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Kevin Driscoll
Raped by Prosecutor
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By Joseph Snook
Investigative Journalist

Kevin Driscoll before arrested
Kevin Driscoll - Before Arrested

Frightened and confused, Kevin Driscoll pulled his car over as the sirens blared behind him. Struggling to understand what was going on, Kevin was informed that he was being taken to the police station for questioning. This ordinary Saturday, had come to a shocking halt.

Kevin was given two choices; cooperate and you won't be arrested, or don’t and we will arrest you. Shocked and in disbelief, Kevin, who had no criminal record, didn't hesitate to cooperate fully, yet he was still arrested and locked-up.

What followed is difficult to grasp, and hard to relate to, but is something everyone in America is susceptible to.

Kevin Driscoll Arrested
Kevin Driscoll

As his life flashed before his eyes, reality was far from sinking in. Kevin was jailed for serious felony crimes he did not commit. He spent two long weeks in jail and the next 10 months under house arrest.

Mainstream media reports based on no factual evidence whatsoever, provided by detectives and prosecutors, nearly cost Kevin his life. Like breaking your leg, no one knows the pain, until they experience it; like losing a loved one, you can only relate once you have felt the loss.

Maliciously prosecuting Kevin, was a corrupt deputy district attorney who is currently immune from civil suit for the crimes she committed against him. Forced to acknowledge the facts and visual displeasure of the jury during trial, prosecutor Jody Vaughan attempted to blackmail Kevin. Faced with 300 months if convicted, Kevin was offered 6 months, if he would accept a plea-bargain for a crime he was innocent of. Confident in the facts that were exposed by the US~Observer, Kevin didn’t take the deal and put the next 25 years of his life in the hands of the jurors.

One Newspaper, the US~Observer, found the truth and fought to prove his innocence and on October 6, 2010, Kevin was found not guilty of all charges. After rendering their verdict, the jurors hugged Kevin and then took him to lunch!

However his story is far from over. Kevin and his family have spent over $100-thousand fighting this false prosecution. His home is in foreclosure, and he lost his high-paying job with the FAA. His name and reputation is publically ruined, and as of right now he has no remedy for this malicious attack against him because of immunity. It must be ended. Prosecutors with their above the law style prosecuting must be held accountable!

Quite simply, we ask those of you who think this could never happen to you, to give it more thought. This is real, it happens to thousands of innocent people each and every year according to the American Bar Association.

Help the US~Observer fight this travesty. Help Kevin and the US~Observer’s lawsuit against the unconstitutional case-law that places those who should represent us, above us – above the law. Give generously, because your contribution will make a difference in many, many lives - quite possibly your own or one of your loved ones.

Or You can send a check or money order to:
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