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Triumphs and Tears -
A Continuing Tax Case Saga
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By Edward Snook
US~Observer Investigative Reporter

Back in 1990’s a nationwide tax-shelter business named Anderson’s Ark Associates (AAA) was created and promoted by Jim Cody, Richard Marks, Keith Anderson and ex-IRS employee Roosevelt Drummer.

Literally hundreds of people bought into AAA, and it wasn’t long before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was watching AAA and those associated with this program.

The IRS quickly determined that AAA was a tax evasion scheme. In short order, they built cases against the participants and indicted them.

One hero lawyer became involved with defending people against the IRS, while one attorney appeared to show himself the villain in this continuing saga.

Read the history of Houston, Texas Lawyer Michael Minn’s unbelievable triumphs representing certain AAA members and read how Washington State Attorney Scott Engelhard exposed himself as unethical and dishonest, while he represented others.

Read all about Lawyer Michael Minns obtaining an acquittal on 64 federal felony charges in 2007 for James and Pamela Moran after they had already been convicted on these charges in a prior federal trial. And, read about his relentless pursuit of justice for Dr. Erik Dehlinger to this very day!

The US~Observer is proud to feature this history on Minns, AAA, Dr. Dehlinger and how Dehlinger’s own Attorney Scott Engelhard helped convict him and keep him in prison.


64 Federal Felonies Beaten

The Lawyer Who Represented Himself

The Lawyer Who Testified Against His Client

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