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George Zimmerman will be found Not Guilty
Florida’s Racially Motivated Trial
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George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman (Photo by Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images)

Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter
July 1, 2013

Sanford, Florida - A Factual Accounting - George Zimmerman, a 29 year-old Hispanic man shot and killed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin while conducting “neighborhood watch” on February 26, 2012.

US~Observer government sources have informed us that the Sanford Police Department had no intention of charging Zimmerman with a crime and that it wasn’t until African Americans from across the United States started protesting that the State of Florida stepped into the picture and filed a groundless, even ridiculous charge of Second Degree Murder against George Zimmerman. State Prosecutor Angela Corey was assigned by the state to bring the false charge.

Harvard Law Professor and renowned Attorney Alan Dershowitz said it best when he published that there were no legitimate grounds for filing a criminal charge of Second Degree Murder against Zimmerman and then claimed that the charge by Corey was “politically motivated”. Dershowitz continued, “She insisted that she is entitled to submit what, in effect, were half truths in an affidavit of probable cause…"

This writer can factually state that the charge was racially motivated as well and that Corey didn’t act alone in her decision to quell the uprising…

The Trial

As we prepare to publish this article the Prosecution is beginning their second week of presenting evidence that proves Zimmerman’s innocence.

Trayvon Martin
Reported Trayvon Martin

During week one, the state’s star witness Rachel Jeantel told how Martin stated that he was being followed by a “creepy assed cracker,” (George Zimmerman) and that this terminology was not a racial comment. She also admitted to lying at different times during this case. During her first day of testimony Jeantel was blatantly rude and disrespectful to Defense Attorney Don West, yet she totally changed her demeanor for day two. Jeantel testified that she hadn’t talked with anyone about how she was testifying when questioned by West, which was presumably just another lie. Jeantel stated that Zimmerman hit Martin and then recanted when West cornered her. Jeantel then shocked everyone with common sense when she testified, she “believes she heard a wet grass sound” while on the phone with Martin– enough said! Prosecution witness Jeantel made a perfect Defense witness and provided more than reasonable doubt for Zimmerman’s jury.

The prosecution called John Good, an eyewitness to the altercation between Martin and Zimmerman. Good testified that Martin was on top of George Zimmerman and he appeared to be punching him “MMA” (mixed martial arts) style. Prosecution witness John Good also made the perfect Defense witness and provided conclusive proof of George Zimmerman’s innocence.

State witness, EMT Stacy Livingston subsequently treated Zimmerman’s injuries for about five minutes.

George Zimmerman
Trayvon Martin

State witness and Sanford Police Officer Tim Smith testified that the back of Zimmerman’s jacket and pants were wet and that the back of the jacket had grass all over it. Officer Smith was an excellent Defense witness, providing much reasonable doubt.

State’s witness and member of the community Jonathan Manalo testified that he came on the scene and took cell phone pictures of Zimmerman’s injuries. Manalo stated that Zimmerman, “got his butt beat, but was speaking clearly”. Manalo continued, “He had blood running down his nose from both nostrils and over his lips”. Again, this state’s witness made the perfect Defense witness. Manalo provided much more than reasonable doubt for any jury. I could go on and on, however, proof is what it is and reasonable doubt is clearly reasonable doubt, unless you are “racially motivated” or prosecuting someone for “political gain”. Innocence is not White, Black, or Hispanic – innocence is conclusion based upon facts and state of mind…

Why did the state call all of these perfect Defense witnesses to date, with more to come? Remember the 2012 election when Attorney General Pam Bondi was publicly supporting Republican Mitt Romney for President, campaigning her heart out, and obviously expecting a high level position in his administration in return? Zimmerman shot Martin in February of 2012 and the election was held in January of 2012 – millions of African American votes were at stake. Florida and Bondi stopped all the protests and loss of many votes by charging Zimmerman and now they are at least assisting with his defense. The jury verdict in this case is an absolute “fait accompli”.

It takes no genius to conclude why Florida is prosecuting an innocent George Zimmerman, it just takes an investigative journalist from the US~Observer.

Edward Snook is the publisher of the US~Observer newspaper. He was a successful investigator and entrepreneur prior to beginning his efforts to vindicate innocent people over 25 years ago. He has published the newspaper for over 20 years.

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