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Prosecuting the Innocent
Florida Style

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John DuboseBy Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

Pensacola, Florida - Building a company under close advisement of an attorney, one would think an entrepreneur could build a successful, thriving company - not if that company is conducting business in Pensacola, Florida! With legally binding contracts on file, a group of Pensacola business owners were arrested and charged with felonies, capable of producing potentially life sentence punishments.


The Comfort Club (Realtor Advertising) owned three vehicles that were wrapped with logos and advertisements. There are receipts in evidence for thousands of yard signs. Witnesses state that many signs were produced and delivered to realtors and others. There are hundreds of emails from real estate agents requesting sign activation. Bank statements for the business show expenses of $260,890.75, while the defendants are accused of stealing $220,000.

"...I as a juror saw how John Dubose lied continually throughout a case. We - all of the jurors were so utterly disgusted ... Well we saw the truth and set free an innocent man framed by egregious prosecution."


Two businesses, The Comfort Club and Get Better Referrals made separate applications to become ADT (Security) dealers and were processed through a strict compliance and ethics review, passing and becoming approved for dealership. A handwritten note in evidence reflects the time required to get the companies operating efficiently would take 12 months.

Cliff and Clint Killingsworth, former business partners of Get Better Referrals, made their complaint to police only a few months into the partnership. Prior to becoming partners, the Killingsworth’s attorney Robert Beasley performed his due diligence speaking with Arch Boyd, Attorney for the other owners of Get Better Referrals, as well as GDC (the sign printer company used by the other partners).

Following the arrest of the Killingsworth’s partners, the Killingsworth’s Attorney Robert Beasley reportedly sent a threatening letter to Freedom Voice, which was part of the business that was used to capture phone calls - demanding that the specific call capture phone account be given to the Killingsworth’s.


Five of the eight owners of The Comfort Club and Get Better Referrals were charged in July of 2010, with Grand Theft of over $100K. The three who were not arrested were the complainants, two of whom were allegedly involved in a conspiracy to steal the company from the five accused owners.

The First Judicial Circuit of Florida issued warrants, arrests were made, and excessive bonds were set at $100k for each defendant. Seeing the charges as being simply explained and dropped, owners Jimmy Rodgers, Frederick Liscoe, Sheila Rodgers and Pepper Rodgers hired Attorney Barry Beroset to represent them as a group. Mr. Beroset charged an initial retainer of $25,000 and reportedly made promises that he had inside “contacts” (State Attorney Bill Eddins) that he could approach to accomplish a full dismissal of the charges. Another owner, Pamela Fanning hired Attorney Michael Griffith to defend her. Mr. Griffith charged Pam Fanning $38,000 with allegedly the same promises. Both Beroset and Griffith were hired in July of 2010. Sixteen months and many court appearances later, absolutely nothing had reportedly been done by either of the attorneys. According to witnesses, they both reacted to the charges by laughing and stating, “WTC” (where is the crime).

Feeling somewhat hopeless, the defendants decided to seek help from an outside investigative news source – the US~Observer. Beroset had been investigated before by the US~Observer for similar behavior that allegedly resulted in his previous client’s incarceration. Armed with this information, Beroset and Griffith were fired immediately.

Defendant Jimmy Rodgers is currently represented by Attorney Patrece Cashwell; Sheila Rodgers is represented by Attorney Ken Ridlehoover; Pepper Rodgers is currently represented by Attorney Scott Tatum; Rusty Liscoe is represented by Attorney Kim Skievaski and Pamela Fanning is represented by Attorney David Ackerman. The US~Observer will provide a complete and in-depth analysis following the trial in this case, regarding everything that each attorney did and didn’t do throughout the course of this case. Read more about Scott Tatum and his “blatant misrepresentation” of Pepper Rodgers below…


The following statement of facts was received by the US~Observer from Jeanne Weyburn. While reading the statement below, keep in mind that Mrs. Weyburn’s initial statement was reportedly the only complaint initially filed and used by Detective David Ingram to initiate the investigation. The letter (in part) clearly lays out a portion of the alleged conspiracy between Detective Ingram, Lindsey Rodgers and Cliff and Clint Killingsworth, to either incarcerate, intimidate, manipulate and or cheat innocent the innocent defendants.

Mrs. Weyburn was originally listed as a victim and then removed from the victims list by Prosecutor John DuBose. According to sources, now that she is telling all, she has been listed as an unindicted co-conspirator. Mrs. Weyburn received a letter from Prosecutor John DuBose that he wrote on February 22, 2012, stating in part, “…Let me assure that, based on the facts before me at this time, I do not see evidence of your intent to commit the offenses we have charged against the others in this case, which is why no charges against you have been brought.” In other words, DuBose is actually and very clearly stating that he doesn’t have any evidence in front of him at this time, AGAINST ANYONE in this case, because the defendants and Jeanne Weyburn were ALL WORKING PARTNERS…period. And, get this one! According to witnesses, Prosecutor DuBose stated that Jeanne Weyburn was an “unindicted co-conspirator” prior to writing the above referenced letter. This is not only amazing, it is unbelievable! It is very dangerous for all citizens of Escambia County, Florida to have a person such as DuBose possessing the power to prosecute.

Owner/Partner, Weyburn’s Letter Regarding the Facts:

“David Ingram should have advised me that I was talking about a civil investigation, but instead he decided it was criminal...telling me that he knew for a fact that Jimmy (Rodgers) was a crook.”

“Lindsay Rodgers told me that Pepper had found a new business partner and their name was Killingsworth.”

“Cliff and Clint Killingsworth - I only had 1 short meeting with them. Mark had not met them before and Cliff said they were going for supper at Chili's and could we come along. Mark and I went and drank a coke with them.”

“Cliff would then call me and update me.”

“Cliff said once on the phone that once this was all over, that if they can start up the same type of thing that they would need a realtor and I may think about working with them.”

It was never Jeanne’s intention to have any of her business partners arrested; she was only seeking a return on her investment into the company that she partly owned. Weyburn was unable to reasonably communicate with other owners of the business at that time and quite simply became angry or ticked-off. While being questioned by Detective Ingram, it was apparent that his deceitful tactics were temporarily successful on Weyburn, just like they were with other labeled victims, who according to our investigation, were never actual victims at all.


In a deposition transcript, this writer discovered that prosecutor John DuBose has already heard testimony under oath that clearly points out this conspiracy. The Comfort Club and Get Better Referrals were both approved ADT (Security) dealers. Dave Eikman, dealer coordinator for both companies, testified under oath in a deposition on May 12, 2011. Eikman testified in this deposition with all defense attorneys present as well as John DuBose. Eikman’s testimony reportedly revealed that he was allegedly contacted by the Killingsworth’s shortly after the other partners were arrested. He reveals that the reason for the contact was that the Killingsworth’s wished to execute the business plan, excluding the arrested partners. To a reasonably intelligent member of society, this would seem to indicate motive for the Killingsworth’s to have the other partners incarcerated. The US~Observer asks John DuBose, Russ Edgar and Bill Eddens, directly - WHY DOES THIS FALSE PROSECTION PERSIST?


Cliff and Clint Killingsworth own and they held ownership in Get Better Referrals. That fact in itself makes any dispute within the company legally a civil matter and not a criminal matter. Both Clifford F. and Clinton W. Killingsworth’s criminal records on the Escambia County Clerks website show they were previously arrested on a charge of Racketeering. They are the main witnesses for the prosecution in this case. The US~Observer’s investigation of the Killingsworth’s has uncovered that they have repeatedly attempted to destroy and incarcerate partners of the Comfort Club and Get Better Referrals. They have obvious ulterior motives in this case – motives that strongly suggest they attempted to use the criminal justice system to destroy certain owners of the Comfort Club and Get Better Referrals. The bottom line is the Killingsworths signed a valid contract with Jimmy Rodgers, in which they agreed to pay $300,000.00 for part-ownership of Get Better Referrals. They only paid $220,000.00, they have failed to pay the $80,000.00 balance and they are working closely with Prosecutor John DuBose in an attempt to send innocent people to prison.

As for the other alleged victims in this case – Each and every one signed a legally valid and binding contract to become ‘Venders.” Three of the four alleged Vender/Victims received their investment back when they started complaining and the fourth was about to receive his back when the defendants were falsely arrested in this case. According to Edward Snook, “Prosecutor John DuBose is not only conducting a false and malicious prosecution, this unaccountable prosecutor is verging on insanity.”


John DuBose filed motions with the court to have several critical pieces of information withheld from jurors if this case goes to trial. He asked that the fact the Killingsworth’s had been arrested previously for Racketeering be kept from the jury. He asked that the judge order all parties be forbidden to suggest that this is a civil matter and not criminal. He also asked that the judge order that it not be told to jurors that some working partners of the company were never arrested, thus implicating selective prosecution. This action on the part of DuBose is factually a corrupt act that has absolutely nothing to do with justice and everything to do with a conspiracy.

According to US~Observer sources, John DuBose and his immediate boss Russ Edgar, have both made alleged threatening statements regarding, “coming after Edward Snook and the US~Observer.” According to Edward Snook, “This is exactly like DuBose’s subtle threats he holds over Jeanne Weyborn’s head. In my opinion both of these unethical guys are complete, spineless cowards and I would love nothing better than to get them in a courtroom and expose them on the record. They might get away with threatening ladies, but they will find the results of threatening the press to be a much different ball-game…


During the deposition of Edward Snook, Prosecutor John DuBose appeared to not know most of the pertinent facts of this case. He seemed to get frustrated when Snook informed him that Jeanne Weyburn and Pamela Fanning were actually partners in the Comfort Club. DuBose kept trying to ask Snook who received money for the Comfort Club, etc., and Snook kept telling him this was irrelevant and that the fact was, the alleged victims had signed legal and binding contracts produced by Attorney’s, that the business was completely legit and that there were no crimes committed, much less any civil liabilities.

Now, the bombshell. During the last portion of Snook’s ninety-minute deposition, DuBose was so rattled that he reportedly started handing Pepper Rodger’s attorney Scott Tatum notes which contained questions for him to ask Snook. The questions had nothing to do with Tatum preparing a defense for his client and everything to do with Tatum or DuBose or both attempting to get testimony on the record about Pepper Rodgers taping his phone calls, which could possibly be a crime in the State of Florida. It also had everything to do with Scott Tatum attempting to impeach or discredit Edward Snook and the US~Observer. According to Edward Snook, “This is absolute Prosecutorial Misconduct and Tatum should be disbarred for his actions. Tatum clearly appeared to be attempting to discredit me even when he knew that I had concluded his client was innocent and that I was doing everything possible to ensure that Pepper Rodgers receives justice. The disloyalty that Tatum showed towards his client Pepper Rodgers was unbelievable”

Snook continued – “This absolute conspiring between DuBose and Tatum actually took place during a Nelson Hearing months ago, wherein Pepper tried to fire Tatum because he wasn’t representing him properly. DuBose stood up for Tatum, even when Rodgers testified that Tatum had attempted to get him to wrongfully accuse other owners in order to help himself. Corrupted attorney’s like Scott Tatum and John DuBose are the very reason that I do what I do, why I have spent my life fighting these despicable human beings.” Snook concluded that he has no doubt that Tatum tried to coerce Pepper after hearing about the note passing and that he has never seen more blatant corruption in his life.

Who is Ultimately Responsible for this Malicious Prosecution?

Florida Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi
Florida Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi

Editor’s Note: Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have been apprised of this false prosecution and at some point they will take on the very same liabilities as Eddins, Edgar and especially John DuBose, should they fail to end this false prosecution.

If you have any information regarding Bill Eddins, Russ Edgar, John Dubose, Cliff and Clint Killingsworth or anyone else involved, please contact the US~Observer immediately at 541-474-7885 or by e-mailing

As we are going to press, the US~Observer has learned the police are seeking Jeanne Weyburn for an unknown reason. Should she be arrested on charges concerning this case, how in the world are they ever going to explain John DuBose's letter?

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