September 2005

Demanding Accountability



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Termite holes teach
bug spray solutions
Patriotic truth in the news and
enforcement of oath and duty

By Craig Tweedy

This paper is geared for patriotic leaders, who seek the Fundamental 101 power to reduce huge dangers in our land to bite size. It begins with reality. 1) Congress permits the means of judicial tyranny and of power by inside fraud and high crime against the Constitution and above the rule of moral law. 2) The means of tyranny and high crime have been licensed by Judiciary Committee Chairmen and concealed by media cartels for decades, as termite puppets.

The termites are huge corporations, the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations etc, the global, open border and ACLU forces. They work termite holes, voids in systems created to protect us from tyrants and crooks. Termite holes are check and balance voids, the power vacuums permitted by failures of oath and duty by representatives in Congress. Thus, Congress permits high crime and pretenses of the judicial power to rewrite our Constitution. Worse, the termite holes are licensed by Judiciary Committee Chairmen and concealed by media cartels. Those root causes teach the power of patriots to restore our Constitution, Republic and liberty. Yet this uncommon leadership power requires bug spray, patriotic truth in the news by internet, talk radio, print and Christian broadcast leaders. Restoration truth in the news is vital.

Patrick Henry warned that: "If we fail to check the power of the judiciary, I predict that we will eventually live under judicial tyranny." Tyranny is, "Arbitrary or despotic * * power * * usurped * by breaking down the division and distribution of government powers," Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed. We "live under judicial tyranny," because Members of Congress have failed the oath and duty to assure the checks and balances of power designed by the Founding Fathers to enable the Constitution of our Republic to protect us from tyrants and crooks.

The Constitution prohibits judicial amendment, but five or more federal justices pretend the power to rewrite and use it in name only. This is so, because Congress has long failed the Article III authority and duty to check the power of federal justices and judges and confine them to words found in the Constitution. Again and for decades, Judiciary Committee Chairmen have licensed termite holes, the voids in systems created to protect us from tyrants and crooks.

The tyranny began in 1947. Justice Hugo Black, an ACLU activist, forged separation of church and state words into the Constitution to protect federal judges and agencies from moral standards. But the void pretense was and is unchecked by Congress. Thus, the Black precedent is used by five or more justices. They pretend the power to rewrite the Constitution to mean what they vote that it means. The pretenses graduated to power by judicial anarchy.¹ The majority recently voted global and ACLU agendas. In so doing, they pretended the power to 1) abrogate the 5th Amendment guarantee of property ownership and to 2) legislate that moral standards endowed by GOD have no place in government or society. The void pretenses and outright assaults upon our Constitution teach that, when power is unchecked, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely," as aptly warned by Lord Acton.

The judicial tyranny brings us to Article III, which only allows federal justices and judges to hold office "during good behavior." By pretending the power to rewrite our Constitution, they violate the oath and duty to uphold the words actually found in our Constitution. For such violations, federal judges and justices may be ousted, without impeachment in Congress, under the Article III authority exercised and enacted by Congress in 1948.

In 1946, a federal appeals judge was indicted for taking a bribe. The scandal forced Congress to enact the Judicial Reform Act of 1948. In the 1970 Chandler case, the Supreme Court affirmed the Act and Article III ouster grounds for federal judges. The ruling was vague, because the ouster grounds apply equally to federal justices, the fact needing public awareness.

Our Judeo-Christian culture and Republic teach fundamental solutions, as explained by Termite Power, the 2005 Solutions, but the leadership solutions require patriotic bug spray.

Pressure Points for Public Outrage
and House Cleaning Power

The Founding Fathers would prescribe this bitter pill. We, the people, must awaken to the assigned duty to enforce the oath and duty of public officials, plus the penalty² of ouster, if not jail time, for willful failures thereof. This will force Congress to remove termite holes and break up the media cartels. Until then, our rights, liberties and moral standards, as endowed by GOD will continue to be evaporated by smiling thugs, absent the truth in the news needed to restore the oath, duty and checks and balances of power essential to the Constitution of our Republic.

Few citizens understand that federal justices violate the Constitution by pretending the power to rewrite it. All citizens need to know that Members of Congress permit the means of judicial tyranny and high crime, although few Members are so aware. Bug spray and public outrage will educate our representatives to the Article III authority and duty to 1) check and confine the power of federal justices and judges; 2) declare judicial attempts to rewrite the Constitution to be void and 3) remove termite holes. Truth in the news will place public bull's eyes on each Congressman and Senator and pressure them to stand tall, or fall hard.

Many Members of Congress need the healthy fear of being voted out of office, if not indicted, for aiding and abetting high crime, if not treason. By permitting judicial tyranny, they violate oath and duty to uphold the Constitution, as written, by failing to assure checks and balances of power against global termites and judicial tyrants, the ACLU sponsors.

The Judiciary Committees in Congress have exclusive rules control over the federal courts and monopoly law concerning business and media cartels. It appears that Judiciary Committee Chairmen have long winked at oath and duty, while taking termite money delivered by big law firms. If not, why have they failed the Article III authority and duty to check the tyranny of federal justices and judges? Why have they permitted federal justices to usurp and pretend the power to rewrite the Constitution for global and ACLU purposes? Why, since 1979, have they fostered the appellate law clerk power to shield termite uses of federal judge fraud from awareness by honest appellate judges and justices? [See notice to Justice Scalia] Why do they permit news control by media cartels? If the Chairmen are not hired termite puppets, why do they license judicial tyranny and suborn high crime against the Constitution? The current and past Chairmen will likely answer by asking us to define what is, is.

The bull's eye point! The Judiciary Committee Chairmen wink as Supreme Court tyrants pretend the power to rewrite our Constitution, while licensing termite power by inside fraud and high crime against our Constitution. Translated, they wink as global termites fix the plantation rules for we, the new peons, and permit the media cartels used to conceal the plantation rules.

The Judiciary Committee Chairmen permit news monopolies, the media cartel and AP news filters and propaganda tools. The interlocking directors protect the plantation rules. So bug spray will break up the media cartels, free the press and we, the people from tyrants and crooks. Truth in the news will restore the rule of moral law, the sound basis for a sound economy.

Public awareness of termite power by inside fraud at the Supreme Court is overdue. The last scandal at the federal court of appeals happened in 1946, when a federal appeals judge was indicted in 1946 for taking a bribe in the Root Refining case. The scandal forced Congress to enact the Judicial Reform Act of 1948. Yet that scandal was tiny compared to the wall shaker primed by the notice to Justice Scalia. In 1991, termites bragged the power to protect federal judge tyranny by state bar and law clerk fraud at the Supreme Court, if necessary. So truth and duty forced the brag to be carried out and ensnared in 2001. The Supreme Court law clerk fraud and high crime against the Constitution was confessed by state bar silence, as predicted by Issue One and by the Cert Petition text. Issue Three presents the danger to we, the people.

The notice to Justice Scalia was intercepted, as predicted, because walls are not shaking. It cites the Hazel-Atlas and Root Refining fraud decisions by the Supreme Court. The Justices held that, upon notice of fraud on the Court, even years after the fact, the Justices owe the duty to investigate and unearth it, plus the means. The notice is not restricted. So bug spray notice will empower Justices Scalia and Thomas to unearth the fraud and termite holes. Woe be to justices, who dare balk at the oath and duty to so protect our Constitution, rights and liberties.

The overdue scandal, wherever it starts, will teach our Judeo-Christian culture of freedom from tyranny, as outlined at pages 2-5 of Termite Power, The 2005 Solutions. Those truths and The Means of Tyranny add to the leadership power primed to revitalize America.

Bug spray and public outrage directed at Judiciary Committee Chairmen will shake walls in Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House. Additional pressure points are posted on The termite use of state bar and law clerk fraud in the high crime happened on the watch of Bruce Ohr and Douglas Crow, the Chief and Deputy Chief, Organized Crime Section, Department of Justice. Oklahoma Attorney General Edmondson also looked skyward from oath and duty. FBI agents were aware of the fraud and high crime, but were quieted by US Attorneys, as termite puppets.

Teddy Kennedy, Dick Durbin and fellow puppets on the Senate Judiciary Committee oppose federal bench nominees bound by oath, duty and words found in the Constitution. They want federal judges and justices to rewrite the Constitution "in the mainstream of American thinking," the ACLU thinking cultivated by media cartel puppets of global termites, including the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberger Society.

The conservative ranks are also termite infested. Wolves in sheep's clothing speak the line in political office or as reform group directors. They promote legal reform guised to protect global termites from liability for predatory damage to competitors, small businesses and citizens. They squelch oath, duty and checks and balances essential to any real reform, which will reduce frivolous litigation and predatory injuries, as will cleaning up the state bar associations.

Moreover, most honest conservatives think that huge corporations are victims of big government, or fear to offend them as job providers and soft money contributors. Bug spray will awaken this reality. Most huge corporations are global termites, the power behind the DNC, ACLU, judicial tyranny and anarchy fixing the plantation rules. This truth demands that all patriots and liberators in Congress apply the oath and duty to clean house, no matter who will be offended. This and continued bug spray will apply the rule of law to all. Many global puppets will be relieved. They too have children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors.

President Bush admires Teddy Roosevelt for busting up Robber Baron power above law and competitors. Yet he probably flunked Fundamentals 101, as have we. He needs notice that global termites exercise Robber Baron Power renewed by Trojan Horse and Karl Marx means. The judicial tyranny, socialistic fascism and high crime endanger we, the people, on his watch.

When given notice, the President's oath and duty will be to protect the Constitution and we, the people. He must 1) direct top-level DOJ investigations and indictments for the organized termite crime; 2) demand that Congress remove termite holes and 3) explain why, i.e., Kennedy types on the Senate Judiciary Committee foster judicial tyranny, ACLU and global power agendas. The public outrage will assure appointments of federal judges and justices committed to oath, duty and the Constitution, while causing tyrants to retire. The totality will renew our Constitution as the law of the land, rather than termite power by judicial anarchy. The President must lead out as Teddy W for we, the people, or earn public infamy. However, the White House is surely infested by those who will intercept this paper. So notice to the President by patriotic truth in the news and notice by other proper means is imperative.

The current and past Judiciary Committee Chairmen are key bull's eye pressure points; followed by Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, the President and Oklahoma Attorney General Edmondson. Bug spray in one arena will pressure all others, as will Teddy W leadership in the house cleaning, which is decades overdue.

The solutions are simple, designed by the Founding Fathers and empowered by truth. When responsibly planned, truth will empower patriotic liberators and shepherds to clean house. For all who fit into those shoes, your probing questions and uncommon leadership are expected.

¹The separations of power were designed to afford checks and balances of power. In 1998, six justices wounded the Constitution by invalidating the line item veto for infringing the separate power of Congress. The separate power issue was the guise used to abrogate checks and balances of power, the constitutional safeguard feared by termites.

²The penalty from the original states was carried forward by newer states, such as Oklahoma. The common law process of quo warranto also ousts for violating the oath of office. The Founders were wise, indeed.

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