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Where is the Person of Principle?
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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey

Is cowardice and narcissism the price for material prosperity? Jesus asked the question: “What will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Will an individual today give his or her soul in exchange for anonymity and material prosperity? In America today it seems there are plenty who will take just about anything in exchange for those two possessions including their principles, if some had any to begin with.

A person of principle seems to be a damn rare commodity these days.

Where are people of principle in law enforcement? During Obama’s most recent manufactured government crisis called the sequester cuts, officials within the National Park Service claimed they were just following orders when they broke their oaths of office and willfully followed unlawful edicts from Obama to close national parks and other government facilities and make life as miserable as possible for vets and other U.S. citizens. What did they get in return for their part in the lawlessness –– the privilege to keep their jobs?

Where is the politician of principle? Conservatives mistakenly thought that since Republicans controlled the U. S. House of Representatives we had some safeguard against Obama and the other Democrats and their Marxist policies. Boy, were we fooled as a majority of Republicans regularly cave to Obama’s nation-killing agenda.

In my state of Colorado, I live within the congressional district of Mike Coffman, a gulf war veteran who I thought was a conservative and a safe bet for not giving in to Obama. But Mr. Coffman sold out his constituents and his country when he voted, along with the liberal Republicans in the House of Representatives, for pretty much everything the power-crazed rabble in the Democratic Party wanted. What did Mr. Coffman exchange his soul and principles for? More power? More money? More favor from those above him that could further his career in politics in any way and at any cost just like his other complicit Republican comrades?

Sadly, for liberty, what Coffman did is all too common in both the House and Senate anymore. Where our founding fathers risked all to resist the evil of their day, our modern politicians prostitute themselves by getting in bed with evildoers in order to bolster and increase their holdings and prestige.

I also foolishly thought that since Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was known to be a conservative judge and could hopefully be counted upon to uphold the Constitution, Obamacare would be struck down. We all know how that went. What did Justice Roberts trade his soul for?

Where are the people of principle in any profession these days?

There don’t seem to be many even in our so-called Christian churches. I personally know several professed followers of Christ who voted for Barrack Obama in the 2008 election even though ministries like Focus on the Family, then headed by Dr. James Dobson exposed him as a God and Bible hater at least 6 months before the election.

A Christian church that my wife and I have been attending is between pastors. The board of elders have a found a pastor whom they are going to ask to fill the position. I talked with one of the elders about if it had been determined how much the church was prepared to offer this new pastor in terms of salary. The elder commented that whatever it was, it was going to have to include at least $24,000 a year to pay for Obamacare for the new pastor and his family of five. Even my own church appeared to have every intention of just going along with the evil within its midst in order to get along and not have their good 501(c)3 status with the government compromised. So where is the Christian of principle?

Are you a person of principle? What will you give in exchange for your soul? Is there a line in this life that you will not cross even in order to preserve your position, money, and/or possessions? Is this short, temporary life too dear to you? Do you lack a fear of death and ultimately standing before a righteous God who will ask you to make an account of your life one day in the fast approaching future?

Now, in probably this nation’s darkest hour since its inception, we desperately need good people of integrity who will risk all in every profession to stand by their principles and resist the evil at their doorstep.

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