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US~Observer Headlines

Federal Judge Cebull Directs Guilty Verdict
IRS – AUSA Forge Tax Return

IRS: Justice for None --US~Observer

Former Fed. Reserve Director:
Taxes for revenue are obsolete
--Devvy Kidd

Time for a Charter Change?
Communication Company Upsets Consumers

Medford's Mail Tribune
Intimidates With Lawsuit

US~Observer Oklahoma
Obstruction of Justice
Pastor Ryan Wonderly’s False Prosecution

US~Observer Oklahoma
Caught in the Coils
Atty. John W. Coyle’s Abuse of Ryan Wonderly

Jurors’ True Duties
Take back control before it’s too late

Oregon News

Josephine County “Report” --Jim Raffenburg

Senate approves energy bill,
but without safety net extension
--News Review

Josephine County Sheriff Guest Editorial --Gil Gilbertson

Your news at

In the Nation

Judge Blackmails Parents to Immunize Children

Judge Nixes Oklahoma's
Guns-in-Locked-Cars Law

How US Atty. Sutton Stacked the Deck
Against 2 Border Patrol Agents

IAEA: Terrorist might detonate
a Dirty Bomb in a major city
--Zee News

Firefighters asked to report people
who express discontent with the government
--Raw Story

Feds Uncovered Plot to Kill JFK in Chicago,
Says Ex-Secret Service Agent

Leading presidential candidates on immigration --Reuters

Major Media Now Dismissing,
Rather Than Ignoring, NAU Threat

Birching Congress on the North American Union

Around the Globe

Spy chief warns of China web threat --AFP

Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women --AFP

Brazilian drug runners shoot at Santa --Telegraph

Health / Science

US Experts Mull Flu Drugs,
Abnormal Behavior Link

3 Common Drugs Trigger
Most ER Visits by Seniors
--HealthDay News

Merck recalls children's vaccines --Reuters

Jet From Supermassive Black Hole
Seen Blasting Neighboring Galaxy
--Washington Post


Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885


AMERICA: The Fall From Grace and Power --Greg Evensen

Buy a Gun --Chuck Baldwin

Why True Patriots Are Timeless American Heroes --Greg Evensen

Grange Resolution --Deer Creek Grange

Letters to the Editor --US~Observer


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