April 2010

Demanding Accountability

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Tea, Again? Really?
How Quaint.

By Ron Lee
The Verbal Assassin

The Tea Parties waged their vocal war again this April 15th. All across the nation the people gathered, railed against the continuing decline into what can only be called the socialism of the United States. But, these voices of disdain fell silent on the ears of a President who called them ungrateful.

Ken LegauxKen Legaux - Owner of Oregon Electric

What I didn't realize is that there is a large portion of citizens who feel just that way, that the tea parties are reprehensible. For them, the Tea Party movement, is more of a racial issue. For these liberal practitioners, it is all about the president. They see the Tea Party signs that demonize Obama; that call health care reform "Obamacare"; that say that the country has become an "Obamanation." They are, of course, not seeing the whole picture, or, at very least, not admitting the bias by which they are viewing the protests.

After leaving the Grants Pass, Oregon, Tea Party I found several people standing on a street corner looking up the street with quizzical looks on their faces. "What's going on up there?" I was asked. "The Tea Party," I said fairly flatly not to emphasize my own feelings about the event.

What I stumbled upon was an individual who felt the Tea Parties were wastefully irresponsible and that the people in them were all just right-wing racists. She really believed that they are just targeting Obama on the basis of the color of his skin, not on the continuing socialism he is cramming down our throats with the help of his congressional buddies. She asked me where all these people were when Bush, Clinton and even Reagan were presidents. I told her I remembered them, and that in my opinion it was the running of Ron Paul for president that really galvanized this movement into what we see now, and that it definitely pre-dated Obama being president.

But, she wasn't budging. She wouldn't agree that her war protests and her anti-Bush signs were the same kind of protesting. She couldn't see that she suffers from the new American flaw of perception that government gives you your rights, and she couldn't see that people who rely on government are for more of it.

tea-quaintBut the Tea Partiers suffer from their own flaws of perception. I mean really, even our forebears knew when enough was enough when it came to tactics. They knew that their tea party had to be followed-up with other methods of protest. But, not people today. They simply don't realize that their voices of opposition aren't making any difference, except to blow off steam. Look at where we are today as opposed to where we were a year ago. Any change? Lots, and it is all in a direction to ever higher deficits, debt, control, expanding government, the loss of each citizen's rights and the bolstering of the government's.

And, oh ... you ungrateful little peons, don't you know you should be grateful to the government? Hey, it's not coming from me, that's straight from the president. Well, maybe not straight, maybe I am embellishing a bit, but c'mon, he said the protestors should be grateful when it came to the level of taxes they pay. Can you believe that? Well, I can. There is no respect for an individuals feelings or beliefs unless it affects the new social direction our government is trying to push.

The fact is everyone is buying it - even the Tea Partiers! I've seen it, Tea Partiers go home after waving their Tea Party sign, read their favorite Glenn Beck book or turn on FOX News and grumble, but they buy right in to the program because in the back of their minds they don't BELIEVE they can do more than they are doing. Are you kidding me?! That kind of thinking would have kept us British!

This is war, albeit an ideological one, and we have to get creative or we will surely just get washed away. But, we can't even agree on where we want to go, and how we want to get there, and we would much rather sit around and complain than be faced with any personal hardship. It's sad. While I completely believe with the Tea Parties in principle, I believe our country's state is that of distress, and I don't know if it can wait until the next election before we lose the few remaining liberties we have left.

Unrelated Tangent -
Spreading Lies

I am going to shoot-straight on this, and not beat around the proverbial bush ... If you want to know something about someone, talk to them. Don't rely on others to answer on behalf of someone else, because all you will get is embellishment and distortions of the truth.

This is true, too, of those running for political office and those opposing them. Talk to the candidate if you can before choosing who it is you are going to vote for.

I am so sick of people spreading innuendos, half-truths, and all out lies just so they can hear themselves yap.

I challenge each of you, every person in this country to act with honor and integrity, for the reputation you may save, is your own.

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