May 2005

Demanding Accountability




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This is the archived May '05 edition of the US~Observer ... good reading!

US~Observer Continuing Investigations & Updates

Iowa - Another Federal Court False Conviction? --US~Observer

Club 71 Under State Scrutiny --US~Observer

Lebanon, OR Man Preps for Lawsuit Against Family --US~Observer

Murder She Wrote! JoCo Murder or Self-Defense? --US~Observer

Cover-Up in Rainier, Oregon? --US~Observer

Placing the Mexican Flag above “Old Glory” --US~Observer & NWV

Old Glory Taken Down In Order Not To "Offend" --US~Observer & NWV

US~Observer May Print Headlines

Prosecuting a Real Purple Heart
IRS / Kerry Target Swift Boat Vet

Club 71 Serving in Excess --US~Observer

Lincoln County, Oregon D.A. Skirting Law? --US~Observer

The War On Judges

If you feel you have been victimized through
false prosecution ... let us help!

Oregon News

Ex Deputy Sheriff Crashes Into Home,
Blames Friend

Oregon House Passes Parental Notification
on Abortion Bill

Oregon's Amber Alert --Fox 12 News

Nevada News

Harassment in the hills of Nevada --US~Observer

If You Don't Work for NDOW,
Your Opinion Doesn't Count

NDOW Hiding Something? You Be The Judge! --US~Observer

D.C. News

House Ethics Panel Lapses
Turmoil Surrounding DeLay Rises
--CS Monitor

The filibuster - a debate that has never ended --CS Monitor


Immigration’s Third World Momentum

Police arrest illegal alien --AP

Health / Science

Breast Cancer Drug Shows Lifesaving Promise --HealthDay News

U.S. Panel Urges Guidelines for Stem-Cell Research --Reuters

EU Urges Tough Warnings on Antidepressants --Reuters

Consumer Reports Renews Criticism of
Popular Sharper Image Air Purifier

Cassini Finds Organic Material on Titan --AP

Jury Rights! Jury Nullification by Curt Chancler & Jeanne Wollman


May '05 Letters to the Editor

Oregon Firearms Federation
Message from Executive Director Kevin Starrett


The End of America: May 10, 2005 --JFPO

Following In The Footsteps of Judas --Keith Allison, D.Dn.

JURY RIGHTS! Jury Nullification --Chancler & Wollman

Law loses its way --John F. Molloy

Zogby Poll:
Americans Not in Favor of Starving Terri Schiavo

Jo-Co-Rama --Verbal Assassin

Public Servants, My Foot

Next We Should Starve the Courts --Phyllis Schlafly



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