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Pentagon loses track of weapons for Iraqi forces --Reuters
ALERT! Qaeda member threatens U.S. embassies --Reuters

US~Observer Exclusive Headlines

Internal Revenue Scam
IRS “Con”spiracy Charge in Montana
America’s Creating Debtor Prisons

Jurors True Duties --US~Observer

Show Me the Law
A Case of Serial Criminals

Oscar "The Grouch" Nealy?
JoCo attorney tenders resignation

Welcome to the Methborhood --US~Observer

23 – 60: A Lifetime Behind Bars --US~Observer

Sentenced for Another's Crime
Jury Convicts Mother Despite Evidence

Oregon News

Residents hot regarding fire rating --Illinois Valley News

A Report to Oregonians

Oregon Prescription Drug Program
Now Open to ALL Oregonians!

Victory for Gun Owning Foster Parents --OFF

Grange Resolution -
“The Law of the Sea Treaty”
--Deer Creek Grange

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

In the Nation

Attorney acquitted on federal income tax charges --The Times

Tax Withholding On The Ropes?
U.S. Unable To Prove It’s Not Voluntary
--We The People Foundation

China's Deadly Goods Wreak Havoc --Newsweek

Legal Brief: Border Agents Charged
With 'Non-Existent Crime'

Protests erupt as U.S. city
gives illegal immigrants IDs

Sheriff's hot-line
stirs up Hispanics
--The Arizona Republic

Border agent says China ordered his prosecution
Now seeks $25 million from government
after acquittal on excessive force charge

US judge rules town's
anti-illegal immigrant laws unconstitutional

Chevron quarterly profit hits all-time high
San Ramon company has best earnings in its history
--SF Chronicle

Nursing home cat can sense death --Reuters

Health / Science

12 Common Cancer Myths Debunked

US Set To Have Worst
West Nile Virus For Years
--Medical News Today

First skin patch okayed
for Alzheimer's victims

Need a Cigarette and a Cocktail?
Just Pop a Pill Instead
--Scientific American

Clone-burgers 'to hit US menus' --PA News

Coffee and exercise 'fight skin cancer' --Times Online


Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885


Our Nation's Plight:
Such a Simple Solution

The Sad Case of the Spotted Owl

Fed Chairman: Delusional or Deceptive?

Open Borders Leave Us Vulnerable to Attack

China Wins NAFTA Super-Highway Battle --Jerome Corsi

Edition 19 Letters to the Editor --US~Observer


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