June 2010

Demanding Accountability

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Immigrants vs. Illegals
There is a Difference

Ron Lee
By Ron Lee

Immigration is fundamental to the United States and since the inception of this country it has often been hard for immigrants to nationalize. The most famous of the immigration stations is Ellis Island where it is estimated that 40% of all current U.S. citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors to having come through its doors. Lines were often days long at Ellis Island yet these immigrants knew what was at stake and stayed the course, only to receive their initial papers and be told that they had years ahead of them before they would be considered a citizen of the United States. Little has changed. It is still hard to become a citizen of the United States. Some say too hard. But, the fact is, it is supposed to be a process.

ImmigrationTo quote a friend, "You can't just walk into a clinic, throw on a lab coat, and expect to be considered a doctor ... You have to go through the process of becoming a doctor. You have to earn it." The same is true of our process of naturalization. While it may be difficult, expensive and time consuming, you are changing the country to which you swear allegiance; the country you call home. You are adopting a new culture to be your own, releasing your native culture for one that you feel is better. This process NEEDS to be hard, it is a massive decision!

People today, however, suffer from the need to be instantly gratified. They want it now. And furthermore, they want it their way. The same is true with immigration. Many who have illegally crossed into our border want the benefits of living in this country without having to go through the process, perhaps because they have more immediate needs. They need to make more money than they do where they are. They need to feel more secure than they do. The solution in many cases shouldn't be running to a new country, but changing the one you have to better meet your expectations as a citizen. The answer should never be to take from someone else's country, but that is exactly what is happening.

When someone crosses the border without permission and going through that process, they are a criminal, period. They have broken the law. That is not a matter of being racist, it is a matter of logic. I, for one, abhor the use of the word "racism". Its mere utterance creates itself. By using it you become racist because you adopt the philosophy that there are separate races, when in fact there is only one race and that is human.

Here we are with anywhere from 11 million to 20 million (depending on whose data you use) ILLEGAL aliens residing within the United States. That is an INVASION! It is reprehensible that it has ever gotten that bad

For those who say that legal immigration is too difficult, there are nearly 1 million legal immigrants per year who have gone through the process and it has been that way for some years now. In 2008 alone, there were 1,107,126 legal immigrants. We welcome you. We want you. We thank you for being a part of this great experiment.

For the almost equal number of "immigrants" who crossed our borders illegally in 2008, go home to whatever country you came from. Come back when you want to be a part of our society; when you will let go of trying to make our country a replica of the one from which you came; when you realize that we are not here to give you anything, you have to work for it, and that even means having to work through the process of legally immigrating. Once you do that, we don't care the color of your skin, the country of your origin or the belief you may practice, you will be one of us, an American. --

We recently sent out the following e-mail alert in support of Arizona - whose new law is already unenforced Federal law. The response was overwhelming!

US~Observer News Alert
- Standing with Arizona -

Recently, we at the US~Observer were in preliminary development of a conference on the Constitution, Rights and You (CRY). The focus of this conference was the continual decline by which the Federal government chooses to uphold the Constitution and how this lack of constitutionality affects the very basic elements of our country and justice system. We had scheduled many high-profile speakers to attend and host intimate discussions with the conference attendees. Our selected host city, Sacramento, California was going to be the perfect location, however, due to California's stance on the Arizona illegal alien law and their war-like boycott of Arizona, we can not in good conscience sanction an event in California and have since put the conference development on hold.

Furthermore, having actually read the Arizona law, we would like to state that we stand behind Arizona, and any other state who adopts a similar stance, 100 percent!!!

Immigration has never been the issue. Immigration is fundamental to our society and we welcome all people who want to legally be a part of our wonderful Republic.

An illegal alien is not an immigrant; they are law-breaking invaders. Being such, it is our Federal Government's constitutionally-mandated duty to protect us. Should the Federal Government not uphold this, it falls to the State and the People, respectively.

Read the law. Read the Constitution. That is our advice to all those who sit in any public office.

Arizona Illegal Immigrant
E-Mail Alert Reader Reactions (verbatim):

I have no problem with legal immigration.

I want to know why the government is undermining the American people? They promote the out sourcing of our manufacturing base, the destruction of our standard of living and the debasing of religion.

It seems they are supporting socialism, other world religions and greed at every corner. The war on drugs is a farce. It doesn't take much to see there officials getting rich over this. We don't seem to be a republic any more.

Why is the government not working for the people?

Everything I am witnessing from the upper level of government, shows me our rights are slipping away. The constitution is being raped and this is being done by both parties.


I fully support the new AZ law regarding illegal aliens.

--Jim Wiggins

I commend you for cancelling your meeting in Calif. I wish more companies would do it. Thanks you for reading the law and standing behind us in AZ. Why don't you have that meeting here? We'd welcome you. And it would be good for you to notify the local media that you are doing it because of HR1070. Thank You.

--Charlene Tipton,
Living Water Ranch Rescue
Tonopah, AZ

This president, his cabinet and the Democrats are not supporting the legal citizens of this country. They have sworn to uphold the Constitution yet they consider it an obstacle to their goals. Hopefully, November will stop their agenda.

--QB Bagenski

I strongly support the recent legislation enacted by the Arizona State Legislature and signed by Governor Jan Brewer. Arizona, perhaps more than any state in the union per capita has been flooded with foreign invaders, many who come into our state with violent criminal intentions. The law addresses many of the problems that have been generated by these criminals. The governor and legislators who enacted this legislation are to be applauded and supported for their courage and commitment to uphold our safety and security.

--K.L. Adams, Mesa, Arizona

This was written by a Mexican who is now a naturalized US Citizen, and I think it's a great explanation of the illegal immigration issue:

"If you had tickets to a sports event, concert, Disneyland, or for an airline flight, and when you got to your assigned seat you found someone else was in that seat, what would you do? You would call for a person in charge of ticket checking and have the person in your seat removed. You would properly be asked to show your ticket, and you would gladly and proudly do so, for you have bought and paid for that seat. The person in your seat would also be asked for a ticket, which they would not be able to produce. They would be called "gate crashers" and they would properly be removed.

Now in this huge stadium called the USA we have had millions of gate crashers. We have been asking security to check for tickets and remove the gate crashers. We have been asking security to have better controls in checking at the door. We have asked security to lock the back doors. Security has failed us. They are still looking the other way. They are afraid to ask to see the tickets. Many people say there is unlimited seating, and whether there is or not, no one should be allowed in for free while the rest of us pay full price!

In "section AZ", of "Stadium USA", we have had enough of the failures of Security. We have decided to do our own ticket checking, and properly remove those who do not have tickets. Now it seems very strange to me that so many people in the other 49 "sections", and even many in our own "section" do not want tickets checked, or even to be asked to show their ticket! Even the head of Security is chastising us, while not doing his own job which he has sworn to do.

My own ticket has been bought and paid for, so I am proudly going to show it when asked to do so. I have a right to my seat, and I want the gate crashers to be asked to show their tickets too. The only reason that I can imagine anyone objecting to being asked for their ticket is that they are in favor of gate crashing, and all of the illegal activities that go with it, such as drug smuggling, gang wars, murder, human smuggling for profit, and many more illegal and inhumane acts that we are trying to prevent with our new legislation. Is that what I am hearing from all of the protestors such as Phoenix Mayor Gordon, US Rep. Grijalva, even President Obama? If you are not in favor of showing tickets, (proof of citizenship, passport, green card, or other legal document) when asked, as I would do proudly,
then you must be condoning those illegal activities."

--Written by a US Citizen, Globe, Arizona

I'm with you 100%! It is outrageous that our government is totally ignoring it's citizens!!!!! What can we do??? They have our money, control our armies and are almost demanding to take our guns away. This is not the America I grew up in and loved and would have given my life for!!!!!

--Maureen O'Leary, SC

In reality Arizona should never have to pass such a law. The protection of our borders lies within the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. This present administration is doing everything in it's power to undermine our Constitution. Open and undefended borders that allow illegal persons to enter a country undermines a nation's sovereignty. Of course, this administration is well aware of the above facts. Isn't it sad that all states have not passed a similar bill as Arizona. If the other 49 states passed similar measures, it would send a message to Washington.

Thanks from a concerned citizen,

--Jim Moan

DENY THEM EMPLOYMENT!!!!!!!!! If a US citizen is caught employing an illegal there should be mandatory fine and maybe jail time for repeat offenders. The reason the Mexicans come is for the money. Cut off the money/welfare/free education/health care and I guarantee that they will go home.

Quite simple in my view.

I'm well aware that when traveling abroad, it is necessary to keep ID readily available. However, if I were an American (I'm Canadian married to an American) I would be incensed at having to show identity at checkpoints and to any cop that decided to make my identification his personal affairs. This bill doesn't apply just if a person is stopped for a unrelated offense. A cop can stop anyone at any time and demand government issued ID. Did you catch that? ANYONE. You could be standing in line at McDonalds, or at the park with your kids. The guy I was referring to on Youtube was a truck driver. He had his drivers licence on him but the Police demanded his Birth Certificate and locked him up until his wife was able to bring it to him. This bill also grants the Police immunity from any civil action arising from their misuse of this legislation. Why? If they are such upstanding pillars of virtue this would be unnecessary....I know that you know, based on the articles I've read in your fine publication, that there are too many police officers willing and able to do things that are not honorable. This bill just gives them another excuse to continue their boorish behavior.

Trading liberty for safety is ludicrous in EVERY situation. The government has proven time and time again, that once it takes a piece of liberty, it never returns it. It slowly takes a piece here and a piece there until one day you will wake up and it will all be gone.


P.S. Just because you have had a statute on the books for years doesn't make that law any more legitimate. The length of time on the books has no bearing on its lawfulness. It just proves that a good lawyer hasn't gotten it in front of a good, constitution loving, judge.

I am with you. I support Arizona's new law. I am working to put a similar bill on the ballot in Washington State.

--Janet Newcomer

You are completely correct. An Illegal Alien Invader is not an immigrant. PERIOD. By the media and those "legal Minded" people who love to manipulate through the use of WORDS OF ART (or rather what Yahweh Almighty would state are just LIES), the brain dead, illiterate masses are buying into the lie happily and propagating it as far as their stupid private conversations amongst each other will go. My personal comment to all of the Criminal Trespassers is - get out before one of us shoots you for Trespassing!

--Laura Wilson

A state who is finally going to enforce our immigration laws! What a concept! Good for Arizona and the states who will follow them.

This after the past 4 Presidents and their administrations who simply refused to enforce our immigration laws. Even after 9/11 they still did nothing to secure our borders and the illegals still kept pouring over. By the grace of God, we caught a few potential terrorists but unknown numbers managed to sneak into our nation, most likely awaiting orders to do damage when given orders to do so.

Our elected officials from Obama on down the line took an oath to support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States. A shame so many of them have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes !

What is even worse is the fact they are STILL in office !


--Mrs. Nancy Ayers, Cheyenne, WY

I have just recently ordered 100 copies of the US Constitution, and carry a copy with me at all time. Never know when it will come in handy. As for Arizona, I am in complete agreement with them on the new legislation on illegals. When the federal government fails to fulfill their obligations, the states need to step up to bat and do what is needed to take care of the situation. I applaud the strong people in the Arizona legislature and the Governor of that great state for taking the ball and running with it. We all need to give them our support, and hope that some of the mealy mouthed governors along the border get the message and acct accordingly. It is needed.

--Gus Metz, Point, TX

I think Ariz. is absolutely right. I'm astounded they're getting so much flack...but I shouldn't be. Damn the Leftists. Yay for Ariz.


--Lawrence Noder

I have been a Welder for about 30 years. the last job that I had, I was fired so that they could replace me with an illegal Mexican to do the same job that I was doing , but at a lower rate.

Because of that , I have lost my house,and am struggling to pay my bills. I cannot tell you how long I have waited for something like this.


This has gone on way too long.

--Mark Mattern

Well I think that is no good reason to not come to California. A few politicians are going to scare you off?



Bravo! It's nice to see someone trying to support AZ doing the right thing.

Why not hold your conference somewhere in AZ?

Keep up the good work.

--Susan Henriques, Pennsylvania

I wholeheartedly agree with Arizona and their enforcement of federal immigration laws.

These laws should have been enforced decades ago.

Illegal immigrant is a doublespeak term. The correct term is illegal aliens; they are lawbreakers and should be treated as such.

The federal government has been and still is committing blatant treason against the states and their citizens.


--Madeline K. Carter, Watauga County, North Carolina

I think Arizona has gone a little too far. If it was such a problem why didn't Sen. McCain bring this up before congress and propose some form of legislation. Where was Senator McCain all these years---Oh yes, as far as I can remember he condoned the status quo.


I stand with Arizona.

Our federal government ignores even the most fundamental responsibilities except our gun rights and dream up new insults to us on a daily/hourly basis.

Facebook is a good source for information to witness this due to the diversity of people taking such an interest.

I am glad to hear that your paper is standing with Arizona and hope you will stay the course.

--Rob P
P.S. I live in California and I missed the part where you took a stance on not holding the conference in Sacramento. California is wrong to attack Arizona!!! Plain and simple, you made the right choice.

I think you should hold your conference in Arizona!!!!!!!

I support Arizona 100%. They have no support from our so called government. It just backs up the Federal law.

I wish my state of Georgia would join in also.

I will personally not buy, participate or anything else from any state that doesn't stand behind them. That would be un American in my opinion.

The very idea that Mexico has more stringent laws than we do is sickening. The liberals, etc. have become cowards. If things don't change soon, it will be too late to recover. Our poor children are the ones who are going to suffer for the actions of our Congress. We MUST vote the ones out that are determined to destroy us from within.

I wish I was able to help out, but my husband has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and things don't look good. But I send emails, etc every chance I get.

Thank You,

--Patsy Pinholster

I am so happy to see someone claiming states rights. I support Arizona... I hope to see the usurper Obama impeached soon, and the traitors in congress indicted.


It is my opinion that ALL citizens should stand with Arizona and join in with their brave, yet necessary immigration law regarding all illegal trespassors in our country.

I have read the PDF file on Arizonas` immigration laws and find them more than "fair" with the fees charged to the invaders.

Because our government is dragging their feet in protecting citizens, Arizona must protect their citizens more than ever as they are living in a very hot spot of the united states.



Might I suggest that you make arrangements to take your conference to AZ. Would help protect them from further economic damage by the various boycotts taking place.


Sirs, me and the wife, and about, well hell, everybody I know, is cheering AZ's decision to start enforcing the law when its in order to do so. Few pols have the guts to stand up and do it. I am a yellow dog dem, but Obama baby, you are wrong, wrong, wrong on this issue. Even the most ignorant person can see the fairly simple wording of the definition of what constitutes being illegal in the USA. Its unarguable and no way is it being racist. Just get stopped in Mexico by the local gendarmes and see the hell you go thru! And then the honorable el presidente from the crime capitol of the world has the nerve to come here and be wined and dined at my expense and talk about racial profiling. What the hell does he think we owe him for? Bush and company took good care of him and i guess Obama is going to continue the favor. I really do resent them all for totally ignoring the constitution tho. Its reprehensible and treason in my eyes! There is absolutely no logical reason that they can try to reverse Arizona’s laws, since its federal laws they are trying to enforce. Thank you for the chance to vent a little. I know you aren’t the one that needs convincing. You can use this for any reason you see fit to.

--Gary Roberts

It is time for some republican to offer up a bill which is the exact bill as the mexicans have on immigration and see what the dems do with that.

--Stanley Kon

The Obama administration is way off the target!!! We must support the Governor of Arizona!

--William Harris

Let's make phoenix the convention center of the United States of America!


Thanks for the e-mail and your reasoned decision to stand up and be counted. Also your decision to cancel your conference in Califorina is honorable. I am sure this has been suggested, have your conference in Arizona. I have been vacationing in Mexico, mazatlan for the past few years and married a latina lady, and Maria goes to my country the legal way and goes back when she is suppose too. Many follow the law, and I try to explain the difference to my mexican friends, there are illegals and legal who come to USA, which one are you? Keep up the good fight, I am going to make it a point to fliy in and out of Arizona more, and buy more there. Standing firm for what is right.

Thanks for your time,

--Mike Dickenson

It is our right and our duty to do what our Federal government will not do, according to Our CONSTITUTION. Every congressman took an oath to protect what is written in Our CONSTITUTION, The ones that do not uphold their Oath of Office, should be charged with dereliction of duty and fired, or recalled.

Thank you Governor of AZ, for making the stand.

We are with you.


--Steven Bebich

Despite the outcry from liberals and other misguided do-gooders, Arizona has every right to protect it’s citizens from the invasion of illegal aliens and drug runners pouring across our southern border, and In my opinion the state should make the new law harsher by imposing a complete ban on any medical, financial, driver license, or housing aid for All those who cannot show proof of citizenship checked with both state and federal computer data bases.

The state should also pass or use current legislation to impose HUGE and punitive fines on all employers that hire illegal aliens. If there was a complete ban on the hiring of illegal aliens, and on providing them any form of social services, the incentive for them to come north would be destroyed, and all this can be done under existing laws. Protests by Latinos crying that this is racial profiling and intolerance should be invited to return to their countries of origin, and forfeit any acquired citizenship.

As to the cartel smuggling and the violence these cartel members bring into the state, and in fact all states, Arizona should redeploy its National Guard to bar the crossing of the border by any unauthorized persons, and if the federal government continues to refuse its constitutional duty to secure the borders, the state and other states facing the same illegal immigration issues have the right to secede from the union. The feds cannot have it all their way.

--Francis Crawford

What else is new?? Washington (and the courts) have been chippong away our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, piece by piece, for a long time.

It seems, whoever is in power, interprets the Constitution their own way - and it has nothing to do with the letters stored in the Archives.

The Immigration matter is a very serious invasion of our country. Where else can illegal immigrants survive???? If they want to be American Citizens, there is a way to legalize their status - otherwise, remove them from our soil.

--Erna Boldt, Oregon

As one citizen of Texas, I wholeheartedly support Arizona in passing this law. I hope Texas follows suit. I will push for it. I understand one of our legislators plans to introduce it when the legislature meets. We may have to pressure Governor Perry if he is still governor. He has been for open borders in the past.

--Elsie Stevenson, Houston, Texas

I come from Tucson and I watched that lovely city torn apart throughout the 90's and 2000's by violent Mexican gangs. They engage in such entertainments as driving through middle-class neighborhoods and shooting at random into homes, wounding and sometimes killing people.

Theft became rampant and I had Tucson police tell me on more than one occasion, when I or friends were victims of crime, that virtually all crime in Tucson was committed by illegal aliens.

These illegals are not the same as previous generations of legal immigrants who moved north from Mexico and points further south. These are often violent, uneducated, mainly indigenous people who are the descendants of the Aztecs.

I would also like to add that the Mexican government is actively trying to push these landless peasants into the US by the millions because, otherwise, they would have a rebellion on their hands due to the inequities of their feudal-type system. About every hundred years Mexico undergoes a revolution, the last one began about a hundred years ago. The elites know that if they cannot push out millions of poor then they will become the victims of another such revolution.

Thank you for your good work,

--Laurence Adair
(formerly of Arizona, now living in a safer place further north)

I agree. If the feds will not uphold one of the few laws they are regulated to let the State enforce it.

I live in a Sanctuary city and have watched our taxes go up and are bills for infrastructure increase.

If they do not like where they live South of the border let them make changes there.

--Johny A Belgarde

If my ancestors who were Chinese did what the Mexicans did, they would be booted out of the States and headed right back to China.

--Holly Rose Thornbutt

Hurray!! Arizona!! Every state should do the same!

--John Schardien

The feds are committing treason every time they attack any part of the constitution the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th or ANY part of the US Constitution.

I fully agree with the governor of Arizona and the people have every RIGHT to protect them selves ANY way they need to.

If our so call feds don’t like it then get out of office or leave the US and let the GOD fearing and Constitutionalist Republic people clean this mess up.

I am damn sick and tired of seeing our US going down the tube. We The People will correct this problem with GOD's help. In GOD we trust.

--Ken Barker, Washington State Patriot

Due to Obama's continued lawlessness with impunity I have signed Arizona's petition showing support for their right to defend themselves. Great job Jan Brewer!!!

ANY state who returns to The Constitution "for" the united states of America and it supporting documents as the Supreme Law of the land get's my vote.

I'm tired of the DC corruption, Obama and the push for Islam superiority and socialism/Marxism. As a matter of personal opinion, Obama will likely be recorded as the idiot who started Civil War 2.

If I ever move, Arizona will be my new Home State!

--John Nutter

I agree and my entire extended family agrees with you. California, where I live, is a joke and I don't blame you for not hosting an event here. CA can't handle her own messes but is going to tell another state how to handle theirs....what a joke. Illegal's are NOT immigrants. It is a slap in the face to legal immigrants, who came here the honest way, to treat illegal's with the same respect and rights. Any boycotts against Arizona should be handled with all the legal firepower Arizona can muster. GOD bless Arizona and their stand for what's right.

--Robert Morrison

A triple thank you for having the courage and wisdom to correct the problem of the borders. You have started a fire that needed to be started. This nation is behind you-- except for the "mental disorder liberals" == keep up the pressure you are winning.


I'm 110% in favor if the decision by Arizona to enforce the existing law. Being from Texas I.m frustrated by the comments made by our "toll-road" governor Perry to criticize it.

--Walter Tilleman

You deserve atta-boys till the cows come home, GOOD FOR YOU!!!

I do disagree with you on one point. You write below "An illegal alien is not an immigrant; they are law-breaking invaders." I believe even simpler they are "CRIMINALS".

Once again you have many accolades from me.........

--Darell Hott

You asked for opinions on Arizona Illegal Immigrant law, so here goes. On its intent, I agree with it. However in its practice it is a disaster for freedom loving people. Think about this for a minute. A police officer can demand ID from ANYONE. He may or may not suspect illegal status. He may just have a
grudge or a bad day. He can not be sued for any misconduct under this legislation. He can detain anyone including Americans unless they prove via Govt issued ID that they are in America legally. Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.

A much better way to handle this would be, to forbid Americans from hiring illegals. Impose fines and jail time if necessary. If they couldn't get a job they (the illegals)would go home, or go through the proper avenues to become legal.

Harrassing & detaining citizens is the wrong approach....There are already documented examples posted on youtube of this happening.


I fully back Arizona's new law. I just hope more states do the same thing. King Obama's people are never going to follow the constitution or the rule of law. The sooner BHO is out of the White House the better.


I live in AZ.

We need to build a fence on all 4 borders.

Hold your conference here.

--Donald Lammie

I and many people here in Michigan that i know feel that Arizona’s law is right on and that all other States should follow their example. If the Federal Government doesn't want to do it's job about this issue, then i beleive that States have the right under the 9th and 10th amendments. The Feds haven't done anything about this issue for at least the last 25 years or so.

A Fellow Patriot,

--David Gould, Michigan

It should never have developed to the point it has this moment. But sooner is always better than later and I support AZ fully. I'm in Minnesota and I would move to AZ in a heartbeat should I have the opportunity. I admire the governor standing up and doing something that has gone undone because it was too hard...I am a patriot and I love America. I am also a tea party patriot and am active however I am needed.

--Mavis Goebel

I find it incredible that we even have to defend Arizona's new law, since it merely allows Arizona to enforce Federal law. It is absolutely ridiculous that we have to listen to Mexico's so-called President berate the United States--- and our own President agreeing with him! I only hope we can survive this guy for the next 2 1/2 years of what will hopefully be his only term! Shame on those who voted for him in the first place, and particularly shame on those who continue to defend his socialist (at the least) attitude. As a proud former U.S. Army Captain, and decorated veteran of the war in Viet Nam, I am thoroughly disgusted with those who forget about those who keep them safe, yet vigorously defend illegal aliens who break our Nation's laws. A few Predators patrolling our southern border would substantially reduce this unwanted invasion.

--Daryl E. Capurro

When/if a Government Agency such as ICE tells a U.S. State, it will not assist in the State/FED immigration "Rule of Law", Why would we seriously want to keep paying that agency? Delete!

When other States join AZ in this discussion of Securing our Borders, and Protecting the American People, will they also be told the same thing?

Personally I am in favor of busing all illegals to Amnesty States. You keep the illegals, we'll keep our laws.

Barack Hussein Obama is not Governing this Country as a President, he is running this Government as a dictator. It's time for Impeachment. I am tired of the lies, deceit, and treason.

--Marie, Arizona

AZ is perfectly legal and constitutionally sound on this law. Pray for the protection of her governor.



In re: your special message on Arizona's new immigration law, I firmly agree with your stand on taking your constitutional rights conference away from California, along with any money that would have been spent in California by your attendees. I also, as a resident of a northern border state, completely agree with the state of Arizona, and its governor and legislators who passed this law.

--D. Schnyer,

I am in absolute agreement with Arizona... just wonder what took them so long... We live in an area where many of the illegals have moved into... you should see their houses.. they brick and stone them, add a few rooms onto them, get into their new pickup, go to the grocery store and buy five hundred dollars worth of meat at one time. guess how they pay for it ??? FOOD STAMPS... There's something wrong with that picture. And, the seniors don't get a COL raise until the third year from now... We are raising grandkids. The third set of kids for us to raise with the same school for two sets... Now there are 98 percent Mexican kids who cant stand our kids because they don't speak Spanish, have light skin, and if you ain't Mexican you ain't nothing is the way they put it to our kids who are one quarter Mexican. The twelve year old we have we just pulled out of public school to home school him. The little one we will leave in until things become a problem for him.

My husband's dad was from Mexico... did it all the legal way. Ask this family how they feel about the illegals. Why did you come here if you just want to turn this country into what you left behind? I could write a book. Most of the people my husband talks to who are illegal, when asked if they knew they were breaking the law they say, yes, they knew and that they don't care. They come with the idea of working the system and that is exactly what they do.

Way to go Arizona...... and lots of others I hope..

--Elinore H.

At last! Someone has raised the point ignored by most; the issue here is not immigration. We are a nation of immigrants. No, the issue here is illegal, uncontrolled entry into our country by foreigners, which is against federal law. This administration refuses to acknowledge this, or to even use the word "illegal". They refuse to protect our borders, and continually speak of "immigrants" to cloud the issue, and insinuate that arizona is trampling on the rights of legal immigrants. Arizona did the proper thing and took action because the federal government refuses to do their job. I am betting that Calderone's trip here and his prepared speech to chastise Arizona and Americans for persecution of "immigrants" were all arranged by Obama and his staff. Most of us know it is all a part of vote-pandering to the hispanic population. I fully support the Arizona governor's actions. She is acting in self-defense for the good of her state, when the federal government will not enforce their own laws. Most Arizonans support her also.

--Carl Mckenzie, Honolulu

Frankly, I am stunned that Arizona had the guts to not only pass this recent legislation but the backbone they show in supporting it. I am 110% behind them and will support them all that I can. The next thing they need to do is get rid of McCain. I cannot believe these two situations exist in the same state.

--Chuck Kimberl, Skylight, KY

This is one of the first "Laws" passed by any state that does not violate the United States Constitution.

--Ed Winegart

Yes, I agree with what Arizona is doing to protect their borders from illegal immigrants. Since the federal govt. is doing NOTHING to protect the people of Arizona from foreign invaders, I agree that it falls on the State to do something about the problem. If California wants to boycott them, I say Pull The Plug!!

--Mike X

Every state should follow suit. The Federal gov't could care less about us, we need to start caring about ourselves. Bravo Arizona!!!!!

--Richard Joseph


You see not the errors of your thoughts....

I see your point on illegal immigrants but the method is madness.

Think about it...put your self in the shoes of someone who has lived in the US for generations, maybe even gone to war for your nation...but because he looks Hispanic, this gives any one the right to question their citizenship, and to carry papers at all times? Reminds me from a scene in a WWII movie, German or Russian officers grilling regualr people for their papers. So much for land of the free!

This is only the precedence, as next government may want to make you prove who you are, are you willing to be prepared to be harassed any time any where based on your looks.

The US is long since been a great nation...not since the early founding years, even then there have always been those who seek to control and rule, steal and manipulated.

They are doing it to you today with this new groundbreaking law and it will only grow to a point they may demand it from you, and if you don't happen to have all your "documents in order", then what?.

Wake up to reality.


At age 69 I have seen our laws, our politicians, our Judiciary, as well as other branches of Government stray from our Constitution and Bill of Rights to the point that they may as well have been written on Charmin. To me those two documents are the very foundation of our Nation as well as our society . Without them we are floundering in stormy seas. When we remove the two documents from our society in order to fight our enemies we have in essence allowed them to win their fight against us. This is not a new direction since we have seen a decline in the direction of our nations direction since we have declared a Global Doctrine that is little less than One World Governance. That being where we as a nation lose our sovereignty to rule ourselves. I cry for not only the losses we have endured and adjusted to but for those apparent losses the heirs to our nation will see in their lifetimes. We have failed in keeping the Republic safe from the very people we have elected for the last 30 years. Those that should have honored their vows to our nation. Our Politicians once asked God for direction but these days they ask the lobby or PAC groups who are nothing more than hired destroyers of our nation.

--Bill O`Neil

Our nation was permanently changed by the invasion from abroad, primarily Mexico, but also China, Europe, and the rest of Asia. The change is not a good change. It is a move away from Rugged Individualism, the American Free Enterprise system, de-centralized government, small government, christian morality, and freedom for the Individual. It is a move toward centralized government, slavery for the Individual, a planned economy, circumstantial morality, and a giant government.

How can illegal immigration cause all this? Simple. They vote! Liberals in this country help them vote. One example of many is B-1 Bob Dornan's loss a number of years ago in California's Orange County to Linda Chavez. It was proven that his loss by less than two thousand votes was caused by multiple thousands of illegal aliens voting, and the liberals in congress knew the truth and yet did nothing. She is still in Congress today! Whom do you think she favors?

--John Frise

Why dont we have anyone with enough guts to deport 12 million like Eisenhower, 2 million like Truman and all in the country by president hoover? I wish you could help us in Montana! We have been trying to find a judge that has the guts to call a grand jury to indite, so we can recall! I am told by long time resident that they do have the proof of laws broken against the people of MT. Let me know ASAP. We will rally and get the votes.

--John Harbour

Arizona had no choice but to protect herself. They are just doing the job that the Federal Government is supposed to do. I think that we should support Arizona by visiting the state all year!!!!!!!!!!!!! Others are going to boycott so we should visit and spend $ there!

--Carol Peters, Bend, Oregon

I was born and raised in California but I am embarrassed by the fools who supposedly represent us in this state, and I will look for any opportunity to jettison them from office. This used to be such a great state in the 50's and the 60's but we have given it away to the Illegals and the Marxist politicians. I, for one, will look for any opportunity to support Arizona by visiting and spending money there---or anything else that I can do which lets them know that America is applauding their efforts.

--Ronald Dean Moyers,
Lake Elsinore, Ca.

I agree with this law. 100%. When did it become ok to dis respect my flag? when did it become ok to deny me help even though i have worked my whole life and deposited into america? Why is it ok that i have to continue working to pay for people that are illegal, they wouldn't pay for me. when did we become so concerned about arguing about everything other than what made us "one nation under God" people complain about Christians and wish they would go away, well one day we will all be gone and i feel sadness for those left behind. yes i do read my bible. one last why is it ok for every other belief to be able to stand up and declare they be noticed but that the one belief that made America strong not be able to do the same thing?

Oh I guess a president that doesn't back his own country makes it easier for others to have a go at us. Why? Not nobody is going to do anything about it, well, if they do they are called Rednecks, prejudice and the such. I think I like the speech made by Australia’s leader "you don't like our way then leave"

I'm sad for us.

--Nadine Parker

I support Arizon's law 100%. It merely legalizes their law enforcement officials to enforce FEDERAL law.

Personally I feel that it is way past time for the individual States to secede from the nanny-state fedgov and reestablish their INDEPENDENCE as soverign states in a union. Arizona with it's immigration law and other States with their 2d Ammendment related laws have started this, but it needs to become a common theme in ALL the States. Unlike the War of Northern Agression the fedgov can't occupy all 50 States. First the military is too small and a great portion of the active military would not support it. I suspect that almost all the National Guard units would not.

Of course this would require the States and their Citizens to give up the federal subsidies they receive each year and live on their own means something I find unlikely. Too many americans (small "a" intended) have come to depend on federal handouts and programs to survive.


Glad to hear that and let others know why. You have the forum to do it. Once again, that will be a grand show of support for AZ and all who want our elected leaders to follow the laws that are already in place.

Good job!

--Adam Pope

Good for you! I also stand behind Arizona.....100%. Many people in this nation don't understand freedom, or how our Nation was born. We've lost so much in the passing of many elder Americans.

I applaud you for not holding your meeting in California......at least until the majority of californians get their head into some "fresh air". If the illegal aliens could all be "transported" to an island in the Atlantic, we'd see California's financial problems come about face! Regards,

--Bill Miller

We two are in agreement with it, and hope as many other States that would, follow suit!!!!! I believe Idaho is among those already working towards this.

--Tom and Julie Igo,
Republican Precinct Committeeman and Wife, Idaho County

Arizona's law is a well written law that is protective of civil rights. That is why the left is so upset about it. The unfortunate fact is that Arizona may get a measure of control over its own borders but contingent states will still have a problem. The federal government must enforce its own immigration law with increased manpower at the border.

--Sam Spalla,
Spring Grove, PA

I think what Arizona is doing is great and wish more States would follow their lead. I live in Texas and would love to see it happen here but wonder if our leaders here have the guts or fortitude to begin such actions?

--Darla Jones

The CRY convention would be a great, good effort. I would not be personally able financially or health-wise to attend. The support of Arizona (vs. CA) would be one of the most important factors which draws my attention at this moment!! Two thumbs up for the idea!

--Jack Kessler,
Beaverton, OR

I support your decision 150% This is a awsome move on the Observers part.Way to go!!!


I'm all for the Arizona law. Why not hold your conference in the Phoenix area?

--Nicholas Landholt

When Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the nation's toughest immigration law into affect on Friday, April 23rd 2010, one could safely assume that the wheels of immigration reform were set into motion not only in Arizona, but also in the Southwest and perhaps even within the entire United States of America. In addition, one could arguably say that with Gov. Brewer's signature upon the legislative document, that a "shot heard 'round the world" was essentially fired that in retrospect could be considered akin to the historically famous "shot" fired in Lexington Green Massachusetts in 1775 that touched off our struggle for independence and sovereignty.

With the 18th Century event being most obvious in magnitude and importance, both actions will undoubtedly be seen as history changing events upon this continent, albeit they were 4 days shy of 235 years apart in occurrence. The fall-out from each action was both swift and far-reaching, and each has made a bold statement that eventually reached the eyes and ears of individuals across the globe.

In the month's time that has now passed since the Brewer signing, there have numerous demonstrations and counter-demonstrations held to either support or decry the far-reaching ramifications of both the real and perceived effects that the immigration bill will bring to bear. Proponents of the law yell "it's about time we enforce the immigration laws of this country, thank you Gov. Brewer" while conversely, the opponents yell "you're going to bring discrimination and civil rights violations upon all Mexican's living in the U.S., damn you Gov. Brewer" and both sides present their arguments with unbridled zeal and passion for their cause.

With the new law scheduled to go into effect this Summer, posturing will continue and legal judgments will be made in Federal courts of law with the Constitutionality of the bill being brought into question. Subsequently, the bleeding that begins in 2010 is likely to last much longer than any wound caused by a musket-ball in 1775, and it's polarizing affect will be equally profound. The actions of Colonial's in revolt had once served to bring about the American Revolutionary "War", and one has to now wonder if the action's of Arizona's Gov. Brewer will serve to bring about Revolutionary "change" to the present-day United States of America.

In my humble opinion, every LEGAL U.S. citizen (no matter what their race) will one day be better off without the financial drain, drug peddling and vicious gang member activity that has been thrust upon our country by criminal minded individuals whom have endeavored to circumvent our long-standing immigration law by illegally invading the Southern border States. I would also desire to see any involved Law Enforcement personnel carry out their duties with dignity and honesty, keeping in mind always that they're sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution for EVERY American citizen that it encounters as it enforces our country's immigration law. I do whole-heartily believe that doing so will be crucial in determining the success or failure of what Arizona and Gov. Brewer have set-out to accomplish, and will ultimately provide the content for the next written chapter in our nation's history.

--Jeffrey Ullsperger

For those of us that live in states and cities that have publicly condemned the Arizona immigration law as racist, and have organized boycotts of Arizona goods and services, may I suggest that you forward this article to the mayors and politicians that are vociferous in their opposition to Arizona’s law, and to the media in these states and cities to manifest how hypocritical they are. This is prevalent not only in California, but also in Seattle, and other liberal establishments.


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