July 2005

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James Doohan
1920.03 to 2005.07

By Ron Lee

First there was the passing of Gene Roddenberry, then DeForest Kelley, and now James Doohan finds his home among the stars.

Over the decades, Doohan was known as the miracle working engineer "Scotty" in the famed Star Trek whose over estimates of retooling time always brought a smile to a fans face.

Doohan always gave us his best made-up Scottish accent and top-tier performance. It was through his “Scotty” portrayal and that of the rest of the Star Trek ensemble that we glimpsed a methodology that is, perhaps, beyond our present attainment.

Doohan helped bring us a universe where monetary gain was left to shady aliens; where the pursuit of knowledge was achieved for the mere sake of knowing; where expansionism wasn’t conquest and all beliefs were held in the highest regard.

Star Trek truly captured the minds and hearts of a multi-generational audience and James Doohan played a key role in its mass appeal.

As a fan, I speak for the many. James Doohan impacted our lives by showing us a better way through his representation of a solid character who was never afraid "to boldly go" above and beyond the call of duty.

His presence will be missed.

James Doohan is survived by his wife Wende and seven children.

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