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MMS and doctors who can't even
practice what they learned in school...
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A Letter to the Editor
By Russ Davenport

I just sent $10 [to the US~Observer MMS Defense Fund] and I'm not a rich person, but an organic farmer in Kansas. We are a small oasis surrounded by "Round-up" and have natural crops where thousands of birds and bees hang-out regularly on our one acre farm. I can also assure you I write about one letter like this every ten years. I've worked for a federal agency (and I'm proud of the work done there) and I'm the son of a private land owner (also proud of that work). IN BOTH cases though, we working citizens with educations and aspirations are always getting screwed over by someone "in Washington or on Wall Street" (a.k.a. big business).

In Feb 2011, I contracted what is likely to be Lyme Disease and after having correlated symptoms (and wasting a few thousand dollars on THREE doctors in two states), I found myself in a "haze" where my vision was suddenly going fast AND Tinnitus occurred in my left ear OVERNIGHT. The left side of my head then had (and to this day still has) "something" attacking it as I also had blurred vision, a pain deep in the center of the left eye, and daily discharges of heavy amounts of thick, disgusting phlegm. Even after biking 100 miles a week (rock steady for two months) the phlegm (to this day) occurs first thing EVERY morning when I awake and sometimes throughout the day.

"Neural Lyme" is the best guess but my Blue Cross insurance can't help me due to the ancient test they go by AND they won't allow NEW tests that are 98% (Vs. 40%) accurate to be run-- why? Nobody knows how to fix healthcare, but we do know WHY it's broken: "big oligopolies working for an oligarchy of the few," and this is even mentioned by a former WTO economist (among others one might hear speaking at TED). A good friend (and MD) I hunt with says, "we really are great at 'preventative' and 'emergency' medicine in the USA- BUT we suck in the middle." I also should add than he is a surgeon who doesn't HAVE to work "in the middle" (and he is glad for that fact). He is scared for his children and being a kid off the ranch, like me, he himself doesn't have a plan for his children WHEN they get bitten by that tick.

After all else was tried, money and jet fuel were wasted, and frustrations were hitting peak levels in my life-- a friend of my mother's mandated I try MMS as she had used it for HER Lyme for years and controlled it ever since while hoping one day for a cure she still can not find after many years of (like all of us) waiting. But she was happy and said that when using the MMS correctly, she was very little effected by her Lyme. So I did order and try it-- that was 19 months ago and I CAN say it works pretty good. I still have the phlegm hack (no matter how hard I work out) and the tinnitus is often still there but slight WHEN I use MMS regularly. This last Spring I ran out of the MMS product I purchased (from one of the "approved" sellers) and had to go three weeks without it. I thought that maybe whatever I had been "killing off" might be finally gone-- but it was not and it returned with a vengeance. I found myself back to that starting point where my head rang like a jet was right outside my back door; my eye was full of puss in the mornings, the shooting pains came back; and I generally felt as I had over a year prior before I started using this stuff.

All I can really say here is that despite my very bad opinion of those in charge of "deathcare" and basic math skills (which shockingly are lost by many of my peers once they start "MAKING" money), I would be in a very bad place without this stuff; I'd be under the control of the FDA and doctor's who can't even practice their craft. This stuff works, DMSO works and other non-pharmacological treatments WORK; the only difference between them and "medicine" is what the FDA says it to be. I ALSO have a good friend who is another (retired) MD who helped reform much of the world's largest HMO (Kaiser Permanente's). Dr Cain is my business partner (and best friend's) father who wrote a preface in his well received emergency room procedural guide (used all over the US for 25 years now) stating how DMSO (also used by me and the proponents of MMS) was a superb and even better alternative to (then expensive) Cortisone. He concluded that much research was needed BUT that current research showed excellent potential. He lastly criticizes his industry for "ignoring" such an amazing and effective compound and asks "why aren't we using this yet?"

I'd like to think that the history of these "US policies of death for profit" might one day be reflected as Hitler's accurately was-- fascism comes in NEW forms every day and it's not cool when the bullet is suddenly pointing at you. But I won't let the bullet enter the back of my head and MMS is nothing more than a substance like thousands of others that is legal and always has been so breaking down the logic, there is NO OTHER explanation for what is happening here with MMS than exactly what has been reported by the US Observer - the FDA's recent actions reflect a straight-forward and greater fascist agenda, from the top power holders of our day, who are blatantly and directly violating our Bill of Rights...AND "they" are pulling the FDA strings hard BECAUSE MMS actually works.

Wikipedia and other FUD elements are coming, just like with effective treatments in the late 60s being suddenly lumped all together into Schedule 1 "illegal" substances. Some of those substances were being used for effective treatments then (and today in a few truly free societies some of these substances are being used to treat wealthy American citizens who can afford to leave the country for treatment). The best solutions are often the most simple and when there is no money to be made: ONLY your family, close friends (and a FEW social agencies) are going to help you in life today in the USA. As a country today, we are sadly at this point and the result of neglected citizens will be "spun" into political warfare where all but those responsible get blamed for the messes created by big money. I wonder what would happen with the "for (massive) profit" model if say Polio hit today (instead of the middle of the last century)? I'd bet Lexus and BMW would have a super cool line of bad-ass wheelchairs!

Until recently-- we would all agree the FDA (and most agencies) were looking out for the people of this great nation. Now we, the same people, KNOW they are instead helping a few very big companies "prey" upon us. I'll personally elect to die trying to do the right thing for my health and community before I allow modern day gangsters to extort my future from me and my family. Until then, about 2 cents a day keeps me detoxified, clear minded and as healthy as I CAN be until someone, somewhere in the future actually starts again working FOR WE THE PEOPLE. I'm not betting on that one though.

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