Children For Sale? FBI Raids
Ohio International Adoption Agency

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By Joseph Snook
Investigative Reporter

FBI raided European Adoption Consultants (EAC)
out of Ohio on Feb. 14, 2017

Strongsville, OH - The U.S. Department of State has debarred European Adoption Consultants, Inc. (EAC) from accreditation for three years. Serious allegations were leveled at the agency, including, "evidence of a pattern of serious, willful, or grossly negligent failure to comply with the standards and of aggravating circumstances indicating that continued accreditation of EAC would not be in the best interests of the children and families concerned, according to U.S. Dept. of State records.

After being debarred, the FBI raided EAC almost two months later on Feb. 14, 2017. The FBI has yet to release an official report about why the adoption agency was raided after operations were halted by federal authorities. Allegations of selling children have been reported.

Representatives of the adoption agency were quoted in an online video stating, "It's important to work with a reputable adoption agency..." which could be considered greatly misleading, considering the reports that have now been leveled against the reportedly closed for business adoption agency.

The State Department's investigation also alleged that the adoption agency failed safety procedures that prevent, "...solicitation of bribes; fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent..." that landed children at the agency to begin with.

State Dept. further allegations against EAC

In a report on EAC's website, they stated, "we disagree with many, if not most, of the statement and are considering the option of appeal..."

According to its website, EAC operates intercountry adoption programs in Bulgaria, China, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Honduras, India, Panama, Poland, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ukraine.

For a video report, click here.

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