January 2010

Demanding Accountability

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Elderly Woman Forced Into State Custody

By Joseph Snook
Investgative Reporter

Trempealeau County, WI - She's not a criminal. She's broken no laws. But, She's being held against her will by the State of Wisconsin. Why? It’s a tragic story about what can happen when you are alone in the world and lose control of your rights, your money, and your ability to complain. This is what has been reported about an elderly lady from Manitowac, Wisconsin.

Shigeko Skarvan, a widow and "forced" patient of over seven years finally has hope. Through a close friend, Robert Neuser, Shigeko's unfortunate circumstances are being voiced. Robert contacted the US~Observer to tell a horrifying story of abuse. Shigeko was admitted to Manitowac County Health Center alomst eight years ago when she suffered a stroke according to court records and has since been sent to a lock down facility (Trempealeau County HCC) and treated for numerous health problems which have been reported as completely false. Robert has been trying to get Shigeko removed from Trempealeau County Health Care Center with no such luck as of yet.

According to court documents, the state now controls Shigeko's monthly income, real estate and all personal assets. It has been reported that Shigeko has been wrongfully diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by Dr. Ruben Adams in order to keep her medicated against her will. Robert Neuser stated, "Shigeko is not allowed to talk to me on the phone because she refuses to take the medication." What was simply reported a stroke has turned into a loss of every freedom Shigeko once had. While attempting to contact the Omsbudsman of Wisconsin, this reporter was given numerous contact names and numbers which have led nowhere. I have contacted Trempealeau County HCC in an attempt to talk to Shigeko, but wasn't allowed. I contacted her previous attorney and was told that he wasn't allowed to give client information wihtout consent. I have left numerous messages for Shigeko's former legal guardian, Rhonda Trader with no return phone calls. I have contacted Phillip Borreson with the Trempealeau HCC and was told that he won't be returning calls until after Jan. 1st, 2010. Why all the secrecy and what could make all of these people unwilling to speak with a journalist if they have nothing to hide?

Shigeko reportedly has family in Japan who will be contacted next. With help from the US~Observer, Robert Neuser looks forward to getting Shigeko's life back for her soon.

If you have any information about Shigeko or someone else being held against their will, please contact the US~Observer at 541-474-7885.

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