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Lorne Dey
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By Lorne Dey

In just a few short months, Americans, under Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, if he is re-elected, are going to witness an all-out assault on the Constitution of the United States. This enemy of freedom will seek to do away with or fundamentally change the time-honored and obvious meanings of much of our Constitution and its amendments such as the right to keep and bear arms. This should be resisted the same way our founding fathers resisted Empirical Britain during the time of and leading up to the War for Independence.

The patriarchs of America based our nation’s Constitution on Natural Law, the same law that the Bible calls the law of conscience in the New Testament. People like Thomas Jefferson and the other framers of the Constitution understood that a natural law has been programmed into each one of us by our Creator. In other words, our Constitution, one of the greatest documents ever constructed by man, is based upon God’s laws of nature.

These Natural Laws are absolutes. Not only are they unchanging, but they can’t be altered by mortal men. The individual who goes against them sets himself against Almighty God. “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.”

Since our Constitution is the supreme law of the United States, any new law that seeks to change or contradict it can be reasonably deemed to be no law at all. If a new law is written by one or more of our corrupt politicians or if an existing Constitutional law is reinterpreted by some venal judge or tribunal of judges who claim it means something other than what it clearly states, that new statute is in direct conflict with the Supreme Law and should not be obeyed by a moral people because it is in direct conflict with the Creator Himself.

Marcus Tullius CiceroMarcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman philosopher whom the authors of our Constitution based their ideas upon and who wrote some 50 years or more before the birth of Christ, understood Natural Law very well. He said over two thousand years ago: “But the most foolish notion of all is the belief that everything is just which is found in the customs or laws of nations… What of the many deadly, the many pestilential statutes which nations put in force? These no more deserve to be called laws than the rules a band of robbers might pass in their assembly. For if ignorant and unskillful men have prescribed deadly poisons instead of healing drugs, these cannot possibly be called physician’s prescriptions; neither in a nation can a statute of any sort be called a law, even though the nation, in spite of being a ruinous regulation, has accepted it.”

The people that we contend with who are in high places in this country are not our countrymen in spirit for they serve only themselves. They are neither Godly, nor brave, nor honorable. They scheme to get what belongs to someone else and are thereby at a distinct disadvantage, for history shows that men of good will who resist evil do so for the sake of family, home, and country, and not for personal gain and often prevail against their nefarious and ambitious oppressors.

Many within the founding generation of America put everything they owned, even their very lives, on the line in order to resist such tyranny. Can we, will we, do any less?

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