March 2006

Demanding Accountability



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Beware the Black Widow in Jackson County

By Edward Snook
Investigative Reporter

Judith K. Johnson

The following article comes from an in-depth investigation regarding severe accusations made against Judith Johnson, a 56 year old resident of Medford, Oregon.

The complaints and accusations contained herein have been verified by the US~Observer as legit and the truthfulness of the following allegations are undeniable. The publication of this article is simply the US~Observer’s (and three damaged husbands) way of stopping a bad individual from continuing her destructive behavior and to stop the further victimization of innocent individuals. The following statements were taken directly from statements made by three of Judith Johnson’s past husbands, all of whom are concerned that she not continue her practice of victimizing in the future.

Medford, Oregon – If you are an available male and you see this woman, walk away. Better yet, run away. Judith Johnson is definitely not who she appears to be. On the surface she comes across as a caring Christian lady. Most people never see the person she really is. She has reportedly told a family member that her goal in life is to take advantage of as many men as she possibly can, and try to ruin them in the process. We are aware of at least three men she has taken advantage of.

They say everyone should be good at something. According to her ex-husbands she is an accomplished liar. Once you have caught her at it, she reportedly justifies it by saying “everyone lies.” She can be very convincing. According to eye witnesses, she will say and do whatever it takes to convince a man (victim) that she truly cares about him (even loves him). This is part of her plan. Once she convinces him that she would like to spend the rest of her life with him, he is headed for the worst nightmare of his life. From the moment she says, “I do,” she is planning how she is going to take over. To her the marriage license is a license to steal. Once married, she no longer has to lie about caring for him. She does all she can to drain him financially and emotionally. She treats him like he is not worthy of her.

When she left her first husband, she took virtually everything. He came home to a house that was nearly empty. She left little too nothing behind. She even took things that had been in his family for generations. When he checked, he found out she had removed every cent from his bank accounts. This had a long term effect on his credit, and his ability to make a living. She tried to ruin him.

Her second victim was a widower with two young boys. Before they were married she told him he was a wonderful man and a very good father. After the marriage, he was not worthy of her and he did not discipline his children harshly enough. He tried to do everything he could to make her happy. When they combined households, he had to get rid of any items he had in order to make room (in his home) for her stuff. He should have realized there was something wrong with her when she demanded he remove some photo albums of his children and his former wife (she had died). Not many people are so insecure they are intimidated by someone who is dead. She immediately took over his checkbook.

Not long after they were married he came home to find all of his things had been moved into the spare bedroom. This was his room for the remainder of the marriage.

For almost three years she made him jump through hoops to try to make the marriage work. All the while she was planning to leave. Before she left, she got him to buy her a new car and make the down-payment on a new home. Once again, when she left she took not only her stuff, but some of his stuff, including the photo albums she demanded he remove from the house. He thought he had them well hidden in the rafters of the garage. Obviously she took some items just to hurt him.

With her most recent and 3rd victim, the pattern continued. She not only pretended to care about him, she went out of her way to be nice to his friends. Before they were married, she threw a surprise birthday party and invited all of his friends. She not only led him to believe that she was a kind, caring, Christian lady, she mislead his friends into thinking she was something she is not. She even pretended to be interested in his hobby (golf) until the knot was tied. She pretended to care right up until they were married. From that day on she treated him like he was not worthy to be in the same room with her. After the marriage he was not allowed to invite his friends over to visit. Birthdays and anniversaries were no longer occasions to be celebrated.
Ironically he told her that the most important thing to him was that people are honest with each other. She said being honest was important to her as well….

According to a highly credible source, she informed a family member that the only reason she married him was because she knew he had some money and she was going to get it before she left. When they merged households he had to get rid of his refrigerator, dinning room set, bedroom set, living room furniture, washer and dryer, and many other items (dishes, kitchen items, etc.) because she demanded that her stuff be kept.

She told a friend that she was upset that he golfed because it took away time when he should be working to make more money to spend on her.

She would act like everything was fine when they were out in public and visiting with his friends. Once they were back at home, she would put down his friends. He paid all the bills while she tucked her cash away in preparation for the profitable upcoming divorce. The only thing they shared was the space in the house.

Not long into the marriage she moved all her stuff into the spare bedroom and she spent most of her time there, unlike her practice of cuddling in the same bed prior to marriage. In spite of spending nearly all his money on her, she was never happy. After nearly three years she informed him she was leaving. She said she had never loved him. She admitted she had only said she loved him to get him to marry her. She had been planning on leaving him since before they were married. She wanted to know how much money he was going to give her to leave. He asked her why she stayed as long as she did if she did not love him. She said she had to in order to make her plan work. She moved out while he was at work. She took all of her stuff and many of his things. Some of the things included items that had been in his family for generations.

She had been working and supporting herself before they were ever married. In the divorce, she filed for alimony and because this victim’s attorney did not do his job properly she got it. She had been a hair dresser for 36 years. Her normal work schedule was 3 ½ days each week. In her business, most of her clients pay her in cash. It is highly doubtful she ever reports all of her income.

In court, under oath, she swore (before God) she was working 6 days a week and making less money than when she was working 3 ½ days a week. She admitted she had not lost any clients and could not explain why she was making less money than when she was working 3 ½ days a week. Based on her claims, she was making less than $10 per hour. Based on her lies, she is currently receiving $400.00 per-month alimony.
She is now reportedly trying to get ½ the value of his house and ½ of his retirement. In this marriage Judith insisted that her newest victim sign a prenuptial agreement. We are told that her father is elderly and wealthy and she didn’t want her current husband to be able to obtain any of the father’s assets in case her father died. Well, father is still alive as this divorce is in its final stages, a ruling has been made that the prenuptial agreement was invalid (due to time restraints), so what would a bad person do? Obviously go after any assets within sight, even though the marriage (31/2 years) was absolutely a “short term marriage” under Oregon law. In a short term marriage both people are to leave the marriage with the assets they brought into the marriage, which would mean that any attempt by Judith or her attorney to pull off this deceptive move should fall under Oregon’s “frivolous lawsuit” statutes.

The house was his before the marriage. He offered to let her put some money into the house to change the registration, she refused and said what money she had was hers alone which she planned to set aside “in case the marriage did not work” so she would have money for a down payment on a home. She lived in the home for less than three years without paying anything to live there.

She spends or “rat-holes” all the money she makes. She gets ahead in life by taking advantage of men and taking as much as she can from them. Although it is a fact that Oregon is a “no fault divorce state,” no fault does not give anyone the license to commit fraud.

Webster defines fraud as: Intentional deception to cause a person to give up something of value or to surrender a legal right. A person who deceives or is not what they pretend to be.
Judith Johnson has obviously committed fraud against these men by intentionally deceiving them in order to “take property” from them. She has also committed fraud against the courts in order to “take property” in the form of support.

Her first husband is willing to testify as to her pattern of behavior. Her second husband is willing to testify as well. Several others have volunteered to testify and possibly close family members will lend damning testimony should the need arise.

This obvious “Two Legged Black Widow” should not be allowed to continue ruining the lives of decent hard working men who have been naïve enough to fall into her web. She should change her ways, apologize and start being the “Christian” lady she portrays, part of the time.

Anyone with further information on Judith Johnson should contact the US~Observer at 541-474-7885. Stay tuned; if Judith continues her pattern of deceit and abuse, and/or she tries to refute these facts, we will have plenty more to write about, and much more at our disposal to disclose…

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