January 2007

Demanding Accountability

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US~Observer Exclusive Headlines

DHS Creates a Modern Day Tragedy

Oklahoma False Prosecution
Corrupt Cop(s), and Lying Witnesses


Oklahoma Justice –
Prison For Life For The Innocent


The Perfect Oklahoma Coercion;
Innocent Elementary Children’s Pastor in Prison?


Gold Hill’s Bad Councilors
& Gasso - A Convicted Heroin Dealer


To Hate Bikers!
DA Stephen Campbell Files False Charges


Unfit JoCo Judges

Foul Play Uncovered
In the False Conviction of Kris Smith


Guns, Dirty Politics, and Thieves

Club 71 - Lacey Update

Oregon News

Confusion hampered search for Kims
Gaps in communication among agencies
and leadership shortcomings proved costly


Please read "Triple Shot" by the Verbal Assassin for
Commentary on the JoCo sheriff's response to the Oregonian article

Oregon sheriffs group
to review search for Kim family


Governor wants report on
agency actions during Kim search


Gas Prices in Oregon Number 2 in Nation

The Grange:
Adopted Resolutions for a Stronger America


Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

In the Nation

Marijuana top US cash crop, policy analyst says

U.S. violent crimes jump in first half of 2006

Sold Out by Farm Bureau ...
to The National Animal Identification System

--Karin Bergener

Army eyes 1 million acres for warfare training
Landowners unwilling to sell
could face condemnation proceedings


Illegal Aliens Murder 12 Americans Daily

Texas city puts ‘English only’ policy into action
--Dallas Morning News

World News

You Are Time's Person of the Year

Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq

Saddam's reign leaves destruction behind

Saddam Hussein, rise and fall of a strongman

The Hussein Execution Video

Health / Science

UN Report Pours 'Cold Water' on Global Warming?

Kids With High IQs
Grow Up to Be Vegetarians


Big bellies tied to
greater heart disease risk


Food & Drug Admin. says cloned animals safe to eat

Possible Alzheimer's fingerprint found

Cutting Back On Cigarettes May Not Cut Risks


Have you been falsely charged with a crime? Call 541-474-7885


“Hallowed Ground”
Government's Relentless Assault on Private Property


Dialing 9-1-1 May Ruin Your Life

Police State Mentality Breeds
Poor Judgment, Quick Triggers


Triple Shot
--Verbal Assassination

Letters to the Editor


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