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The Tax Protestor Trap - And Resulting Nightmare
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By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

United States of America – Has anyone ever told you that you aren’t required to pay the Federal Income Tax? Did they show you Supreme Court cases, laws and possibly even bits and pieces of the IRS code?

Usually this “tax gospel” comes from very persuasive individuals who I refer to as “Tax Gurus” or in some instances “Tax Scam Artists”. Some believe what they preach – others are intentionally preaching to make money. In either case those in power, our government, require all U.S. citizens to pay the federal income tax.

If you listened to the gospel and the message made sense, then like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, you probably stopped paying income taxes (i.e. stopped filing a Form 1040).

I am well aware that much of my readership will jump to the conclusion that I am pro-IRS – pro-current government. I am neither. I happen to be pro-good-clean-accountable government and our current government lacks many of these qualities. Further, this article is all about the current, enforced law (right or wrong) in this country. It is definitely not about what should be.

I am quite aware that the IRS has become the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet to many, while they squander hundreds of millions of our hard earned tax dollars. I am fully aware that our government at all levels, operates so blatantly unconstitutional that it sickens me – yet our government is still our government. They make, interpret and enforce the laws as they see fit – right or wrong! They have absolute police power and to overlook this fact is to possibly face grave consequences.

This article is simply a factual warning to all people that if you stop paying the income tax or evade taxes, as our justice system calls it, there is a good chance at some point the IRS radar will find you.

Donna Kozak
Donna Kozak

Volumes have been written on the IRS and many volumes more could be written, so I won’t add to that vast library. I am merely going to present the story of one wonderful and intelligent 67 year-old human being from Nebraska named Donna Kozak. I will factually explain how this educator got sucked into the Tax Protestor Trap and her Resulting Nightmare. Her one and only defense against the false charges leveled at her will be vividly clear when I finish.

The Donna Kozak Story

Donna Kozak is currently charged with nine felony crimes. Two counts pertain to tax crimes and seven counts pertain to filing false liens into the public record regarding an unrelated event. The US Attorney’s Office via their indictment sums the tax charges up: “Beginning as early as 1997, and continuing until at least on or about December 13, 2012, in the District of Nebraska and elsewhere, the defendant, DONNA MARIE KOZAK, corruptly endeavored to obstruct and impede the due administration of the internal revenue laws by not filing federal individual income tax returns.”

First off, Donna Kozak is completely incapable of “corruptly endeavoring” to do anything. In 1996, Donna was in her third of ten years of teaching adults English as a Second Language. According to witnesses, Donna is exceptionally academic and she is a wonderful Christian, mother and wife.

At the time, Donna received a financial newsletter written by Geoff Benson of The Infinity Group Company. He wrote that the 16th Amendment had not been ratified. She then read The Law That Never Was by Bill Benson and Red Beckman as proof. Next, Donna Kozak heard G. Edward Griffin tell the history about the Federal Reserve, that it is a privately-owned corporation, owned by the wealthiest banking families in the world and that most aren’t Americans. She immediately got and read Griffin’s book, The Creature of Jekyll Island.

At this juncture Donna unknowingly fell right into the “Tax Protestor Trap” without even realizing it.

Being the educator that she is and having a political science degree background, Donna was fascinated. She began to study the history of the IRS, corporations, behind-the-scenes government, our monetary system, banking power, and much more with books and tapes by Irwin Schiff, Lynne Meredith, Peter Kershaw, Larry Burkett and many others. Donna’s analytical mind was actually off the charts at this point. A portion of the material that Donna was digesting was absolutely factual and/or applicable today, while most of it wasn’t; however, the fact remains that she attempted to adequately research the material and she believed the bulk of it based on the documentation.

In my thirty-plus years of exposing government waste, abuse and fraud I have never met anyone as patriotic or sincere as Donna Kozak. While many people oppose the IRS strictly on a financial basis or disgust of corruption, Donna’s endeavors were somewhat different.

She recently shared a special moment with me that occurred in her life in 1996, after she had read and studied our Declaration of Independence – she stated, “I had been reading the Declaration and took every word seriously to heart. I told the Lord He could use me to help expose and dissolve the IRS if He so chose because I, also, as the Declaration signers, was mutually pledging my Life, Fortune (money), and sacred Honor to my country and this cause. So this began our road of not filing 1040s for the next 17 years.”

Donna’s husband spent 26 years of his life serving his country in the military, two of her sons have each served over 18 years so far in the military, and back then Donna began serving her country with her dedicated effort to send her government the message that they had gone completely astray and even more so, that she and her husband were not required to pay the federal income tax- that it was voluntary.

The Resulting Nightmare

Donna Kozak had encounters with the IRS during her 17 year ordeal – the IRS would file liens, etc., and she would look for legal answers or methods to counter IRS actions, which she believed were completely wrong. This specific part of her journey led her to numerous individuals who I refer to as Tax Scam Artists.

She purchased an expensive Complex Trust from Roy Fritts and Rick Prescott who ran National Trust Services (NTS). When Fritz and Prescott’s program fell apart, Donna researched the Redemption Process by Rice McLeod and others, but chose to use Barton Buhtz’s UCC process. Unbeknownst to Kozak at the time, these were all tax-scams (illegal) according to the IRS.

These various programs only served to fuel the fire that was building between Donna Kozak and the Internal Revenue Service. These programs cost the Kozaks thousands of dollars and didn’t work. In fact, they have never worked for anyone to my knowledge, confirming my reason for calling their creators con-artists.

Eventually, Donna would meet Randy Due from Georgia, a self-proclaimed genius, on a mission to find the “Magic Bullet” with which to defeat the IRS’s efforts to take down anyone with the mind-set that they are not required to pay the income tax. Due convinced Kozak that when public servants don’t obey the law they need to have a lien filed against them in order to cause them to follow the law. Donna Kozak was ripe fruit, ready to be picked!

Due would eventually have Donna file some paperwork in federal court and the county public record in Nebraska, after he had convinced her that it would work with public servants, in an effort to help a Nebraska couple who had been indicted on federal tax charges. It didn’t work and Donna was in turn charged with felony crimes for simply filing paper work that in her mind had nothing to do with her.

A year into her court case, Donna Kozak contacted the US~Observer.

When Donna called, it didn’t take long for me to realize exactly what had happened to her as I had listened to similar stories many times during my career. The main difference between Donna and the majority of others who have called me with IRS problems would be that she actually believed what she was doing was absolutely correct.

Donna’s husband, who is intelligent enough to have served his country for 26 years and who now works for the United States Postal Service, still trusts in his wife’s judgment and I could see that I had my “work cut out for me.” It took me hours of factual convincing to get Donna Kozak to see the reality of the fact that she was actually a victim in her struggle to do the right things regarding the IRS. Her attempts to be the perfect American, while she attempted to help her government that has run amok get back to a Constitutional Republic, were met with strong opposition.

Finally on November 9, 2013, I was able to show Donna that while some of what she had been taught and had learned was true, most was not. After major surgery, she finally accepted the fact that her current government requires her to pay the income tax and that she had been scammed – over and over and over. Donna Kozak is currently in the process of preparing all of her past tax returns as required.

The US Attorneys and IRS officials involved in Donna Kozak’s prosecution have the perfect chance to do what is right. They should realize that Donna Kozak cannot be a perpetrator and a victim simultaneously, and there is no question that both Donna and her husband have been victimized by some of the most persuasive, believable con-artists that have ever existed, regardless of their intentions.

Did Donna Kozak possess a good faith belief that she was not required to pay the federal income tax? There is no question that she did; in fact, there is not one bit of reasonable doubt regarding her beliefs.

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