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Ten Reasons Why I’ll Never Give Up My Guns
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Lorne Dey
By Lorne Dey

America, 2013 - Godless liberalism breeds corruption like dampness breeds mold and neglect breeds decay. It is liberalism’s natural course. It is instructive that one of the main goals of those who adhere to liberal ideology has been to minimize or do away with all references to the Judeo-Christian God in society. Libs know that if one denies or minimizes the existence of the ultimate judge of his or her eternal soul, that person quashes the greatest influence on how a human being should conduct oneself that has ever been devised.

Our founding fathers understood the affects of Godlessness well from studying the countries of Europe and elsewhere and this is the primary reason why they crafted the Second Amendment – to enable people of goodwill to protect themselves against those that have few if any moral restraints, yet manage to gain control of the power centers of the nation. When all else fails to stop a tyrannical government, the framers of the Constitution envisioned the Second Amendment as the most powerful of our nation’s checks and balances.

And today, the Second Amendment is the ultimate, last line of defense against the corrupt and Godless bunch that currently holds the reigns of power in our nation. Indeed, the same spirit of evil that indwelt history’s despots like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, etc. now inhabits this latest generation of vipers that rule in Washington D.C. I have little doubt that this rabble of political criminals possess any restraint for using starvation, mass incarceration, genocide, or any other horrific act they can conjure up that they think will further their aims for absolute power – just like the other despots of the 20th Century.

And that is why we the people must never give up our guns. The Godless liberals, progressives, communists – whatever they fancy to call themselves – can make up all the unconstitutional mandates and edicts they want, but they’ll have to try to enforce them against the element in our nation that hold to the Constitution the way it was written and understands exactly what’s at stake if any of it’s basic tenets are fundamentally altered. Which leads me to ten reasons why I will never give up my guns:

Reason #1 The crime that will increase, just like in Australia and the UK, if Obama and his ilk are ever successful in taking away people’s Constitutional right to protect themselves by using guns against criminals inside and outside of the government. Also, if unchecked, Obama’s policies will further erode our national economy and will ultimately lead to economic collapse and chaos that could easily turn into anarchy and mob rule with or without the government’s coaxing.

Reason #2 Obama’s national police force that he talked about forming before he was elected President in 2008. You can be certain that this threat isn’t going away as long as Obama continues to hold the office of President. Many postulate that this force will be run by Homeland Security and is the reason the agency has been stockpiling a reportedly 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Some believe that this force will be similar to Hitler’s National Defense Force commonly called the SS that carried out his bidding leading up to and during World War Two. With more and more law enforcement and especially U.S. Sheriffs coming out saying they will not enforce state and/or federal mandates that violate the U.S. Constitution, this eventuality seems likely as Obama will need a way to try and enforce his unconstitutional edicts, especially those involving the Second Amendment.

Reason #3 More and more we hear how Muslims are being sheltered by law enforcement and our court system, even when they are perpetrators in crimes. Factions in our society have been cozying up to the Muslim community for some time starting with George W. Bush who had the audacity to refer to Islam as a “religion of peace” which even Mitt Romney reiterated during his 2012 campaign for president – and these are Republicans. May I remind you that this is the religion whose adherents saw off people’s heads. Even though the mainstream press refuses to report it, American Muslims are increasingly demonstrating in U.S. towns and cities [as they are in Europe] to have Shariah law replace our traditional system of justice. It is also known that there are at least thirty-five Jihadist training camps here in the U.S. that no government law enforcement agency such as the FBI appears interested in doing anything about. Can you imagine the mayhem if the Islamic extremists in this country are coddled to the point that they feel no restraint for waging a bloody war against what they perceive to be our nation of “infidels” who for the most part reject their devilish and barbaric religion?

Reason #4 Union thugs are another reason that I will never give up my guns. Labor unions like CWA (Communications Workers of America) and SEIU (Service Employees International Union) have been emboldened like never before under the Obama administration. If Obama and many high profile unions have their way, every industry and business in America will eventually be paying union dues to organized bullies masquerading as worker advocates who line their pockets with more American middle class dollars. Union members have already demonstrated how they will not tolerate dissenters and those who do want to be under their jackboot.

Reason #5 The continually growing illegal immigration problem. In 2007, the Government Accountability Office sampled 55,322 illegal aliens to find out how many of them were involved in some kind of crime after entering the United States.* According to the study, every one of the individuals in the sample group had been arrested at least once since coming to America and most were arrested more than one time and for more than one offense. Many of the apprehensions were for immigration, drug related, and/or property-related crimes, but 12% were for violent crimes such as murder, robbery, assault, and sex-related acts. The approximate number of crimes attributed to this relatively small test group was a staggering 700,000. And theses are the people lunatics in Washington want to give amnesty to. Also, during the sequester debacle, Obama threatened to release many illegals into society to make his opponents pay for not adhering to his ruinous political policies. The simple fact that Obama seems to have few inhibitions about releasing criminals from prison or any place else in order to accomplish his nefarious goals should be reason enough for Americans to never surrender their arms to any government agency whether it be local, state, or federal.

Reason #6 Another issue that the useful idiots in the state-influenced press refuse to report on is the growing incidents of black on white mob violence. The reasons behind these attacks are unclear, but often, local law enforcement refuses to get involved. If you wish to give up your right to protect yourself from this vicious element, simply hand over your guns when so-called authorities come to your door.

Reason #7 The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) otherwise know as Indefinite Detention. Obama signed this monstrosity into law in 2012 and it allows for the indefinite detention of any American anywhere in the world for any reason – without trial. This kind of injustice must be resisted at all costs. Also, Obama using the IRS to unfairly target conservative groups and others who oppose his regime proves that he will use anything at his disposal to wage war against his opposition. As long as the patriotic elements in America still have their guns, Obama can’t unleash his even more radical schemes against U.S. citizens.

Reason #8 Armed drones that spy on and threaten Americans at home and abroad. If Somali insurgents can bring down an unmanned drone with small arms fire, so can we.

Reason #9 Rogue or sycophant members in law enforcement that go against their oaths and refuse to uphold the U.S. Constitution. A regular paycheck will be a difficult thing to give up when the economy collapses or when police are expected to tow the government line or lose their jobs. Although many in law enforcement [and the military] are too principled to do the bidding of a rogue, corrupt government, there will always be those in law enforcement who will have no such problems – they’ll just do their job as ordered.

Reason #10 If we give up our guns it is unlikely that we will ever get them back or the right to possess them again, at least in our lifetimes.

In conclusion, if the good people of America give up their guns, our country will be propelled back to the fourteenth century; to the days of patriots like Scotsman, William Wallace, when all one had to protect oneself against tyranny was knives and pick forks, except, unlike Wallace, we won’t be fighting against oppressors who use weapons of antiquity – our enemies will be armed with what we gave up.

* See

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