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"Gun Show Bandit" John Rodabaugh’s Abuses
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John Rodabaugh
WAC President John Rodabaugh

By Kelly Stone
Investigative Reporter

Fife, Washington - It has been a little more than four years since Russ Newkirk was arrested in the city of Fife, WA and maliciously prosecuted by the Gun Show Bandit (GSB), Washington Arms Collectors’ (WAC) President John Rodabaugh. Rodabaugh was also the appointed Prosecutor for the City of Fife at the time of Newkirk’s false arrest. It's amazing how it takes that much time in this "information age" for the TRUTH to be told!

After being wrongfully arrested and held for 5 full days before seeing a judge, Mr. Newkirk had his property (guns) held for over one year and they were damaged by the City of Fife. Mr. Newkirk filed suit in Small Claims Court and received THOUSANDS of taxpayer dollars in damages against the City of Fife, but GSB John Rodabaugh wasn't done yet! Rodabaugh and the city continued to hold a number of Newkirk’s guns – they claimed one was a stolen gun and two more mysteriously disappeared.

Two years after he was arrested, Newkirk was contacted by Sgt. Currier of the Adams Co., Colorado Police Dept. Currier explained that the 100 year old unfired Smith & Wesson taken by the Fife Police Dept. and reported as STOLEN was unexplainably an unfortunate "paperwork error" and this honest officer spent the next 2 years trying to return the gun to Mr. Newkirk.

It took all this time partly because the City of Fife refused to receive shipment of the gun from the Adams County Police Dept., for return it to its rightful, LEGAL owner! During the 2 year delay in reuniting Mr. Newkirk with his legally possessed firearm, Mr. Rodabaugh did not sit idly by!

After Mr. Newkirk came to a WAC Gun show near his home and had the show manager run a current background check to show he was not prohibited from attending, he approached GSB John Rodabaugh to request his help in getting the firearm returned, because Rodabaugh had a great part in wrongfully keeping the gun from him. Mr. Rodabaugh promptly had WAC's burly head of security escort him from the Monroe, WA Fairgrounds. GSB Rodabaugh’s next action was to revoke Newkirk's PAID FOR LIFE MEMBERSHIP, banning him from attending WAC's shows.

In a recent interview with Mr. Newkirk he stated, "I'm happy to report that my 100 year old S&W has finally made it back home, unlike my other collectable firearms, a Detonics Mk. VII Combatmaster, as well as my carry gun, a custom built Para-Ordnance that I believe dishonest prosecutor Rodabaugh stole from me in the plea bargain he originally extorted from me. The US~Observer arranged for me to get my additional guns returned more than a year after they were taken from me. I owe the US~Observer a great debt of gratitude.”

Newkirk continued, “I have yet to be ‘made whole’ after being treated as a FELON for the past four years, but returning my PAID FOR LIFE MEMBERSHIP to WAC would be a small step in the right direction.

I was told by a reliable source that GSB Rodabaugh will NEVER allow my return to the gun shows. I am now in receipt of WAC letters sent to me years ago, but never delivered, challenging my membership, which was supposed to be the basis for revoking my membership.”

Editor’s Note: Attorney, prosecutor and WAC President John Rodabaugh wears far too many hats in his small world – he wields way too much abusive influence and “authority”. The US~Observer would strongly suggest that Rodabaugh stop bullying Russ Newkirk and allow him to regain his life membership with WAC. If this high-minded individual wants to continue his childish abuse, we will begin our process of stripping him of his ability to harm our fellow Americans, namely Mr. Russ Newkirk… Just do the right thing Mr. Rodabaugh.

Read the original article on this case titled, “The Gun Show Bandit?”.

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