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Lawyer Michael Minns fights for client
long after trial ends

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Michael Minns
Letter from Michael Minns:

I send this message for personal selfish reasons, I don’t want Jim to die. We have had many family members who had this same type of cancer… so it is personal in many ways.

Sadly, our health care system does not support many important and patriotic Americans, so the burden must fall on the rest of us. Jim gave to our country… and in return, our country prosecuted him and his wife for a decade. After a jury freed him and his wife from a decade of government sponsored torture, Jim found out he had cancer.

Do what you will and what is appropriate for you… prayers are good too.

Thank You,
Michael Minns


Jim and Pamela Moran
Jim and Pamela Moran

The family and friends of Jim Moran are uniting to raise funds to help Jim fight the battle against Prostate Cancer.

Our Prayer is for you to consider helping us with daily medical expenses to fund a trip to Dr. James W. Forsythe's Cancer Treatment Center for a 3 week treatment session in Reno, NV. The donations would be to help Jim Moran, who does not have Health Insurance - fight the fight for his life over Prostate Cancer.

Jim, who is currently 63 years old, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer while he and his wife Pamela, were desperately fighting for justice and their freedom, due to a wrongful indictment against them from the IRS. After 7 years and 2 Federal trials and one Federal Appeals, with the help of Lead Attorney Michael Minns of Houston, Texas, and his team, Rain Minns of Austin, TX, Peter Mair and Jon Zulauf of Seattle, WA, who donated much of their time, Jim and his wife Pamela, were finally acquitted of all charges - Google “64 felonies beaten”. It is strongly believed this severe ongoing stress with the justice system and IRS caused serious health issues - one being prostate cancer for Jim.

Financially, the years of litigation took a high toll on Jim and Pamela's finances, using all of their savings, retirement funds and credit card limits to fight this legal battle. During these years, due to the ongoing stress, Jim's PSA levels continued to rise to a critical point, and he is now in stage 4 Prostate Cancer. The visit to Dr. James Forsythe's Cancer Center in Reno, NV offers treatment for Prostate Cancer, with a success rate of over 80%. Along with the success rate, however, comes the high cost of treatment. Funds are needed for the daily treatments, daily living expenses while at the clinic, along with travel from Colorado to Reno, NV and back home again.

Jim has lead an honorable life, serving in the US Navy, being part of the Apollo 11 Moon Recovery Team aboard the USS Hornet; also serving 2 tours of duty in Vietnam. He has been a minister of the Gospel for over 38 years, with two sons currently pastoring churches of their own; one in Colorado and one in North Carolina, and a daughter married to a minister in San Francisco, CA. Jim has 5 children, and 9 grandchildren who are looking forward to having Jim at their graduations and weddings.

Your generous giving to help fund this trip to the Cancer Center would be deeply appreciated by Jim and his wife, Pamela. They have always been givers to others during their lives. Now, due to this life threatening disease, Jim finds himself in desperate need of financial assistance during this most trying time in his life.

Our prayer is that you would join us in this fight for Jim's life, and help support this worthy trip to the Cancer Center. Any amount you could donate would be deeply appreciated.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or just need to contact a representative of the family, please call Pamela Moran (Jim's wife) at 970-208-2484 or email her at

If you want to send a donation by mail, please send checks to :

Pamela Moran
236 S. 3rd Street
PMB 216
Montrose, CO 81401


May God richly bless you for your generous contributions. Your support through your prayers and thoughts are also deeply appreciated. Together, with God's help, we believe we will win this battle over cancer once and for all, and Jim will be cancer free! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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