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Corrupt Oregon Judge McHill Assisting
Perverse Prosecution in Gray Case
Bulk of Evidence Kept From Jurors
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By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Albany, Oregon – A travesty and mockery of justice is currently occurring in the Racketeering case against Randy Gray of Albany, Oregon. Circuit Judge Thomas McHill has teamed with a prosecution right out of the “Pit of Hell,” to attempt to successfully prosecute an innocent Randy Gray.

Randy Gray Case - Judge Thomas McHill, AG Ellen Rosenblum and Special Prosecutor Simon Whang
Judge Thomas McHill, AG Ellen Rosenblum and Special Prosecutor Simon Whang

Gray, the father of six children, who has an exemplary wife, is without question, honest, ethical and above all – Innocent! On the other hand, Judge McHill and the prosecution, condoned and promoted by corrupt Oregon Attorney General (AG) Ellen F. Rosenblum, are nothing more or less than hypocritical thieves, keeping all pertinent defense evidence from the jury.

Randy Gray and family
Randy Gray and family

To me, McHill can only be described as a perverse, filthy, whore, standing on a street corner, infecting unsuspecting clients with AIDS. In my opinion AG Rosenblum is without question his pimp. McHill’s Black Robe is totally appropriate!

Why in the world would a court and prosecution order Gray’s defense not to mention the fact that he didn’t believe he was involved in selling securities from the jury? This is exactly like accusing someone of murder and then refusing to allow that person to state that they didn’t commit murder. This is a pure police state, fascist action.

Derek Dunmyer
Derek Dunmyer

Why would the court refuse to allow the jury to know that co-defendant and career criminal Derek Dunmyer staged the crimes without Gray’s knowledge? Shouldn’t the jury know that Dunmyer was given a plea-bargain by Oregon’s corrupted Attorney General’s Office, wherein he simply had to plead guilty to a misdemeanor crime, with no jail time? Shouldn’t the jury be informed that the factually dangerous criminal, Dunmyer, has been allowed to keep his Real Estate License, issued by the State of Oregon, and is currently selling property? Shouldn't the jury know that this is all part of the agreement, just to get Dunmyer on the witness stand and commit perjury in front of them, against Randy Gray?

Shouldn’t the jury know that the court is not allowing the defense to call Gray’s prior attorneys as witnesses – that the attorneys had been paid to make sure that the dealings between Gray, Whitney and Dunmyer were all legal and above-board? Shouldn’t the jury know that Dunmyer went to a prestigious Portland, Oregon law firm at the time he was scamming Gray and the investor’s? That this firm told Dunmyer that the transactions were securities and that he kept this from Gray? Why in the world would Judge McHill and the prosecution want to keep all of this highly relevant truth from the jury?

Shouldn’t the jury know that during the time Dunmyer was scamming Gray and numerous investors, Dunmyer was bringing in illegal aliens to provide dirt-cheap labor on the homes that he was building; That Dunmyer was using other people’s bank accounts for payroll, in order to commit tax evasion; that Dunmyer squandered hundreds of thousands of investor’s dollars on gambling trips to Las Vegas, expensive vehicles, Rolex watches and a multi-million dollar home?

Shouldn't the jury know that Randy Gray, once he learned people were wronged, worked to pay people back for what Dunmyer had done, and that Gray was the only one to do this?

Should the jury know that this investigative reporter received a call two weeks ago from one of the state’s witnesses claiming that prosecutor Daniel Wendel had called him and threatened him, “scaring the hell out of him”. According to this witness, if he refused to allow Wendel to instruct him on what he should say in front of the jury, that it would be, “the worst mistake of his life.”

Wouldn’t the jury want to know that if they convict Randy Gray that he will spend years in prison, and that his family will be completely destroyed – that his life will virtually be over? I have investigated thousands of cases during my career and I have never witnessed a more vile, corrupt, “Star Chamber” trial than the one Gray is being forced to endure.

The legal system, McHill, the prosecution and even AG Rosenblum call all of this justice. Hardly. I call it pure evil.

One of the greatest evil's will be, if Gray is convicted, and the jurors discover the truth. Can you imagine the guilt they will feel when they discover they aided in Gray's false conviction? How will they sleep at night?

You my readership have just read the unadulterated truth about the attempted false conviction of Randy Gray of Albany, Oregon. Now, read the “politically correct” version (in part) of this tragic story...

Judge McHill, Circuit Court of Linn County is currently presiding over the case State of Oregon v. Randy Gray. The defendant was charged in August 2011 with one count of racketeering involving securities fraud and selling of unregistered securities, to wit: an investment contract, sixteen counts of selling an unregistered securities (investment contract), and sixteen counts of theft. Prosecuting the case are Assistant Attorneys General Daniel Wendel and Simon Whang. Securities law itself is intentionally vague and unclear to prevent unscrupulous members of society from evading securities law and designed to catch and imprison any unwary violators. Because of an Oregon court ruling State v. Jacobs, 55 Or App 406, 413 (1981), securities violators are not subject to mens rea, or the common law test of criminal liability requiring intent to commit the crime. Additionally, a defendant’s good faith belief and consultation with legal counsel are not relevant defenses and are inadmissible at trial, including the trial of Mr. Gray.

At issue, Judge McHill has ruled on a number of motions that should cause concern to the public that justice and consistency are not at the forefront of this judge’s mind or practice. In a motion in limine submitted by the state in early 2013, the state moved to not allow Mr. Gray to testify that he intended and did repay lenders for their lost ‘investment’ funds out of his own pocket. Judge McHill ruled that the crime took place on August 29, 2008, and nothing that happened afterward was relevant. He likened the scenario to someone taking a candy bar from a store, then turning around and taking it back; the crime was committed when taking the candy bar. The problem with that example is that the judge assumed a crime was committed before determining there WAS a crime committed. Additionally, Judge McHill ruled in a pretrial motion that expert witnesses would not be allowed to testify as to the interpretation of law. On the first day of Mr. Gray’s trial, Judge McHill reversed his ruling and allowed the testimony of expert witnesses. Reversing rulings demonstrates inconsistency, changing the rules of the game favoring one party over the other and causing hardship on the defense to find an expert witness with no notice. Finally, in the pretrial ruling based on the State v. Jacobs (1981), the case which prevented Mr. Gray from testifying that he didn’t know he was selling securities or that he relied on legal counsel, Judge McHill broadened his pretrial ruling to include the co-defendants and witnesses. These inconsistencies and mid-trial rulings change and pervert justice drawing into question whether defendants are truly innocent until proven guilty. Thus, it seems that Mr. Gray has already been convicted of theft and selling unregistered securities and securities fraud in the case State of Oregon v. Randy Gray, a clear perversion of justice.

I ask any of my readership who believe in God to pray that Randy Gray is acquitted. Pray that Judge McHill and the prosecution are promptly punished for what they are doing. And, equally important, pray that God will forgive the jury if they are deceived and convict an innocent man.

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