely better than a bloody revolution or succession and preserves the union of the United States until more common sense-minded people can prevail against the current state of Godless radicals to attain high places of power and restore our country to a state of viability and sanity. The ball is now in our court.

For more information on state nullification and the 10th Amendment, visit: and/or read Thomas E. Woods: Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.

Editor’s Note: Nullification is indeed the main way for authentic Americans to insure some semblance of freedom in the short-term future. The federal government is all powerful today, forcing their will on all states, so for nullification to work it will take major efforts by producing Americans and as recent history has proven, it won’t be accomplished by political parties. Can freedom-bound people in this nation succeed with Nullification? Their track-record would suggest that they will not succeed; for their success would require that they abandon their apathy, greed and absolute traits of self-preservation-at-all-costs. True sacrifice has simply and sadly become foreign to the vast majority of people who would fit the profile of “authentic American.”

The US~Observer will most certainly be watching and reporting on their efforts, if any, with much enthusiasm and with equal pessimism…

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