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Republican Form of Government:
It’s the Constitution Stupid, Part 2
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By Curt Chancler
Investigative Reporter

As an informed American and patriot, I have lived long enough to recognize and identify the ignored liberties and rights of the American people by our government. Our founding fathers were students of common sense and history. They knew from the study of past civilizations the inherent nature of man. That inherent nature has shown when men have unregulated power and authority over other men they will always abuse that power.

The genius of our founders was that they identified the root cause of the failure and extinction of past governments. They developed a formula to prevent those failures in the future.

To prevent history from repeating its self, a Constitutional Republic was born. America is a Constitutional Republic by design and constitutional guarantee as stated in Article IV section 4 – Republican Government. “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government.”

A Constitutional Republic guarantees the head of and other officials are democratically elected as representatives of the people, and must govern according to existing constitutional law. These laws limit government’s power over the people.

The creation of our Constitutional Republic was not a fluke. Our Founding Fathers knew that a pure Democracy was akin to the Monarchy from which the people had fought and died to free themselves.

Our founders believed that democracy in its pure form is a government system of mob rule where 51% of the population will dictate the fate and the rights of the other 49%.

Knowing this our founders chose a Democratic Representative system of Government also known as a “republican form.” A system of government that governs the people by constitutional law and not the tyranny of mob rule that many forms of democracy offered. Australia and the United Kingdom have a democratic system of government that allows the citizens to elect officials to represent them but not necessarily represent their wishes.

In the United States the people elect their representative, who must abide by constitutional law and the limitations it places on governments control over the people.

All governments, Federal, State, County and City are created by the authority of the American people. As such they belong to the people and are to be obedient slaves not only to every word in the constitution, but the intent and spirit of its creators.

Let’s be very clear on this point, as a Constitutional Republic, no government or its representatives at any level can create a law or rule that exceeds the authority given to that branch of government by the constitution.

Equally important, the same constitutional standards apply when laws or rules are created that may restrict, impede or deny any citizen the rights constitutionally guaranteed by our Bill of Rights.

For the first time in history a blue print for freedom was created in the form of a constitution. As recipients of these protected freedoms, all we the people had to do was to be vigilant and actively participate in the republican process.

This would insure the safety of these freedoms, for all future generations to come.

In 1787, our founding fathers gave us the greatest gift mortal man could give their fellow man, the gift of freedom guaranteed by a written Constitution and a Bill of Rights.

Thomas Jefferson observed that the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground. I believe a great example of that would be the Supreme Court claiming an authority and power to interpret the peoples Constitution.

In 1803, just sixteen years after the creation of our Constitution, the Supreme Court, in my opinion, used the court case Marbury vs. Madison as an instrument to claim the constitutional authority to interpret our Constitution.

I believe it is important to note: Nowhere in our constitution is the Supreme Court given authority to interpret our Constitution.

In fact it was no accident these powers were not put in the hands of nine unelected attorneys that would make up the Supreme Court. The major reason was the peoples justified contempt, mistrust and hatred of attorneys, judges and politicians.

History shows clearly the people of America did not ask our founders to protect us from government’s attorneys, judges and politicians. Instead they demanded protection through our Constitution’s Bill of Rights and the constitutional protections of a trial by jury.

There is a reason our founding fathers did not clearly announce the authority of our Supreme Court to interpret our Constitution in Article III of our Constitution.

Common sense dictates he who controls the interpretation of America’s Constitution, controls the law of the land, and therefore controls the United States of America and her people.

Our founders and the framers of our Constitution were extraordinary men. These Men had a vision for the future of this place called America and her people.

Just as important was their knowledge of history and the failures and success of past societies and their governments.

These men were driven in their quest to prevent anything like the King and his Star Chamber Courts to ever exist in America. Thus their mistrust and outright hatred of judges, attorneys and government officials was known far and wide.

They also shared Baron De Montesquieu’s theory of the three branches of government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. They knew and understood that anyone given the duties of one of these offices shall not perform the duties of the other.

They realized when any one person or group of people possessed all three powers freedom would be lost and tyranny would rein supreme.

These extraordinary men armed with the above knowledge and experience, fought for over ten years to create a Constitution and a Country that was the envy of the rest of the world. To believe they would then turn it all over to nine unelected government attorneys, is taking stupid to a new level.

You only have to look at the Supreme Court’s decision on Obama care to understand why our founders did not give the Supreme Court the authority to interpret our Constitution.

The people of the United States of 2013 have lost nearly all constitutional protections, taken for granted for the past 237 years. These protections were removed slowly, one by one, leaving our once great nation – a “nation of ignorant sheep.” People forgot true freedom long ago just like Thomas Jefferson predicted they would.

Will our freedoms ever return? Will government officials return to serving the people instead of ruling over them? It is doubtful, but not impossible.

The coming day when citizens of this country are unable to go to the grocery store and fill their carts, will be the day we all find out what changes are to take place. I can make the educated guess that none of us will ever live in a true Constitutional Republic again.

The fault for this tragedy will lie at the feet of the STUPID!

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