July 2006

Demanding Accountability

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“Show us the Law and we’ll pay!”
False prosecution in
New Hampshire?

Ed and Elaine Brown

By US~Observer Staff

In a state whose motto is "Live Free or Die," Ed and Elaine Brown fit right in. Their patriotism is unquestionable. However, like many others in this country, they've wondered if the current state of the government is too far from the Founders' visions and intent, so in the early 1990’s they started doing some research. From statements of several proclaimed experts including ex-IRS agents and by reading books by authors such as Lynne Meredith they were led to believe that the income tax, as applied to a private individual’s compensation for what is defined as labor, is illegal, and that the IRS lacked any authority to collect these taxes.

They commenced, in 1994, writing the IRS, presenting their documentation, and asking the IRS to show them the law that subjected them, as private individuals, to file a 1040 and pay an income tax. After two years of no response from the IRS, and armed with what they thought to be credible evidence they decided to stop their large income tax payments to the IRS (which they had always done). The Browns continued with their requests to the IRS, asking them to show them the law requiring them to pay, and then they would pay. They received no answer. Not for just one or two years but for 11 years until finally on November 18, 2004, a 28 member multi-jurisdictional task force, aided by a sniper with three observers, three New Hampshire state troopers, several Lebanon, New Hampshire law enforcement officers, swept in to download information from Dr. Elaine Brown’s computer. If they had called the previous week, they could have retrieved this information peacefully at a more opportune time, not when patients were coming into the office.

On May 31, 2006, at 6:10 a.m., Mr. Brown received a phone call from the Lebanon Police Department, stating that water was coming from his office building onto the street. He thanked them, and told the dispatch lady that he would be there in twenty minutes. When Mr. Brown arrived he noticed two Lebanon law enforcement officers, one at each egress on the east side of the building, a Lebanon water department utility truck with a half dozen or so men standing around the truck and the storm drain in the parking lot. Mr. Brown pulled into the parking area on the western side of the building and proceeded toward the men by the storm drain. When he got within a foot of them, one of them grabbed him, screaming, “Get onto the ground,” while four or five more officers piled onto Mr. Brown, crushing him onto the pavement, screaming, “Get on your belly, get on your belly.” Mr. Brown replied, “I can’t with a thousand pounds of men on top of me.”

Once they felt secure, they stood Mr. Brown up, handcuffed him, placed him in a Lebanon police department cruiser, where he was brought to the Lebanon police department, and placed into a holding cell. Two men came in after 5 minutes or so, and Mr. Brown asked them who they were. They said they were U.S. Marshals. Mr. Brown asked them why they had arrested him and their reply was, “You will be told in Concord (New Hampshire).”

They asked him to strip off all his clothing, which Mr. Brown thought was normal procedure; however, the added shock came when the U.S. Marshal asked him to face the wall, bend over and spread the cheeks of his buttocks. There were only men present in the room; however, there were surveillance cameras pointed directly at him, and who knows who was on the other side of those cameras. These agents could easily see that Mr. Brown could not hide a toothpick in the crack of his buttocks, as he is a very small framed man.

Mr. Brown continued, wondering if this is either the way that law enforcement gets their thrills, or if this is merely a dehumanizing and intimidating procedure to express their power over any individual. At any rate, all police officers in the Browns’ eyes are now in dishonor and they make the Browns feel dirty. Mr. Brown stated that it was like having your brother come into your house and rape your wife and children.

Approximately a half hour later Dr. Brown arrived at her office to begin her usual day of treating her patients. Upon exiting her vehicle in the parking lot, she was greeted by a “city water department employee” and was then immediately grabbed by a female agent who proceeded to remove her handbag. She was handcuffed, with the handcuffs shackled to a waist chain and searched by the female agent. She was then placed in an unmarked van and driven to the federal building in Concord where she and Mr. Brown were later arraigned and released on their own recognizance. Neither was shown the indictment until they went into the court room seven or so hours later. The only way the court would release the Browns, was for the Browns to turn over all their guns and anything law enforcement considered to be a dangerous weapon.

The Browns felt they could do nothing inside the federal holding cells, so they agreed to release the property, provided they were placed in good hands of competent ability. They agreed, the Browns agreed, and they were released.

Mr. Brown, upon returning home, was mostly concerned about the dishonor of the police departments (Plainfield and Lebanon) and the state police. According to Mr. Brown, “here we have a classic example of multi-jurisdictional task force of different law enforcement agencies working together for the common good of our public servants. Remember, the people are the government and the administration is our public servant sworn to protect us.” Mr. Brown went to the Department of Justice web-site and discovered that ALL law enforcement agencies, including state and local agencies, working in collusion, have signed a MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT that totally sells out the people whom they serve in their own respective venues.

Mr. Brown, several months earlier, had provided the Lebanon and Plainfield, as well as the state police much information regarding the jurisdiction or rather the lack of jurisdiction of federal agencies in the states of the union, including decisions and opinions from the Supreme Court, Federal district courts, Circuit courts, states, and a complete eight page treatise written by a nationally known attorney. Regardless, these state and local agencies willingly assisted the feds.

The Brown's have been indicted on 17 counts of federal income tax related felony charges and to this day the IRS has refused to answer their question, which would have ended this whole situation years ago. According to the Brown's they still feel that the IRS should show them the law and have said repeatedly and openly that they'd pay all of their taxes should that occur. The newspapers in New Hampshire have routinely failed to print this important fact as they published their distorted and biased articles on the Browns and their major run-in with the IRS. If this writer didn’t know better I would think that the IRS had written the articles themselves. On May 8, 2006 United States District Judge Joseph A. Diclerico, Jr. signed a restraining order against the Brown’s regarding their properties (meaning they cannot sell, get rid of, or encumber them) which have an estimated value of 3+ million dollars. The government is seeking to claim the properties along with sending the couple to prison. It should be noted that the taxes the IRS claims the Browns owe is far less, even with penalties, than the value of their property. The Brown’s stated in a recent interview that they would gladly pay any penalties along with the taxes if the IRS would only show them the law requiring such payments.

Editor's Note: After conducting our investigation, the US~Observer recommended to the Browns that they settle their case with the IRS. Unfortunately, the Brown's decided to fight, leading to an extended stand-off and subsequent imprisonment. Had the Browns listened to reason, they would be free today.

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