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Even Patriots are Cowards
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Ron Lee
By Ron Lee

I am so sick of the whining and whimpering heard throughout the country. From conversations in small cafes, to group meetings and town-hall style functions, people gather and vent their frustrations with our current debacle of a government system. Self-proclaimed patriots shake one of their fists while clutching their caramel vanilla quad latte in the other. They rant, then run home to catch the latest or most popular reality TV series. It's no wonder we are losing our country when too many are too comfortable to be bothered to give up the small conveniences they have. In other words, they are all cowards.

Don't get me wrong, it's great that people are at least seeing that there is a problem with a government that has grown beyond its means into an entity that prescribes almost every aspect of our living; that continuously places more debt on the backs of its citizens; that makes laws that only apply to the people, and not to those who "make" the laws. But, where is the real outrage? Where is the voice of the many? Why do people still subscribe to the right vs. left ideology when it is so obviously controlled? Fear. I firmly believe people, even many of the outspoken, are, when it comes right down to it, afraid to stand for what is right.

I recently attended a town-hall meeting in Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon, where the topic of discussion was the federal government's bid to abscond with yet another 70,000+ acres of county land - to be turned into a "protected" zone. Protected from what, you might ask? People. And, from the use of that land for whatever purpose the county deems fit in order to generate any kind of income in this gloomy economic time.

Like many areas around the country, Josephine County faces some tough times. The federal government is going to stop paying subsidies for land that used to generate county revenue through the O&C Act of 1937. In essence, the Feds are financially starving Josephine County (among others), while also ensuring the county can never be self sufficient by taking even more land from it, and locking it away from the county's profitable use. Josephine County faces an absolute devastation of its public safety department, among many other needed services. But hey, the forest will be protected!

During the town-hall meeting, there were some great presentations regarding this boondoggle, yet the audience was notably quiet throughout. While there were a few sighs and scoffs, there was no clear reaction of disdain. It seemed as if the people knew that what the Feds were proposing was abhorrent, yet figured it's just one more thing the government is doing, and nothing can be done about it. They acted as if they were the perpetual victims, and by doing so, they are and will forever be!

Where is the action? Sure, there were some ideas floated about filing suits and playing the court game, or trying to get legislation passed through, but there was nothing suggested that showed the true resolve of the people.

Here is my idea... Just log the land. Mine the minerals. Build the roads. Just do it! What can they do?

We have a Constitutional Sheriff in Josephine County named Gil Gilbertson. He is a great man who cares deeply for the people he serves. Gilbertson has already stated that he would stand in the way of the federal government if they were trampling on his citizens constitutional rights, and I believe he will! If they don't have the backing of the local law enforcement, then they don't have much recourse.

We need to learn from the environmentalist who chain themselves to trees or sit in the roads. We need to be proactive! We need to do!

But, even the most staunch patriots, like Gilbertson, waver under the pressure the Feds can apply. It has been reported that Gilbertson was threatened by the Feds after a letter he wrote to them regarding jurisdiction went public. My sources tell me that Gilbertson's wife's assets were threatened - that if he pushed, they'd push back. Even though I know he will stand by his people, Gilbertson’s support of some of the more provocative methods to generate revenue for the county has seemingly wavered.

How wonderful it would be if the people rose up in support of this man! He does it for us! With the support of his people, I know Gilbertson would do just about anything he could to ensure the Constitution reigns supreme in this county.

I hope the people don't let him down if he ever needs us. I won't!

Nationally, do something courageous! Take a stand! Don't be too afraid to act for the sake of losing belongings or percieved freedoms. Get over all of the rhetoric and seek to understand your fellow citizen. You'll find that right or left, everyone is afraid of where America is now. We can all agree that concentrated power in the hands of the few is not what America was founded upon!

And, please, remember had our founders feared the repercussions of their actions, we would still be a part of England. Their oath is as applicable today as it was then, "We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

The time is approaching that we must show a united resolve that the People are the power. I'm not calling for armed conflict, instead the people can influence a great many things through a united financial stance. We have the purchasing power. If you don't like something, stop paying for it! If our communities need to generate revenue, just do it. Our inaction will assuredly be our undoing.

Will you stand, or will you run? The answer to that question will determine if America survives or not, and whether we can once again proudly say that we are truly the home of the brave.

Writer's Note: To those of you who fight daily for the continuance of the Republic, thank you. You know who you are, and you know that without the people getting involved, the fight is over.

There is a new group on Facebook called “The Tea Party Occupy Connection.” Like them and lets work together!

Down with King George!

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